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Cernamic art classes in London



277 reviews
277 reviews

Nam Tran is an award-winning practitioner who gives lectures and demos at universities and exhibits internationally. A ceramic lecturer and head of the departments in design and multi media with Kensington and Chelsea college. Nam specialising in wheel thrown raku, bringing years of experience and craftsmanship to every object made. Tran's work focused primarily on exploring the physical properties of clay and material experimentation is a strong characteristics of his work. He has been developing making enclosed forms that are much stronger than open forms and therefore resonates well with the alternative firing technique he uses. His work is dominated by thrown pieces that subtly echo the urban roots and conceptual design. Nam Tran first made pots as a teenager on a wheel in his own bedroom and remembers being captivated by the experience. With his unique alternatives methods and approach to ceramics Nam Tran identifies rules and manipulates and bends them.

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13 Sep
Fantastic time,recommend everyone
sylvie gonera
13 Sep
What a lovely experience. All of my 4 friends shared the sentiment of feeling rather inspired, relaxed and excited all at the same time. Everyone was really helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you :)
12 Sep
I liked the studio a lot, the instructor was polite and knowledgeable and the groups were of good size. The pace of the class was good for beginners. The only thing that could be better was the quality of the recycled clay as it was gritty and I injured my hands.
Katie Robjent
6 Sep
Brilliant class. Nam and Susie were so helpful and patient. Highly recommend.


13 Sep
Fantastic time,recommend everyone
sylvie gonera
13 Sep
What a lovely experience. All of my 4 friends shared the sentiment of feeling rather inspired, relaxed and excited all at the same time. Everyone was really helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you :)
12 Sep
I liked the studio a lot, the instructor was polite and knowledgeable and the groups were of good size. The pace of the class was good for beginners. The only thing that could be better was the quality of the recycled clay as it was gritty and I injured my hands.
Katie Robjent
6 Sep
Brilliant class. Nam and Susie were so helpful and patient. Highly recommend.
Jo Dadd
5 Sep
Was great fun to try … and strangely relaxing. Davide was so patient and kind! Highly recommend…thanks all!
Clare O’Brien
28 Aug
This was a great class. The teacher Davide gave clear instructions at the perfect pace. He encouraged calm and focus which led everyone to make really quick progress. The two assistants were incredibly helpful and made the process go smoothly. We threw three pots in two hours, which felt like a lot of progress having never used a wheel before. It was so good to be making things again - a brilliant, open and airy studio to get creative in during the pandemic.
Grace Pindi
15 Aug
Fantastic session! Actually finished the class with 2 decently shaped bowls which was more than I was expecting. We started off with a detailed tutorial by Nam which included various techniques . Nam and Susie were very helpful & always there to lend a hand if anything did go wrong. A huge bonus is the impressive studio which definitely gave a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommend :)
Sapphire Elisha
9 Aug
Absolutely wonderful experience! I booked this session over a year ago but delayed it due to covid. The ceramics tutor was super friendly and really helpful, and the studio was spacious, clean and beautifully presented. Location was a lot easier to get to than I initially thought from the map. The session was very relaxed and enjoyable and definitely worth the wait!
Lottie Fox-Jones
26 Jul
Amazing experience! We all have the bug!
Stuart Mackay
13 Jul
Excellent class. Informative, supportive, constructive and productive! We made 3 different pots each in the 2 hours. Nam is a patient and charming host/teacher. Highly recommended…
Meredith Loper
13 Jul
Excellent class! A lot packed into 2 hours but a very enjoyable, relaxing experience. Nam was an excellent teacher and gave each student 1:1 assistance.
7 Jul
Had such a great time! Everyone was so welcoming and helpful and it was a very cool studio. Made some great pieces. I’ve recommended this class to friends and they’ve already booked to go! Would definitely come back!
Yuval Assayag
29 Jun
Very nice experience
28 Jun
Lovely & peaceful pottery oasis! Really enjoyed the 3hr class and would recommend it.
Dhara Patel
28 Jun
Had such a fun day attending the taster course! Nam and Susi are so welcoming and are super helpful. This was my third time going to their classes and it has been consistently fun! Would highly recommend giving it a go.
