Donnacha Mullaghy Guitar Lessons music classes in London
Donnacha Mullaghy Guitar Lessons music classes in London


Donnacha Mullaghy Guitar Lessons

Donnacha has been learning and playing guitar since the age of twelve. Throughout his teenage years he played in many local bands in the Toulouse area, across a wide variety of musical genres: R'n'B, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Pop and Blues. In 2015, he graduated from the University of Toulouse/Jean Jaurés with a Bachelor's degree in Musicology, and then went on to earn a Masters degree in Music Education in the same college.

Around seven years ago he began teaching guitar to individuals and small groups, and from this experience he has learn that it is a wonderfully expressive medium, that almost everyone can learn. As a teacher, he always aims to create a positive and vibrant atmosphere for students, pay attention to their individual needs. The goal is to help everyone progress, whether they are just beginning or already at a high-level.

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