Bezalel Workshops art classes in London
Bezalel Workshops art classes in London


Bezalel Workshops

Bezalel Workshops was set up in 2015 by Rebecca Callaghan and Christabel Balfour. Our goal is to create space for makers to share their skills with the people who want to learn from them, and to encourage people to take time to learn together and work with their hands.

We've run monthly workshops in a variety of different venues around London, and we now host weekend events, each curated around a different theme.

Each theme is carefully chosen by us and the creatives we work with to reflect an aspect of creativity that particularly interests or challenges us. Taking each theme as a starting point, we examine what it looks like to integrate creative expression into our every day lives.

Our next event is "Embracing Winter", taking place over 2 days in November. With this event, we're asking ourselves- what if we were to embrace our winter seasons, with their challenges, tensions and disappointments? How can we persevere through failure or overcome practical obstacles? Do we allow the physical limitations of our material or craft to discourage us, or do we allow them to inspire our creativity?

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