28 Jun
Brilliant intro class, and I really enjoyed the process of learning pottery. Nam is a great teacher.
Ashok Menon
27 Jun
Really great experience. Nam was enthusiastic and explained the process well. Highly recommend this class!
Alicia Titchmarsh
22 Jun
A great experience!
Annapina Fattorusso
20 Jun
It was an amazing experience. We’ll go back again!
13 Jun
We had such a brilliant time at Cernamic. It's a beautiful space and Nam was a welcoming, fun and helpful teacher - had such an enjoyable time learning how to throw on the wheel! Nam also went above and beyond to make it a special birthday for my friend - thank you!
Pippa & Alex
7 Jun
A really great taster workshop for using the pottery wheel - and a bonus that we left with something resembling a bowl! Nam is a brilliant teacher, and the studio is a lovely space to learn in. Would highly recommend and can't wait to receive our pieces back from the kiln!
Daniel Price
1 Jun
Learnt the basics of throwing in an fun and relaxed atmosphere. Space is amazing and felt very comfortable throughout the whole class. Would definitely do again and recommend to all.
Augustina Meniru
1 Jun
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Enjoyed my time and Nam, the teacher is very good. Class is very good too, learn a lot in 3 hours. Very calming.
Holly Chapman
1 Jun
Really enjoyable and relaxed class!
19 May
Had such a nice time!! It was so therapeutic and the studio space is lovely. The instructors were all super helpful and patient. Will definitely be back and recommending to all my friends!
18 May
This was really fun, even for someone as uncoordinated as I am! Nam is a great tutor, very relaxed and happy to jump in and help if you're getting stuck or to give you room to experiment in at your own pace. Only thing to note is that, unlike other reviews, we only focused on the wheel techniques & not hand crafting but this was fine as it felt like the time flew by anyway.
Nicola Brindle
18 May
Amazing! 100% going back
Vanessa Seymour
18 May
I booked the class with my friend for her birthday. We had such an amazing time, 10/10 recommend this class to everyone!
Humphrey Hendrix
17 May
Just brilliant
15 May
Such an amazing experience! My partner and I attended the Sat class where the team were very helpful taking the time to explain/help with creations and allowing enough time to experiment. The studio was very spacious and homely and we were supplied with more than enough clay, we had a really fun time I would throughly recommend! Catrina.
10 May
The class was well-paced with clear instruction. We created multiple small projects, learning at our own pace to a degree and able to either leave our work behind or pay a small price to purchase our works after having them fired in the kiln. Definitely recommend.
Baz Acar
27 Apr
Excellent tutors, beautiful space, great session
Apurva Jaishankar
25 Apr
Fun experience. Would highly recommend it!
18 Apr
Amazing work shop! Nam and Casey and the team were lovely. Totally recommend x
Camilla Penzo
23 Mar
The class was very clearly explained and engaging. the studio is super nice. I would definitely recommend it
15 Dec
The teacher was very friendly, very patient and explained things really well. He made the workshop fun, informative and relaxed.
14 Dec
This was a great taster workshop. We had a reasonable amount of time using both hand methods and spin wheel methods. The studio is wonderful and very open spaced. The workshop itself was structured but relaxed allowing me to spend quality time making my pota. Nam is very patient and knowledgeable on pottery making and I left the workshop with three wonderfully made pots. Recommending to all my friends!
7 Dec
Absolutely brilliant, would highly recommend and will definitely be back!
7 Dec
Nam was very friendly and I really enjoyed the workshop, will definitely be going back.
5 Dec
Great workshop! Fantastic teacher
29 Nov
Nam's class was excellent - he was knowledgeable, patient and made it really fun. I loved his approach to the craft, part physics, part philosophy! I'm looking forward to coming back.
15 Nov
Really fun and informative class. The instructor Nam is a great tutor and we came away with some cool pieces! Fantastic experience.
8 Nov
Fun afternoon and learnt something new, can't wait to see the final products!
6 Nov
Nam’s classes are the best! He is a fantastic teacher and you leave not only with beautiful bowls, vases etc. but with a new skill. A bonus is that the studio is absolutely beautiful and a lovely space to work in. I’d definitely recommend his class - and it’s a great way to make some Christmas presents!
