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Pottery And Mosaics
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Pottery Taster Session

4.9(192 reviews)
This taster pottery and mosaic workshop in Wimbledon offers you a range of experiences from throwing on the wheel
£38 pp
2hrs 30min
What happens in this class?

Our pottery taster session offers you a range of experiences from throwing a pot on the wheel to creating hand built items such as dishes, bowls and vases!

We advise you to book the follow up session - Glaze and Decorating Workshop ' to transform your pieces into beautiful and functional ceramic creations! You can also personalise your pieces, great for handmade gifts!

This workshop is very hands on with loads of tips for first timers so come along and get stuck in.

Latest Reviews
4.9(192 reviews)
Amy - May 30th
I had an amazing time at the Pottery Taster Session - had the chance to hand build and throw on the wheel as well! Eloise and the team are fantastic, and encouraged me to complete my project even with time constraints! Even stepping in last minute to help me finish. They really are wonderful and if your considering booking the session, do! It's fab.
Ashley - December 16th
I really enjoyed learning about making pottery, both by hand and on the wheel. Would have loved a little more time on the wheel but I appreciate covering everything in 2 and a half hours isn’t easy! I found it was all a lot easier then expected, as someone who has never had a go at any pottery before. Excellent taster session, thank you!!
Lyndsay - December 9th
So much fun.The perfect amount of guidance and freedom to make our own pieces. Nice mix of by hand and on the wheel :-)
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Your Teacher

A social enterprise based in Wimbledon offering pottery, mosaics & print making at evening and weekend workshops.

Workshop 305 have created a relaxed studio atmosphere with a spacious ground floor that is divided into 2 large studios with a kiln room as well as a kitchen/dining area. The fully accessible building allows access for everyone.

Day to day, the workshop has classes for students with disabilities but also runs evening workshops in pottery, mosaics and print making for both adults and children with all abilities.

Our evening and weekend workshops, team building days and specialist workshops all support the work…

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Class Location
Workshop 305 Community Interest Company
9 Weir Road, Wimbledon
SW19 8UG


To: Workshop 305 Community Interest Company

Pottery Taster Session


Amy - May 30th
I had an amazing time at the Pottery Taster Session - had the chance to hand build and throw on the wheel as well! Eloise and the team are fantastic, and encouraged me to complete my project even with time constraints! Even stepping in last minute to help me finish. They really are wonderful and if your considering booking the session, do! It's fab.
Ashley - December 16th
I really enjoyed learning about making pottery, both by hand and on the wheel. Would have loved a little more time on the wheel but I appreciate covering everything in 2 and a half hours isn’t easy! I found it was all a lot easier then expected, as someone who has never had a go at any pottery before. Excellent taster session, thank you!!
Lyndsay - December 9th
So much fun.The perfect amount of guidance and freedom to make our own pieces. Nice mix of by hand and on the wheel :-)
Carmen - December 6th
Such a wonderful place with friendly, knowledgeable and kind staff. Emily who led our (pottery/ceramics) taster workshop was great. The session was the right length of time and gave us the opportunity to explore hand building and use of the wheel. And you're supporting a brilliant social enterprise at the same time.
John - December 3rd
Really good. I booked last minute and had a great session. The class was made up of four people, the teacher was really helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending.
Joe - November 3rd
Had a great time. Will recommend to anyone who wants a basic lesson in pottery making!
Pat - November 1st
I really enjoyed the workshop. It was well run. I look forward to painting my creations 😀
Donald - November 1st
Expertly done in very well equipped studio with lots of encouragement and patience (very necessary in my case!) A great experience.
Sharin - November 1st
I had a such a great time at the Pottery Taster Session and have already recommended it to a few friends!
Marie - October 19th
Great class and goes very fast ! I would suggest a different approach for beginners though. The explanation when making something out of the mould takes a lot of time and maybe something like making a cup out of the clay can take less time to explain.. I would definitely recommend this class as it’s a great experience !
Susan - October 15th
It was fabulous! I arrived with an ambitious idea of what I wanted to achieve and the teachers moved heaven and earth to make it happen! Along the way I revived a few skills I acquired many years ago and developed many more. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and careful to adhere to safe COVID-19 practice. It’s great to be absorbed in a creative project so that time just flies by. I am already imagining what I want to do next. Many thanks.
Natalie - October 8th
Really enjoyed this session. Very competent instructor, lots of time to try out different things and a generous amount of clay to work with. Particularly enjoyed trying out the wheel, even though I wasn't very good at it! Looking forward to glazing my creations.
