Fully Here

    About this school

    Fully Here is run by Karim Manji he walks the walk when it comes to mindfulness. It has been an integral part of his life for many years. He's been lucky enough to spend months learning and practicing meditation in Dharamsala, India and to live in Plum Village, France a world-renowned Mindfulness Practice Center for a year and a half.

    Thich Nhat Hanh, Jon Kabat Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach and Pema Chodron are all strong influences on the way he teaches. His mission is to make mindfulness accessible and enjoyable for everyone and to find ways that any person can bring mindfulness into their lives.

    His approach is:

    Holistic – He doesn't see mindfulness as simply a tool to achieve a goal, rather than a way to approach life, he shares mindfulness in this context.

    Embodied – He feels the best way to share mindfulness with others through the embodiment that comes from a sustained daily practice. Bringing mindfulness into his own life each day is very important to him.

    Communal – To sustain our mindfulness practice we need to feel the support of others who are making a similar decision. He feel sit is important to create the conditions necessary for mindful communities to thrive.

    Inclusive – He feels mindfulness should be available to everybody. So he does his best to ensure everyone can access the services offered by Fully Here.

    Responsive – Each person and each group has different needs and requires an appropriate approach to bringing mindfulness into their lives.

    Qualifications and experience:

    -PGCE in Secondary Education and Qualified Teacher Status

    -Facilitator and care-taking team member for Wake Up London, a thriving mindfulness group for young people in central London.

    -18 months living and learning mindfulness in Plum Village, a residential mindfulness practice community and home of renowned meditation master Thich Nhat Hanh

    -Attended teachings with teachers such as Jon Kabat Zinn, Tara Brach, Stephen Batchelor, Daniel Goleman and The Dalia Lama