4 Nov
Such a great class! We all learnt a lot and the studio was impressive 😊
4 Nov
Very good workshop :) friendly stuff, nice space. no rush. relax and make some pottery
3 Nov
Really lovely, relaxing and fun class! Thoroughly recommend.
2 Nov
I really loved my first pottery experience which was the 3 hour pottery taster session in Cernamics. Half the session was spent handbuilding with Rachel and the other half throwing on the wheel with Christina. We had 5 in the class and we all still had enough individual attention to really develop our skills! The instructors were so creative, helpful and patient, and I was really pleased with how much I improved and came away with some lovely personal pieces for a small extra cost (to fire and glaze them). Would definitely recommend to a friend and I will go again!
1 Nov
This was an amazing workshop! Nam is super helpful and attentive and really lets you play around and be experimental with the clay. Great for beginners who just want to have a bit of fun and whilst also learning the basic techniques of wheel throwing. I could not recommend this class enough! Will definitely be returning, thanks Nam!! :)
26 Oct
Nam was so attentive! He has wonderful knowledge on pottery and a great collection of his own works on show at the studio. Our class was 3 hrs in total, we had an introduction to hand coiling and then half the time on the pottery wheel. We left feeling very happy with our efforts.
25 Oct
I love this place! And will definitely be back for the course 🥰 Teacher is very friendly and has got enthusiasm and passion to teach .. I would recommend everyone who would like to give it a go and learn something new..
24 Oct
Nam was very patient and enthusiastic when teaching us in the class, we covered coiling, slabbing and wheel throwing. The space is perfect for trying out first hand a few techniques on pottery making (all with safe social distancing). Time just flew and actually have 3 pieces that I’m proud of from the class. Will definitely return to try some of their other classes
19 Oct
Fun workshop, learned the basics of wheel throwing. Really nice studio and atmosphere.
18 Oct
Really enjoyed the workshop. Nam is a great teacher and I felt we learnt a lot in just a few hours. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere too and a fantastic spacious studio. Would definitely like to go back for another class in the future.
18 Oct
Nam is a really great and hands on teacher! Pottery is much more difficult than I remembered and his techniques and instructions really made it easier to get lovely products at the end. The studio space is beautiful and open, and has a huge amount of pottery to inspire you. I’ll be booking another class ASAP :)
17 Oct
Very nice studio. Good workshop for beginners. Fairly small group. You can take your stuff home after the glaze is done. Maybe a little bit of a generic explanation how to do the certain shapes would be good instead of showing only to certain people after they requested specifically.
14 Oct
The taster workshop was great. I'd never tried pottery before but Nam explained the techniques really well and helped out when we needed it. It was a really fun and relaxed atmosphere and I came away with two little pieces that I love!
12 Oct
The workshop was great ! Nam, the teacher, explained and showed each step in details and he was very helpful. Good value for money, I highly recommend.
4 Oct
30 Sep
We really enjoyed our pottery taster workshop! It was lots of fun and Nam was a great teacher.
29 Sep
Brilliant experience, we had a great time and will definitely come back for more! The studio is huge and the class was really fun and informative.
27 Sep
Beautiful space, felt quite safe in small group being taught. Very informative and am considering taking more classes here. Would have preferred it if the instructor kept his mask on the entire time. I understand it's difficult to speak / teach with the mask on but we all have to deal with this, there's no excuse considering the current climate.
20 Sep
Was super fun and the teacher Nam was very helpful and friendly, great experience.
6 Sep
Great class for a beginner - took a friend for her birthday and we had a blast! Staff were very friendly and helpful, would definitely recommend!
6 Sep
It was my first time and it was fun. The teacher was helpful and I will definetely go back for more classes.
5 Sep
It was very fun and interesting workshop. I will defo do another class with ceramic
2 Sep
Nam was a great teacher and it was a good small sized class. It's the right amount of time on the wheel too. Made even better by the pups we could say hi to after 😊
1 Sep
Really fun workshop! Great teacher too - Nam showed us the basics of throwing and stepped us up to shaping our own pieces independently, with plenty of practice and guidance where needed. Definitely going back! Thanks
1 Sep
Really good! We were the only ones there for the class, and our teacher was very thorough and helpful, providing tips along the way. Would definitely recommend and would go back!
