Cook with Reeta

    About this school

    Having been brought up in India, she was taught by her grandmother and nan from a young age that many symptoms can be treated and cured with food. When Reeta was young she suffered from arthritis and was cured by Sushil ji Vaid (an Ayurvedist in Jaipur) by simply changing her food habits. She has complete faith that if we eat the correct foods in the correct portions, at the correct times, we can keep ourselves healthy for a long time. She has great belief that Indian herbs and spices have a healing power which she is currently using in everyday life to increase the immunity of her body and her family. When her friends Lisa and Marie told Reeta that a doctor had asked them to become vegetarian and they explained that they had no clue how to, she decided to help them. Reeta showed them the vast number of options available in vegetarian cooking, and it amazed them. Their perspective on vegetarian cuisine was changed for the better. Another barrier to them cooking vegetarian foods was that they could not taste the food they saw being cooked in magazines and on youtube channels. Reeta does her best to make her cooking simple and easy to understand, allowing people who are trying to be vegetarian to easily be able to cook. She is active volunteer and is member of PPI committee of MRC Nutrition study Patient and Public Involvement committee HEEE( Health-Education-Engineering-Environment) . The study that aims to bring together partners from the UK and India to explore the factors that influence Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) practices and nutrition in India. The project represents a collaborative partnership between the institutes within UCL london, UK , save the childern and( India) and IIT Delhi.

    She has also worked as Generalist Adviser for 6 years at citizen advice bureau.