William - October 8th
Great session to learn some basic methods and the staff were so helpful and friendly. The session length was great and meant you got an opportunity to make a few pieces.
Georgina - September 30th
I loved this workshop! Got to learn both clay and wheel methods and will definitely be booking my glazing session in soon! Felt very safe in the studio and had an excellent teacher too! Would definitely recommend this session to learn where your passion lies!
VIRGINIAROSE - September 27th
Had a really good time and although we socially distanced, it did not feel like it was a reduced service. The ladies were really helpful and were able to still provide a great deal of assistance and support. Look forward to the glazing class!
Liza - September 24th
Really great workshop, enjoyed it a lot! Perfect for beginners! Managed to make 3 pieces, 1 on the wheel and 2 hand built. Teachers were really nice, and it was all kept very safe (following covid restrictions), the room was very big so were able to spread out and keep safe distance.
Lauren - September 24th
Really enjoyed this session. It was my first time making pottery and loved that we got to try two different methods during the class. Our teacher was great. More than anything I loved the relaxed atmosphere and how the session helped with mindfulness and creativity.
Kate - September 21st
Really enjoyed this class - we learnt quite a lot of techniques in one session and I loved working with the clay. It also felt very safe with Covid-19 guidelines thoroughly followed and plenty of space for social distancing. I’ll definitely be signing up for more workshops here!
Georgia - September 20th
Great session with lovely teachers. Social distancing possible in the big studios, without impacting the class. Will be back! :)
Rosie - September 12th
I loved this session! It was great doing something different and creative, and I'm excited for the follow up glazing session
Dina - September 12th
I loved it! I’m coming back for more :)
Sonia - September 10th
I absolutely love the was interactive and we were free to make as many pieces we want too. I would love to try Workshop305 glazing classes.
Jo - September 10th
Extremely clear instructions from enthusiastic and encouraging teachers. Opportunity to make several pots using moulds and wheel. Relaxing and calm environment. Very well set up and safe covering COVID requirements at all times.
Diana - August 7th
I would highly recommend the pottery taster session! It was given to me as a birthday present and my friend and I had such a good time. Really big studio with lots of art around you for inspiration and the woman who led the session was so friendly and an excellent teacher - you get a great introduction to proper techniques and practices. I am hooked !
Tamsin - August 6th
Really friendly and helpful staff. Chilled atmosphere.
alex richardson - July 30th
I really enjoyed this pottery taster session. It was calm and quiet and safe with great cleanliness and social distancing. The teaching was excellent and we were given lots of different options to follow to make something that we could have fired. I have always wanted to have a go at throwing a pot and I managed it, it is harder than I expected but I ended up with a nice little bowl. I have booked another session to glaze and decorate. I can see this becoming a regular place to visit as it is just down the road for me and such a friendly creative environment to be part of. I loved it.
Sarah - July 30th
My son and I really enjoyed the pottery taster session especially throwing a pot on the wheel. The teacher was great despite not being able to be very hands on due to social distancing measures. We both managed to produce several pieces and look forward to booking a glazing session to finish them off.
Vitika - July 30th
Great class to cover the basics quickly!
Julia - July 27th
I really enjoyed the class - it was well explained, plenty of ideas and had great fun. It was well-managed in terms of safety. I made three pieces that I was really happy with and I'm looking forward to glazing them at the follow-on session. I'd highly recommend it!
Justina - March 2nd
The Pottery Taster session was absolutely fantastic. The studio is great - plenty of space for everyone, and lots of nice work around. In 2.5 hours we got to try building as well as throwing, I didn't expect to make several pieces rather than just one - that was really great. The tutors were really lovely and helpful, and the group size was great so that everyone got support and attention. Overall, a very creative space, very safe and supportive for beginners. I was very inspired and will definitely come back!
Giulia - March 1st
We truly enjoyed this insightful and relaxing workshop as well as the friendly and stimulating environment of Workshop 305. It's the right balance between providing an overview of pottery techniques and giving you enough time to make your own pieces that you can then come back and decorate at the following glazing and decorating session.
Aga - February 29th
Very informative session. I would probably prefer more time spent on the wheel but that just my personal preference. Both teachers were very knowledgeable and made it a good experience. Thank you.
Lea - February 20th
Such a lovely afternoon, great instruction, and lots of fun and learning creating pottery through moulding and on the potters wheel. Great creative and mindfulness fun. Highly recommend it
Julia - February 18th
Fantastic afternoon of Pottery! Great tuition, plenty of time to try a few things and to be able to finish something that you want to take away! Loved it!
