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Commonly asked questions
Who is our Master of Wine?

Clive has been Master of Wine for over 20 years and is renowned for his palette and wine tasting skills. He has been a senior judge at the Decanter World Wine Awards, a panel chair at the International Wine Challenge, launched the Canterbury Wine Festival and was Director of Education at the Masters of Wine Institute. He started his career in an English vineyard and is well known to many vineyards in the UK.

Who is Corkk?

Corkk discovers the very best, hard to find, high quality English wines by only selecting bottles which have the approval of their Master of Wine, Clive Barlow, one of just 400 in the world. Clive chooses the most distinctive, interesting wines, taking our customers on a journey of discovery, introducing them to the wide variety of wines available and delighting them in the process.

Corkk is about sharing our surprise in and growing love of English wine. And importantly supporting small winemakers, like our neighbours, sell their excellent wines.

There are more than 700 vineyards in the UK, we are still discovering and have a lot of exciting times ahead.

Our philosophy is simple, enjoy everyday pleasures, and of those pleasures the moments in a day when we stop to eat and drink, are some of the most precious. Corkk will hopefully add to those moments in your day, giving you joy when a wine surprises or goes beautifully with a dish, bringing energy to your conversation and happiness flows.

What we do is simple, find the best, hard to find English wines and make them available to you through a discovery box subscription scheme or our online shop.