Gabriela Szulman Art

    About this school

    Gabriela is an artist and maker. She creates prints and collages, greeting cards, jewellery and scarves with images inspired by memory, nostalgia and a love of everything vintage.

    Her work is often humorous and whimsical – unless her romantic side takes over and then you enter into a fairy-tale territory of old-fashioned script, pages of books and music scores populated by chivalrous gentlemen, glamorous ladies, butterflies and rabbits. She blends a fusion of painting and digital media – acrylic, watercolour and ink with digital print – onto paper and canvas to create pictures, quirky greetings cards and a range of “art to wear” which so far includes silk scarves and a jewellery collection.

    Old photograph albums, vintage documents, magazines, books, cards, knitting pattern books and scraps of writing are things that make Gabriela very happy. Second-hand bookshops, junk shops, market stalls, attics and long-forgotten boxes are her treasure trove.

    In addition to her own creative pursuits, she is passionate about inspiring other people and sharing her skills, so she devotes a good portion of her time to teaching.