Jennie - February 13th
Absolutely fab workshop. Enjoyed it so much and can't wait to go back. All the ladies running it are super friendly, the vibe is really relaxed and I felt so comfortable just making stuff and chatting to people. Throwing on the wheel was so great and the lady teaching us was so lovely and helped me make a lovely pot and made the experience very relaxing. I highly recommend this and trust me you will love it and want to come back to do more!
David - February 12th
Excellent session. Very friendly and you're creating from the getgo.
Lucy - February 8th
Really good fun, helpful staff and very easy to contact.
April - February 5th
Dear Sarah, Kim and Kerry, Thank you so much for your time and passion relating to all things pottery last weekend. Myself and Sophie has such a giggle at our attempts, but very happy we managed four goes on the wheel with a four pot outcome! 5 Stars!
Alicia - February 4th
Fantastic workshop! Really enjoyed the afternoon. The staff are very accommodating and ensure you are in safe hands! Will be booking onto the glaze workshop
Anjna - February 2nd
Being a newbie to pottery, I felt that a lot was fit into, and achieved in this taster session. I had so much fun with the friendly and helpful team.
Rio - January 30th
lovely experience and defo would recommend
Kim demonte - January 27th
I learnt how to coil clay and make funky pots and to throw clay. The teacher was patient and kind and informative and the venue was big and spacious.. I had a wonderful time and will come back to finish the pots ! Yipeeeee!
Laura - January 23rd
Amazing class, the teachers were really hands on and I felt like I learnt a lot. There was a lot of freedom to really get creative!
Gemma - January 18th
The workshop was fun, therapeutic and very interesting . The teachers made it very informative and created a relaxed atmosphere. I can't wait to come back for more and glaze my homemade oil burner!
Jill - January 18th
I’d done a taster a couple of years ago elsewhere but needed a review before launching myself into pottery. This was the perfect class. Great instruction and guidance with tutors ready to answer any questions and all the tools you’d ever need. I’ll definitely be back!
Emma - January 16th
Great introduction to pottery! We did both wheel throwing and forming clay with our hands, and the session lasts a good amount of time to craft your first pottered items. The studio space is beautiful and the teachers are excellent. I will definitely book the glazing class next.
Tom - January 13th
The teachers were very helpful, contributing to a brilliant experience evoking my first time playing around with clay as a child. I'd recommend!
Katie - November 24th
Great class! Really informative with helpful staff
Sai Ramya - November 18th
Relaxing and an amazing experience.
Rebecca - November 17th
Great class, loved it!
Prema - October 25th
Really enjoyed the workshop, thought it was a good introduction to both handmade pottery and throwing , and the ladies were lovely and helpful! giving it 4 star as the timings were a little off, only had about 25 minutes on the throwing whereas the first group had about 40+ minutes. Look forward to collecting my pieces :)
Nasaybah - October 24th
Wonderful experience with wonderful instructors
Rebecca - October 17th
The teachers are so friendly and welcoming at this workshop. It’s fantastic for beginners to get a feel for the different pottery styles! It is quite hard to find, definitely look for Weir Road on the map as there are two L&R scaffolding’s on google in the area.
Fiona - October 17th
This was a great introduction to Pottery. I made 2 pots by moulding the clay around moulds and 1 pot on the wheel. The instruction was detailed but easy to understand and the teacher was onhand to help while I was making my pots. The teachers had real passion and enthusiasm for their work and it made it a fun experience.
Laura - October 17th
Loved the workshop! Informal environment where we could all make our own pieces but a great introduction and plenty advice throughout. Really enjoyed and great value for money.
Jessica - October 17th
Fab workshop - clear instructions from very friendly teachers, good balance of direction and free reign to experiment! Would definitely go again
Sarah - October 16th
Really good class! Lots of help and ideas from the teachers. Would recommend.
Kate - October 16th
Brilliant! Affordable, great pacing, teaching.
Rhona - October 13th
Really enjoyed the workshop, good fun and good value.
Stephanie - October 13th
Brilliantly led, lots of help given. Very enjoyable evening!
Julie - October 10th
I took my 8 year old son along to a Pottery taster session last night and we both had a wonderful time! The instructors, the space, the equipment and the tuition were all top notch and it was great to finally be able to 'throw' pottery using a wheel...most places don't seem to have that equipment. I really recommend this experience for young and old as it is was fun andwe made some lovely pottery that we'll actually be able to use as it looks so great! Thanks! Julie
amber - October 1st
Great class, very informative and enjoyed doing both hand modelling and having a go on the wheel. Looking forward to the glazing class to glaze my pieces!