17 Aug
Lovely studio, great teacher !
16 Aug
Really great experience!
12 Mar
This was a fab taster workshop! You get split into two groups with the opportunity to try the wheel and by hand and it was great to give both a go, and work in small enough teams that you can always be helped out and actually learn some technique! I can't recommend strongly enough!!!
9 Mar
Nam was a fantastic teacher and really friendly. We got 3 pots thrown in the session all with varying levels of help from Nam. Me and my partner decided to sign up for more there and then.
1 Mar
A really fun and stretching workshop to learn the basics of pottery in a short space of time. It was great to watch a demo and then take it on step by step ourselves. It would be really interesting to hear more about Nam's work and his unique creations. Directions to the studio were needed - most of the class found it very difficult to get to!
18 Feb
Great teacher and gave us extra time !
7 Feb
Could not recommend this more!! Such a fun morning- learning different pottery techniques and making 4 lovely pots. The teachers were so knowledgable, helpful and friendly and even brought in biscuits for the class. 10/10 thank you!!
4 Feb
My husband and I went to this class and enjoyed it so much! It was informative and helpful but also lots of fun. Highly recommend it for starters who are keen to get dirty and play!
3 Feb
Really fun and managed to pack a lot into a short session! Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, would recommend and go again.
27 Jan
Amazing class, the right pace for everyone, clear instructions, so much covered in such a short space. Excellent teachers kept it light and fun yet still managed to learn a lot. Really great value and very inspiring.
27 Jan
Due to some people cancelling we pretty much had a masterclass session with Nam and it was so so great. Compared to the taster class we had elsewhere a year ago it was night and day. Can't wait to pick up our stuff soon!
27 Jan
Really enjoyable class - Nam was a great instructor and it was fun to try something new!
18 Jan
Highly recommend this class! Nam is an excellent teacher, helps you to understand exactly what is going on no matter how fast/slow you are. Classes are a good size and you get your hands dirty from the very beginning. If you're looking for a pottery class, do this one, you won't regret it!
6 Jan
Nam is an awesome teacher. Indepently from what level you are on, he'll make you feel comfortable and inspire you for some pottery masterpieces - the perfect balance of your design freedom and careful instruction. With all that said, I feel honoured that I got to take a lesson from such an amazing artist, his work is astonishing! Definitely will come back again when I'm in London next time. Had best time ever and left feeling like I'm ready for the next level ceremics:)
21 Dec
A wonderful experience! Nam is patient, knowledgable and really passionate. We came away knowing far more than when going in, with a couple of great pots and bowls too, which wouldn’t look as they do without great guidance. Thank you and hope to visit again one day!
26 Nov
For anyone wanting to try pottery then this class is a must...and for anyone who isn't thinking of a pottery class, go anyway! Excellent guidance and support was offered throughout the entire session, which was relaxing, fun and inspiring! You'll learn different types of pottery making and are given ample time to throw your creations! Would absolutely recommend in giving this a try.
25 Nov
Loved this class! Very informative and helpful - we had a great time. Actually got to create some pieces that we liked. Would 100% go back!
9 Nov
Fantastic workshop. We were completely new to pottery and we had so much fun. You get to try throwing some pottery on the wheel and also have a go at hand making some yourself. You learn so much in 3 hours. Highly recommend.
8 Nov
Creative and fun activity. Process involves burning pots in an open fire which adds a lot of magic to the experience.
28 Aug
It was brilliant! We really did enjoy ourselves and it was all clearly explained (we were a bit impatient and wanted to get on with it) but we were gently reminded we needed to know what to do first! I would highly recommend this workshop - especially for beginners.
10 Aug
Wow, what an incredible morning we had Raku glazing, we learnt so much about this super fun process from our fantastic teacher Nam and his team. I am now addicted, I want to go back time and time again- thank you so much 😊
8 Aug
Nam and Suzie were very welcoming and knowledgable and the studio had a wide range of Amaco Raku glazes for us to experiment with.
