Bunga Bunga undefined classes in London
Bunga Bunga undefined classes in London


Bunga Bunga

4 reviews
4 reviews

Bunga Bunga is famous for our karaoke, but now we want to share our secret sourdough pizza recipes! We were finalists in last year’s national pizza contest and we want to spread the love.

Don’t worry, Bunga Bunga is a tongue-in-cheek venue and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we want to celebrate beautiful Italian food and drink in a fun and crazy venue. Things didn’t go well for Berlusconi, but we are sure you will have a good time!

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Pizza Making


4 Jul
It was such a fun class!! My friend and I enjoyed so much.
14 Jun
I was super impressed by this class I was looking forward to it anyway as it looked like great fun and a good experience, however there was something extra special about this class. They made a real show and dance about the whole thing, not only did I learn how to make pizza dough and stretch it out, but I really felt like I experienced the whole charm of Bunga Bunga! i know the place is also a late night venue but this did not come across in the class at all, the venue was very much an authentic Italian restaurant and there was a real sense of Italy. Thanks Pedro and Nino for such a fantastico evening!
27 Jun
My friend and I had the best time at Bunga Bunga. The class was fun and informative. The pizza tasted amazing plus we had lots of dough to take home. I would recommend to anyone.Thanks!
1 Aug
Not as described. The advert clearly stated sourdough pizza making. To make sourdough you need a starter (a living food ferment of flour and water) and you use the leaven to prepare your sourdough pizza base. I have since found another obby session (E5 bakehouse) and have talked to them about their class which was nothing like the session I attended. The pizza making consisted of flour water and fresh yeast a standard pizza dough receipe. This is confirmed in their handout. A pizza made using regular yeast means the yeast reacts with the gluten. A starter made from a combination of yeast and bacteria produces lactic acid which ferments the dough which results in a lower glycemic base making it much easier to digest which is really important for IBS suffers. Please change the title so others are not misled and have a totally wasted evening with nothing to eat at the end of it. Thanks