Nicola Wilson - September 20th
I have always wanted to have a go at the pottery wheel, this gave me the chance too. I really enjoyed it, it helped by having such lovely teachers. The teachers answered all our questions and gave very good instructions. With the instructions on how to get there, it was easy to find. The hospitality was amazing and the studio was big and spacious.
Nicola Wilson - September 20th
I have always wanted to have a go at the pottery wheel, this gave me the chance too. I really enjoyed it, it helped by having such lovely teachers. The teachers answered all our questions and gave very good instructions. With the instructions on how to get there, it was easy to find. The hospitality was amazing and the studio was big and spacious.
fliss - September 20th
a relaxing evening
Nicola Wilson - September 19th
I had my first experience of the pottery wheel and loved it. The teachers were very friendly and helpful. The venue was big and spacious.
Adrian - September 16th
Really fun class, we were able to make some nice pieces.
Nina - September 15th
Super class, fun and informal, with plenty of time to learn at our own pace.
Balvinder - September 12th
Thoroughly enjoyed the class, friendly staff, location was easily found and parking was excellent
Eva - September 12th
Fun and helpful for beginners like me!
Kate - September 12th
Kind and knowledgeable teachers with great facilities! Really enjoyed it.
Oliver - September 12th
We really enjoyed the session! Great experience getting to learn a couple of new techniques. Heading back to pick up our works soon!
Danny - September 7th
Excellent class, teachers were very helpful and friendly and it was really fun!
Lucy - September 6th
We thoroughly enjoyed the pottery session and the instructors were great. The time flew by, but we had enough time to get a good taste of both hand building and throwing. Would definitely recommend the class.
Joanne - September 5th
Lovely introductory to the world of Pottery! Well equipped studio space and the team made us all feel very welcome, look forward to returning for the next Glazing session :)
Doris - August 22nd
It was a relaxing and fun session. I'm so glad this was gifted to me as a bday present. The session was well organised and the teachers were very patient and quick to come to your aid if they see you struggling. We were able to try a couple of pottery techniques in one session, throwing and molding which was a great use of time. The only think I would say is I wish we had more time on the throwing wheel because it was so much fun. Will definitely be signing up for the glazing session.
Shinade - August 20th
Really good class
Elsje - August 16th
Friendly and informative tutors. Provided enough guidance when require but allowed plenty of space for creative freedom. Would absolutely recommend.
Sam - August 6th
Nice place, nice people. But I was hoping to spend much more time at the wheel. Only about 15 minutes was spent on the wheel.
Shazana - August 2nd
It was a great class, and I got to make 4 coasters, a bowl and a pot on the wheel throwing. Overal a fun, therapeautic clas with knowledgable teachers. Would recommend highly - I have even booked my glazing class too.
Esme Homer - July 29th
the working space had a very relaxed, easy atmosphere and I felt free to be creative whilst also receiving helpful advice from the teachers. the class offered a wide array of skills to learn that gave me the opportunity to expand my ability and develop better technique. Throwing on the wheel was the highlight of the session for me, however, it was more restricting in terms of creativity, as it demands more confidence, which comes with practice. overall it was a very enjoyable experience, would recommend to all ages. it left me wanting more and I am excited to return and glaze my pots and see how they turned out.
Feyi - July 27th
Really enjoyed my first go on the pottery wheel - clear and easy instructions and had a lot of fun! Am looking forward to going back to glaze my pieces
Chloe - July 24th
Very good intro to pottery making - we made one piece on the wheel and a number using other techniques. Excited to see (and glaze!) the final products!
DARONG - July 18th
It was awesome. You can make whatever you want. Kind teachers and comfort atmosphere.
Rosina - July 18th
A lovely way to spend a Wednesday evening; the staff were really friendly and helpful and it was a fab, relaxed atmosphere. Excellent value for money!
Ruby - July 15th
The team were really knowledgable and friendly. It was therapeutic and lovely. Really enjoyable
Jenny - July 11th
Loved this taster session. Really good demonstration and help from tutors and lots of opportunity to try things
Aneela - July 11th
The session was incredible, I learned a lot in the short time we had and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I will definitely be back for more classes. My only feedback is it would have been nice if the teacher was a bit more encouraging and engaging with the students e.g. going around and checking work and offering help, ideas etc. As I would’ve liked to take advantage of her experience and creativity a bit more. Her explanations and showing of techniques in the beginning was very informative and helpful however. Overall a lovely and unique way to spend an evening.