Ben Mackrow
4 Aug
Really enjoyed the class and Nam was a great teacher. Nice atmosphere with the group and relaxed environment. Would have liked slightly more time "throwing" on the wheel to get a better grasp of the technique, but the time was split 50/50 with trying the "coiling" method at the table.
22 Jul
Great venue, excellent teaching! Very interesting introduction and super fun!
22 Jul
Great lesson in wheel throwing and coling from Nam and Susi. They explained everything well and it was throroughly enjoyable class. Would definitely recommend
Youara Ahmed
21 Jul
Yes Nam and Suzie were both extremely helpful and useful. I went for my birthday with 6 of my other friends so were a big group all trying out pottery for the first time and they walked us through it step by step very patiently. We arrived a few minutes late but they let us hang around at the end to make up for the lost time and finish up our pieces till we were happy with them and kindly took many group photos of us! Only feedback point is to include a map with directions for how to get to the biscuit factory because google maps gives a completely different location and 100 Clements road building F and entrance isn’t very obvious. I’ll definitely be back again and sign up to be a member!
21 Jul
I got my first taste of pottery in this 2-hour class. The teachers were really patient and helpful. The class size was small enough for everyone to get attention and the help needed. I really enjoyed the class! The venue is a bit hard to find, but they were responsive on the phone to help navigate. Definitely go early to find the venue. The venue itself was nice, have everything we need.
21 Jul
Nam Tran & Susie were fun patient and fantastic teachers, they make you love pottery and help you when you struggle. I would recommend this to anyone! We did an hour of coiling and an hour of wheel throwing! Absolutely loved it. Its a messy activity so dont wear new clothes and wear trousers as legs wide open when throwing!!!
15 Jul
Amazing experience, Cernamic hosts were super helpful and friendly! This taster workshop is a great way for beginners to get an insight into pottery. All-round positive experience, highly recommend!
17 Jun
A very fun and informative pottery workshop! Nam is also very knowledgeable and helpful. Such a great experience and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try out pottery :)
7 Jun
I booked this as a present for my partner for his birthday as he has been considering completing a pottery course and was not sure if he would like it. We had a really enjoyable time and had an equal chance at using the wheel and hand building, both of which were great fun and we learnt a lot. The group was small (8) which meant we all got help from the instructor and could all work at the same time. We definitely would book to come back again!
3 Jun
Wish the class was a little longer. But overall it was cool to learn the different techniques used in ceramics
2 Jun
A great class for beginners! I had so much fun and would definitely go back !
29 May
The class was really close to the station which is great when you don’t know the area very well. Detailed demos and advise given throughout, all questioned answered. Would definitely recommend for a first timer or someone wanting to bring friends to try something new.
29 May
Had a wonderful experience. The teachers were very helpful and ensured we had fun as well as learned some new skills. Would love to come back for another go!
24 May
A great introduction to pottery!
23 May
Nam was a great teacher, each week was varied while helping us nail the basics and build our confidence. A really fun course, cool location and relaxing environment. Would definitely recommend to people who have had a few taster sessions or are brand new to pottery!
20 May
such a nice vibe, great for beginners!
20 May
Great workshop, Nam was super knowledgeable and friendly, really laid back chilled work shop, would definitely recommend.
20 May
Brilliant workshop in a very cool space in Bermondsey (if a little difficult to find!). The session is split into 2 sections - one part on the wheel, one part on the table - with the wheel being good fun but tricky and the table part meaning you'll at least go home with something! You can then leave whatever you make with them to be baked and pick up in a couple of weeks time, for a supplement of £3 per item. Fantastic to try out something different in a fun, relaxed space - and the time flew by.
19 May
Super friendly and engaging hosts, who took the time to provide advice and a great sense of humour. Highly recommend!
18 May
I bought this as a birthday present for my sister and it was perfect! The class was well paced and so much fun. Nam was an awesome teacher who explained the magic of raku super clearly, and our two little pots came out beautifully. Highly recommend !
11 May
It was my first experience in pottery, love it. Great skill and patience to go with it. Hopefully will get to do more.
