Fluid Designer for 3D Printing

About this school

Design your own jewellery with Fluid Designer for 3D Printing (Microsoft Windows) ready for 3D Printing.

With the rapid developments taking place in terms of 3D printing we call all get our own personalised presents made for us. To enable everyone to be able to do this requires simple easy to use software. Fluid Designer for 3D Printing is a piece of software which is both easy to use and extremely powerful. If you want to learn how to make your own personalised jewellery, or other presents, you can download Fluid Designer completely free of charge and you can also enroll with one of the developers of the software to learn how to use it.

Your Tutor, Paul Summers, has 30 years teaching experience in the FE Sector and has published over fifty training books. He has also helped in the development of the application, Fluid Designer for 3D Printing, that you will use. With a degree in Manufacturing and as a Mathematics & IT teacher Paul is now using this range of skills to teach CAD (Computer Aided Design).