Yunil Nam - July 5th
I took a pottery taster session. Great location near Wimbledon. Friendly teaching staff. I really enjoyed the session and it was a relaxing time.
Charlotte - June 24th
Fantastic class. Lots of practical advice, fun evening and we got to create some usable pieces! Booking on to the glazing class now to finishing them off
Charlotte - June 24th
Fantastic experience. We learnt so much on how to begin working with clay and got to make and keep 4 pieces each! We are now booking onto the glazing class. A really fun and insightful evening!
Paramdeep - June 21st
I really enjoyed the Pottery Taster Session class, it was very informative, creative and practical. The tutors were really helpful. Thank You for a great class.
Aaron - June 14th
Excellent session! The teachers were friendly and explained the processes well!
Jose - June 14th
We had such a nice time at the Pottery Taster Session. It was really well structured and we had the opportunity to create 4 items each. We can't wait to glaze and paint them! ;)
Helen - June 14th
Lovely morning making pottery. The teachers were very helpful and gave us great ideas. Would defo recommend this to a friend. Lovely for a girls day out.!
Louise - June 13th
Excellent instructors and demonstrations. Fantastic resources. Would definitely recommend.
Helen - June 12th
Lovely afternoon making pottery and using the pottery wheel. Would highly recommend. Teachers were Brilliant and helpful. Great for a girly day out.!
Charlotte Haynes - June 10th
Great class - managed to get a number of hand built pieces completed and ready to be fired plus we got to try out using the pottery wheel! The teachers were very informative and friendly and helped us to build great quality pieces like mugs and bowls that we will be able to use.
Peter - June 8th
Really lovely teachers and we had a lot of fun. Fantastic activity to take your mind off a busy day at work :)
Leyton - June 8th
Great class, Workshop 305 was a great place to go and get an introduction into pottery. After a long time of wanting to do a course this was the best way for me to decide to splash out and do a full course. The girls that took the class gave good clear instructions and helped all the way. Looking forward to returning and glazing my pieces soon.
Attiah - May 29th
It was really great and the staff are amazing in their own way.
DoKyung - May 27th
It was good experience for the first time in Pottery ! Tutors were very kind and helpful :)
Kat - May 21st
Lovely relaxed Saturday afternoon
Barbara Minich - May 21st
After initial difficulties to find the venue, the pottery taster session at Workshop 305 was a fun experience! I had never done pottery before so I was grateful for the helpful introduction and tips. We had the opportunity to do both throwing on the wheel and creating our very own pottery. The tutors were very helpful and patient at all times. I can’t wait to come back and glaze my “masterpieces”!
Somers - May 20th
Friendly instructors and a very useful beginner's introduction to pottery. The session was split into throwing clay and then working with pre-cut pieces and we ended up with some nice pieces to glaze.
Ella - May 19th
Brilliant teachers that were fun and relaxed, loved this taster!
Pratik - May 18th
The class was fantastic with 2.5 hours going by in a flash. The teachers were really skilled, carried tons of patience, were super friendly and gave great guidance throughput. Would thoroughly recommend anyone who want to try a bit of clay work and spinning pottery.
Harry Maude - May 14th
We did some hand building as well as some throwing on the wheel. The teachers were great and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Brendon - May 14th
Really enjoyed the session. Both instructors were really informative and helpful.
Kristine - May 13th
This was a really great taster class, the workshop leaders were really approachable and knowledgeable. Definitely going back to glaze my pieces!
Kristine - May 12th
I really enjoyed the taster class and am already planning to go back to blaze my pieces, as well as looking to book a throwing course! The two women leading the workshop were extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. Would absolutely recommend Workshop305 and their courses!
Brendon - May 4th
Really informative teachers. Enjoyed the wheel part of the session.
Rebecca - May 4th
I had never done any pottery before so I learned all the basics, including using the wheel. Both instructors were really patient, informative and helpful. I love the setting and workshop. A great way to spend an evening and learn something new.
Catherine - May 4th
I had an absolutely wonderful time at the Pottery Taster Class. Kerry and her team were welcoming and informative. As a local resident I can't believe it has taken me to long to find this little gem but I will definitely be back.