10 May
I absolutely loved the class. Nam is a great teacher and it was amazing to come away with pieces I had created myself, in only two hours! I'll definitely be looking to sign up for a longer course with Cernamic.
7 May
A really friendly and enjoyable session. The tuition was clear and simple and the help and assistance provided during the afternoon made for successful pot making. I would thoroughly recommend this!
7 May
A really chilled out but informative class with an amazing tutor! 10/10 Would recommend if you ever thought about giving pottery wheel throwing a go.
6 May
Awsome workshop look forward to doing it again
5 May
It was a great class! Really enjoyed it and will recommend to anyone who is interested to learn more about pottery. Will definitely be sign up again!
1 May
Great experience and lots of fun. Wish I had more time there. Thank you
17 Apr
Very enjoyable taster session. After an intro you get hands on making a coil pot, then another couple more on the wheel. Decided to take home all the creations, which you get fired and in a choice of colours.
17 Apr
It was a fun experience! We had great fun and everyone enjoyed it! But I wish we had more time on the wheel part to practice.
15 Apr
Great class, brilliant teacher. I learnt loads and was a great way to spend an evening. Would definitely recommend for anyone.
10 Apr
Fantastic!!!!! Nam and Susy were fabulous. Excellent knowledge, fantastic resources, and very good managing skills. A WONDERFUL Experience.
9 Apr
The tuition was fantastic! Nam (the teacher) was brilliant and made it easy to understand and good fun. He tried to make it relaxing rather than stressful. Being a novice, I was a bit worried! I wish we had had more time on the wheel and less time doing the coil clay, but I understand that is part of pottery making! The time just flew by much too quickly. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
8 Apr
For complete beginner this is excellent class. This class was very relaxed and getting working with clay was satisfing. Teachers are very friendly and dedicated to they job. Think of what you wear don’t want to get your shoes dirty :).
8 Apr
Lovely and relaxing - a very thorough and enjoyable class. Would recommend to anyone wanting to give pottery a go!
4 Apr
Really enjoyed it. Relaxing atmosphere. Teacher was good, explained and showed us how the pottery is been done. Definitely would do more and would recommend it to anyone.
3 Apr
It was a really fun Sunday. Nam and the team are brilliant and really get to show you the different elements of pottery. I will be taking up a further workshop with them soon!
1 Apr
Excellent teaching style and they really took the time to explain and talk us through the different stages
31 Mar
We really enjoyed the pottery workshop and the teaching was very good. We were taught how to use the wheel and the manual method to make various ornaments. All the staff were very friendly and they welcomed anyone at any skill level!
27 Mar
Great day out! Nam was an excellent teacher and made sure that we all left with something we were happy with, regardless of our incompetence. The facilities were good and we had plenty of clay to work with. He glazed them to a professional standard and we’re left with something that looks excellent! I’d definitely go again. 10/10 :)
26 Mar
Really enjoyed this class! Ideal for complete beginners. Nam was extremely helpful and made sure to allocate time with every student regarding technique etc. Perfect Sunday morning activity :)
26 Mar
Fantastic atmosphere and great friendly teachers. Felt it is worth much more than I paid.
Tom Batting
23 Mar
Nam is an excellent teacher and the taster workshop is such a great way to be introduced to pottery. I can't wait for my next one!
25 Feb
A brilliant workshop! The teachers were patient, helpful, and it was really fun. Thank you!
18 Feb
Had a lot of fun in these classes! Had a good mix of hand building and wheel throwing. Plan to go back to the studio when I can for intermediate level.
18 Feb
Had a lot of fun with this class! A good mix of hand building and wheel throwing. Plan to go back to the studio when I can.
14 Feb
We both absolutely loved this workshop and for two hours we got a lot fitted in! Our teacher was great, really knowledgeable and had a good sense of humour! Thanks so much!
8 Feb
A really lovely introduction to pottery with the chance to make three items of ones imagination (and importantly ability). I would love to have heard more about the rationale for doing things, especially on the wheel, but the team really whetted my appetite to learn more and great to be able to trial whether I would like to pursue pottery further.
28 Jan
It was an amazing class. It is therapeutical, and the teacher is so good at explaining the techniques, very patient. I can't wait to get my bowl back. The only thing you need to be aware of: the location is tricky...
