Anita's Kitchen food classes in London
Anita's Kitchen food classes in London


Anita's Kitchen

1 reviews
1 reviews

Anita is a Food presenter (trained at Leith’s school of food and wine) and Food Revolution ambassador with her own vegan and vegetarian cookery school Anita’s Kitchen. The approach to food is simple, healthy and imaginative, and Anita loves sharing ideas for delicious home cooking and finding fresh sources of inspiration to create new dishes. Her classes focuses on teaching cooking with what you have in your fridge and pantry, in line with the mantra 'love food hate waste.'

Anita's passion for cooking has developed since her childhood in Kenya, which together with her Gujarati Kutchi Indian roots mean her food-style is a unique fusion of African, Gujarati Kutchi, as well as Middle eastern and Italian cuisines.

Anita's cookery school focuses on teaching healthy, simple but balanced meals with the use of spices to suit a busy lifestyle. As a food revolution ambassador, she makes sure to use loads of fruit and veg in her classes. The classes are hands-on, fun and interactive, including group and private sessions throughout the week.

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19 Aug
Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable teacher. Tasty and interesting dishes using not too fancy ingredients which were quick and easy to prepare. The class also gave me more skills and ideas in preparing non-meat dishes which are varied in texture as well as filling that are not stodgy.