Jen - May 2nd
Highly recommend! Had a really lovely night learning how to throw. Super relaxed environment and I learnt so much! Thank you ladies ! Can’t wait to come back to glaze my bowl :)
Ula Lorenz - April 30th
The pottery session was amazing! I had an opportunity to use pottery wheel as well as learn a little bit about hand building. It was a great experience and I can't wait to glaze my work on the next session. :)
Blanca - April 29th
Lovely experience to enjoy an evening with friends learning new skills and creating beautiful things!
Patricia - April 29th
It was good fun! Both teachers were very nice and helpful and without any knowledge prior to the session we managed to get some beautiful things done!
Monty Blackhurst - April 24th
Venue was perfect, plenty of space & equipment, a fourth wheel would of meant more time to experiment. Both teachers were very patient & helped without being condescending.We learnt how to create & had fun .only criticism is a schedule for a shared amount of time on the wheel would be a good idea.
Louise - April 24th
Having never made pottery before we didn’t know what to expect, the team in Wimbledon made us all very welcome and explained what we could do , taking the time to help /guide us with our pieces. Would of liked more time to use the wheel , but it just means we will have to go back .
sinead cusack - April 24th
Brilliant class - loved it!
Sinead cusack - April 22nd
Fabbbb class!
Sinead Cusack - April 15th
Great class - fantastic teachers. Can't wait to go back!
Raj - April 13th
The location is a little out of the way, but don't let that put you off! Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, the tutors were really friendly and approachable, full of good ideas and support. Looking forward to going back to put the finishing glaze on!
Shruti - April 12th
Fantastic workshop, time flew by! Teachers were both fantastic and let you get hands on with everything, was lots of fun!
Emma - March 26th
The teachers were really friendly and helpful. I learnt how to use a pottery wheel and some techniques to create different shaped pots. It was great fun, really enjoyable and relaxing after a busy day at work!
Katie - March 23rd
Really good workshop that gave a great introduction to ceramics- had a go at hand building and throwing. Staff were very nice and very helpful - definitely would recommend!
Emma - March 22nd
The teachers were so lovely and helpful. I learnt how to use a pottery wheel and produce a bowl that actually looked like a bowl! I really liked the demonstration that was given for how to use the pottery wheel, it made it much easier to then have a play. I would highly recommend.
Gemma - March 21st
Great class, very relaxed and not too structured (in the best possible way)! Thanks again!
Catriona Wyatt - March 17th
The class was absolutely great, both the teachers were really friendly and super helpful. It was an incredibly enjoyable evening and really interesting to learn about the different methods of making pottery, both freehand and the techniques on the wheel too. All in all a really fantastic experience - would definitely recommend!
Rebecca Wyatt - March 17th
The pottery taster session was excellent, both teachers were really friendly and informative and very patient with my novice pottery skills! The class was great fun and the workshop was really creative and inspiring. Thank you!
Afra Cory - March 15th
I learnt how to throw on the wheel which was great fun and also how to mould the clay into any shape! The teachers were AMAZING. Caroline (I think!) was so encouraging on the wheel and explained it in a way which made sense and the Irish lady (I'm not even going to attempt to spell her name) was excellent at showing how to use the moulds and make whatever shapes we wanted. She was also hilarious! The venue was lovely and spacious and loved all of the work that was displayed around the place, including the giant whale!
Emma - March 14th
I thought it was very well run and l enjoyed it. The teachers were helpful and informative.
Siobhan - March 14th
Absolutely loved the course, I’ve always wanted to try a pottery class so was delighted when I was given a gift voucher for Christmas and I wasn’t disappointed. The teachers are extremely helpful and very patience. Not only do you get the opportunity to create your own clay masterpieces you get to have a go on the pottery wheel, which I found very therapeutic. I can’t wait to go back and glaze my pieces. Thank you.
Claudia - March 14th
I had a fantastic time - the teachers were wonderful and allowed me to be creative! Loved it, and would highly recommend the Pottery Taster Session.
Sarah - March 14th
Really informative and relaxed, definitely recommend on your own or with a friend
Ronnie Reeve - March 2nd
The venue was wonderfully laid out displaying art for sale made by others who attend the venue. Easy parking. The teachers were lovely; patient and knowledgeable and made us feel welcomed. It was a birthday gift to me and we learnt a number of things during our two hour lesson including using the potters wheel. We enjoyed ourselves so much we booked onto the glazing class to decorate what we made. I highly recommend this course.