25 Jan
Nam’s pottery workshop is a great introduction to working on the wheel, and using the coiling technique. He is a great teacher, with a hands on but relaxed approach, which is needed when getting started on the wheel. He was happy to let us be creative and make whatever we wanted. We’ll definitely be back for a drop in class now that we know the basics. Highly recommend.
14 Jan
Really great taster session. learned a lot and you get to do a lot in the 2 hours.
18 Dec
My friends and I had a really great time and the teacher was amazing and really inspiring!!
17 Dec
Excellent workshop - the instructor was engaging and very helpful. If highly recommend to anyone.
10 Dec
We had a great time! Got to play with some clay and also work on the wheel. Excited to pick my clay babies up
10 Dec
Good fun and a good level of teaching into basic pottery, both by hand and on the wheel.
3 Dec
Took my sister for her birthday and she absolutely loved the class! The instructors were really friendly and informative, as well as ensuring we all left with something to be proud of! However I think better directions to building F would have been handy as we reached the class 20 minutes late after aimlessly wondering around looking for the hidden building. Can’t wait to book another class just for the pottery wheel!
11 Nov
I loved it! Nam was a great teacher, the class was relaxing, and I was very happy with the pottery I made. Definitely recommend doing this class.
7 Nov
The teachers were very helpful, just wish we could've stayed on the wheel for a bit longer as 1 hour didn't feel quite enough (looking forward to taking more classes though).
8 Oct
I had so much fun! It was very therapeutic, and the mentors were very helpful, engaging and they are really concise and clear in their teaching styles. Definitely a thumbs up!
8 Oct
Great informative class with a chance to learn two different techniques. The main instructor is very knowledgable and helped us through each step whilst also letting us be creative.
8 Oct
Really fun. Good chance to experience taster for pottery - tougher than it looks. Highly recommended.
7 Oct
Great class with lots of fun and the instructor was very passionate about what he does. Definitely recommended if you want to relax and try out new things.
7 Oct
Great class 👍
7 Oct
The instructors were lovely! My friend and I had a good time :) I'd recommend to anyone willing to try pottery for the first time.
6 Oct
It was a really nice and relaxed environment. I truly had a wonderful time and would recommend anyone who is looking for a pottery taster session. I wou
1 Oct
I chose this as an experiential birhtday gift for a friend. We went together and had an absolute blast whilst learning something completely new. Who knew throwing could be SO therapeutic! Couldn't recommend enough.
30 Sep
Really nice to discover different methods of pottery : )! Thanks
30 Sep
We had a great time at the pottery taster workshop, and felt it was value for the experience.
2 Sep
It was a lot of fun. Surprised my boyfriend for his birthday and we both enjoyed the workshop. Time really flies in there and the two hours went by in the blink in the eye.
20 Aug
The workshop was fab - there was a lot of support to make sure we were on track and doing everything correctly as well as not wasting time and resource so we all came out with pottery we were proud of, even as first timers! Highly recommend :)
20 Aug
It was a wonderful experience! The workshop was amazing! Ideal to try something new and explore your creative side! I loved it!
20 Aug
The teachers were great, helpful, chatty and very personable! The class itself was very interesting and you are taught two different styles of pottery making, and you’re encouraged to make whatever you would like to. A great class!
20 Aug
It was the perfect balance of learning new techniques quickly and being able to 'freestyle' it - the teachers were great and gave us a lot to play with! I will 100% go back and do this again - so much fun.
19 Aug
Really good teachers, very friendly atmosphere and great location. We learn't really quickly and it was incredibly satisfying how quickly we got to make something. Highly recommend it for beginners
19 Aug
Lovely laid back workshop where we were able to make anything we wanted with and without a wheel. I made three pots and chose to take two home which will be glazed in the colours I chose. very excited to pick them up. Would definitely do this workshop again and would love a longer class
13 Aug
This was one of the most fun class I took in a very long time! I had always wanted to learn the technical skills needed to create clay pots and the instructor did a fabulous job guiding us learn the skill! Definitely coming back here for more sessions!
