Booker Print House

    About this school

    Alex Booker runs Booker Print House from his studio in Limehouse, East London. As a practising artist for the past 10 years, Alex exhibits his prints internationally and loves teaching the ancient art form of woodcut printmaking. He believes anyone with the right guidance and environment can learn to make art. Confidence, curiosity and those wanting to play will enjoy the day so much and produce their own unique artworks.

    The class starts with a cuppa of course and you'll be introduced to the tools, ink and blocks. This will be pretty quick as Alex will be keen for you to start and will talking and demonstrating techniques throughout the day.

    Everyone will have the following materials:

    •2 x A4 Japanese Shina plywood blocks and individual bench-hook cutting boards A five set of Japanese cutting tools A selection of three papers including a Japanese Hosho paper

    •Water based inks in various colours

    •Pre-cut blocks of patterns and shapes

    •Tubes to take prints away

    Alex recommends bringing anything that may inspire you or material that is part of an on going project you might be working on or just something visual that makes you happy. He often works with photographs, postcards, drawings, film stills and patterns.

    Do you have any dietary requirements? There will be snacks and a light lunch to keep all your energy levels up - but let Alex know if you're a vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant etc and he will try his best to make sure there's a selection of food that you can eat. Also, tea, coffee, and cordial drinks will be aplenty.

    The studio will be quite messy with inks and wood shavings, so it is recommended you not wear your 'Sunday best’, anything you don't mind getting a little dirty and is easy to work in.

    Free parking is available at the studio block.

    If you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Thanks, Alex 07738440767

    Alex Booker Artist + Printmaker | Booker Print House