Gabrielle Hedley - February 26th
I had a great time at this workshop! I was late arriving as I'd gotten a little lost on the way. I called up and spoke to Kerry, who was really lovely and offered to come and pick me up. I was a bit nervous at first as the class had already started but Saoirse made me feel very welcome and started filling me in on what I'd missed. I made 3 pieces and had a go at throwing clay on the wheel, which as great fun! It was such a fun evening, I can't wait to go back a do a glazing session. I would thoroughly recommend this place for anyone who likes to get creative and fancies trying out pottery! I will be recommending it to friends!
Billie Cobb - February 24th
We learned how to hand make pottery, and throw a bowl! The teachers were all super friendly and helpful very approachable, and we had a great laugh. The venue was easy to get to, had lots of parking and the workshop was fully equipped anything we needed.
Michael Addo - February 22nd
In this pottery taster session we learnt how to prepare the clay before working with it. We also learnt about the differnt techniques involved in modelling and using the wheel. The teachers were very helpful and gave hands on support were needed. The venue was a decent sized space and had plenty of tools and equipment for all the students in the class. I had a great time and look forwards to the glazing class
Jonty Naismith - February 21st
We came to the Pottery session on Weds 13 February and had a great time - and were even pleased with some of the pots we made! :) It was great fun, the teachers were really helpful and friendly, and we particularly enjoyed the opportunity to have a go on the wheel. Thank you!
Ellie - February 20th
Lovely friendly staff, very welcoming. The venue was easy to find and very interesting to look around all the good work they do there. I bought the taster session as a present for my partner and wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much myself, we are now going to book the next session to glaze the bits we made on the evening.
Gemma Patten - February 20th
Our pottery taster workshop was so much fun, and the ladies taking the class were so lovely and helpful. We learnt so much more than what I was expecting. The teachers really took such an interest in everyone's work and gave you hints and tips on how to make things better :D
Marine - February 13th
I really enjoyed this class. I could try 2 pottery techniques in just enough time to make 3 nice pots. The teachers are really nice and give plenty of techniques and advices to help you doing the best work possible
Anna - February 11th
The Pottery Taster Session was brilliant, my girlfriend and I had a great time! The people running it were lovely, funny and helpful. It was exciting to learn a new skill, and a good laugh when it didn't go quite to plan on the wheel. We can't wait to come back and glaze our creations :)
Philip - February 9th
Thanks for a fantastic session trying pottery for the first time. Very knowledgeable teachers helped me with my very own bowl and tea light holders. Will be booking the glazing session and in the near future will sign up to a longer course to really learn the intricacies of pottery, especially the wheel.
Vanessa - February 7th
This session was great, really informative, great teachers and really good fun! We were shown a number of different techniques and learnt how to use the potters wheel. The teachers were patient, very knowledgeable and friendly. I found the session very relaxing as it's in a very nice, calm environment.
Francesca - February 6th
Really enjoyed the session - it felt like a nice balance of being able to try different things with the clay, plus between being supported by the staff and left to your own devices.
Katia - February 1st
I really enjoyed tgis f7n as it was an amazing way to express my creativity and what is going on in my life at the moment. I would highly reccommend this class. The teachers were really great as they helped you on anything yiu were unsyre of and they demostrated the steps very well. You could choose up to 4 things to make including anything made by hand and also made on the wheel. It would be abpleasure to come agin, Aglaé
Samantha - February 1st
Really loved this session. The workshop is calming and lots of fun stuff to look at around the walls. Working in a corporate office but being quite arty at heart, I really loved being here for a few hours. It is so calm, after the running around I do daily in my job! Very much considering doing a full course as I enjoyed it so much The girls at the workshop are all very nice and know their stuff. Great teachers, and very patient. Went through techniques such as: - pottery on the wheel - hand building with different techniques - using moulds - using stamps to pattern the clay I wll be returning to Glaze, very soon - and discuss full courses. Thanks team, Sam -
Monica - January 29th
Lovely and engaging team. Loved the experience and I’m planing to go back for more fun! I recommend to book the glazing class together as they are both great experiences!
Rebecca - January 25th
I attended a introduction to pottery workshop just before Christmas. It was a lot fun. The class size was small and intimate which meant plenty of time to get on the wheel and moulding. We were taught some great techniques for both the wheel and moulding. The teachers were patient, friendly, made the class and even let us rest our arms with a midway tea and biscuit break
Lylie - January 10th
Both my partner and I had a fabulous time. A really knowledgeable team, who had both patience and skill in a lovely working environment with pottery and art on display, some of which could even be purchased. Highly recommend giving it a go!
Clare - January 10th
Great class, lets you try several different techniques and the instructors are so friendly and helpful! Can't wait for the next!