13 Aug
It was a good mix between practising & exploring ourselves, and teaching & support ... Very creative & knowledgable teacher, so I enjoyed it & recommend it for anyone interested!
13 Aug
Perfect taster. Nam got us straight into making, with right balance of pace, great narrative, inspiration & exploration. Just Do it!
13 Aug
Really enjoyed the part of the class on the pottery wheel. Good guidance given during the work and help was provided. Very attentive. Could do with a better location, difficult to find the place
13 Aug
Attended this workshop with my partner. Session went as we were expecting, very relaxing and informative. Both instructors were great at guiding us in the creation process.
13 Aug
The teacher in this class was awesome. Really nice space and I enjoyed the hell out of throwing.
6 Aug
Small class so we all got a little individual attention. There was a lot packed into the two hours. Very relaxed, very professional. Really inspired me to continue pottery. Highlight was being taught by Nam Tran himself. Such a cool guy. Planning to book a weekend of pottery in October. Would definitely recommend.
6 Aug
Really fun and well organised class for beginners. Would recommend
5 Aug
Really enjoyed the afternoon. Hoping to do the 4 week course now
5 Aug
Thoroughly enjoyable! Can't wait until the next course.
3 Aug
The class was much larger than anticipated (about 15+ people) so individual attention was less than I'd hoped. It was nice to have half the class split between hand building and throwing on the wheel, so that we could try both, and the instructor was very friendly. However, the class description made it seem like (at least one of) our works would be included in the price - but each piece that we made and wanted fired and glazed was an additional £2 on top of the workshop price.
30 Jul
Really helpful teacher. Great workshop - awesome value for money!
30 Jul
Excellent workshop & great teacher ... A very therapeutic experience
29 Jul
Very informative and fun class jam packed with technique. Great introduction to the wheel and other clay techniques, makes you want to go back for more. Thanks!
24 Jul
So much fun - and it was great to be taught by Nam!
24 Jul
A really good class, with excellent demonstrations. However, the class was very full, and I thought we would have more time on the wheel.
16 Jul
I loved this pottery class. Nam is a great teacher but also let’s you do your own thing and there’s no pressure creating anything you don’t want. I’m really pleased with the pots I made and was happy that we could get them glazed and take home! Will definitely be back for more.
2 Jul
Really nice experience. If you never tried pottery class, this is the right way to understand if you really like it. A general imprinting about pottery can let you decide to sign up for a class. Otherwise you can spend relaxing hours followed by two good and kind teachers. Thank you guys hope to see you soon again.
30 Jun
So much fun, had an amazing time. Definitely recommend this class.
Hiu Man Eunice
20 Jun
A nice class that is good for beginners.
18 Jun
Fantastic taster pottery class! It was fun to try to make a bowl and make some ceramics on the wheel.
12 Jun
I know nothing about Potter, but the instructors made the class very enjoyable and easy to learn. Really had a lot of fun! Would definitely recommend it to newbies or even those who have done it before.
12 Jun
Really great class! The teacher's were really supportive and helpful. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting to give pottery a go!
12 Jun
Great class, great teacher!
11 Jun
Great 2 hour taster session with Nam and his enthusiastic team on Sunday afternoon. Large easy to reach studio - clay throwing was the highlight! Looking forward to seeing my creations soon!
11 Jun
The class was great fun, relaxed, creative and I was able to make 3 pots using two methods or creating the pot. There was flexibility in what you made and the teacher was professional, helpful and relaxed. 2 hours didn't feel like enough purely out of a new found enjoyment for pottery! Really enjoyed my first session and can't wait to come back for some more lessons!
11 Jun
Nam is fantastic, his relaxed and a realitist. If you need to improve he will let you know, he also used music and humour to make the the classes very enjoyable. His really flexible and helpful. I had so much fun on the taster, I booked in for a 4 week beginners session.
10 Jun
This workshop was great!
10 Jun
Such a great class, had a really really fun and enjoyable time. Wonderful teacher, I highly recommend!!
9 Jun
This workshop was great and I'd definitely recommend it! Nam and Suzie are both friendly, great teachers and ensured we all had something to take home, as well as making the class really fun.
9 Jun