3aspect Photography photography classes in London
3aspect Photography photography classes in London


3aspect Photography

3aspect Photography is a way of learning to take photographs with greater depth and impact. Equal emphasis is placed on cultivating and integrating 3 different aspects: Craft - Creativity - Connection.

3aspect Photography is created by Stephen Morallee, who at 15 got his first camera and instantly fell in love with photography. After completing a degree at Goldsmiths, University of London he spent the following 4 years living and working in Padova, Italy; New York City and Tokyo. He returned to London in 1998 and over the following 5 years continued to work and train with a range of crafts and processes - both as a working artist and teaching practitioner. In 2003 he had an experience with the Seiki master Kishi-San that opened up a body of work he has called Deetell. Deetell informs Stephen's work to this day both as a working artist and teacher and is the origin of the 3aspect method.

The 1st Aspect relates to craft - the technical know how - learning how your camera works and how to use it with specific intent - how to use software to manage and edit your work. This is the aspect of doing this not that - it the practical and functional aspect. It also about exploring the 'rules' of composition.

The 2nd Aspect relates to creativity, spontaneity, freedom and experimentation. In many respects it hacks the 1st Aspect.

The 3rd Aspect relates to connection. Increasingly getting out of the way and mindfully letting go of the story we have in our heads about our subject makes so much more space for them/it to reveal themselves/itself to us. In turn sometimes showing us something they have never shown before with more vibrancy and a greater depth of truth.

All 3 aspects are equally important and when they are actively cultivated and integrated I find people take photographs of much greater impact and wonder.

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