Olly - January 10th
Great fun and our teachers were very patient. The time flew by and looking forward to going to another session
Yuhong - January 8th
I had a great fun and teachers were very helpful, I made three pieces of items through my class, will go back to glaze them in the future ! Definitely recommend other to try the class
Stephen - January 8th
Very helpful and informative staff, and a very enjoyable evening for two complete beginners to pottery.
Catriona - January 3rd
A blooming lovely way to spend an evening. Plenty of time to try different techniques. Everyone was really friendly too.
Carly - November 16th
Thoroughly enjoyable Pottery session. Patient attentive staff ...and a lovely friendly chilled atmosphere. Would highly recommend !
Emma - November 16th
Completed a pottery taster session with my partner. Both loved it. It was great fun and would defo recommend to others. Made vases, box and a dish.
Mandy Harwar - October 22nd
Had a great time everyone was friendly and very helpful, there was plenty of parking and learnt a new skill.
David - October 13th
Would highly recommend! Staff were great and a lovely environment in which to work
Sylvia - October 8th
Very sociable, friendly and a fun way to spend an evening learning a new skill 💖
Tristan - September 30th
My fiancee thoroughly enjoyed her evening, Mike was a great teacher and the environment was lovely too.
Helen - September 27th
We had a great time at the pottery beginners session. Everyone was so welcoming and Mike our teacher was great. Would recommend to anyone. Helen
Kit - July 20th
Great fun and the teachers are really helpful
Chelsie - July 17th
I bought this workshop as a birthday gift for my mother. She didn’t think she would be any good at it and therefore was very apprehensive about the session. She was pleasently surprised and we both enjoyed everything from start to finish. Our tutor Emily was so patient and helpful. Needless to say we will be back for more.
Georgia - June 27th
Lovely places, lovely staff. They were so helpful and let us be as creative as we wanted. Definitely going back!
Allison - June 6th
Great fun, Glad I have learned Pottery, Cannot wait to be back!
Jessica - June 6th
Loved this taster session. Pottery is lots of fun & the team are all so friendly. If you would like to try the potters wheel then book this taster session today! Thank you!
Nicole - May 25th
So relaxed and wonderful!
Grace - May 18th
A great afternoon! Everyone was super friendly and helpful, although it's in a bit of an awkward location I'd definitely recommend to anyone looking to have a fun afternoon getting your hands dirty!
Sophie - May 11th
Although the place was difficult to find, the atmosphere and teachers were great! Emily helped us a lot with throwing on the wheel and we really enjoyed our time! Looking forward to coming back to do glazing
Jackie - May 4th
The mosaic taster was so interesting that I shall be joining hopefully the last three weeks of the course. There are many interesting projects to begin and there are piles of mosaics and tiles to make your imagination go wild! Having already had a taster session for Pottery I was able to find my fired work and get it glazed. What a friendly place to have a go and the tutors are very helpful.
Kirsten - April 27th
This was a great session! The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly and we were given the opportunity to try lots of techniques. It’s a great way to try out pottery and mosaic to see if you want to sign up for a full course!
Ernie - February 7th
Great experience, great teachers, all round great experience. Highly recommend
Margot - January 12th
The Pottery Mosaic Taster session was great.They very kindly listened to what I wanted to do and guided me to all the materials and gave me help and suggestions when ever I asked.It is run in a large room with lots going on and people of every age which mean there is a lovely community spirit.It is rare to see people of so many different ages working alongside one another to be creative.Thank you I will now be doing the whole 10 weeks
Fiona - December 15th
Another great session where we did the glazing of our small pots from the first session. It would have been even better if we had been given a few samples beforehand as example to get some ideas on different ways how to glaze. Overall, really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and it was real fun! Will be signing up for the pottery course!
Helen - December 15th
Had so much fun glazing the pots I made last week. Didn't get to do mosaic - maybe next year!
Lavina - December 8th
Nice spacious and homely workshop. Very friendly staff!
Lavina - December 8th
Nice spacious and homely workshop. Very friendly staff!
Helen - December 8th
Very informative and personalised session, tutor was patient and helpful, warm and positive learning environment, would highly recommend.
Fiona - December 8th
Loved the pottery taster session! Our tutor Sorcha was lovely and very friendly! I really enjoyed being able to try out the wheel, looking forward to glaze the pottery in our next taster session!! :)
Nele - November 24th
We had a great time getting to know the different techniques in pottery. The staff was super friendly and made us feel relaxed.
Daniel - November 24th
Absolutely brilliant time with obby. Myself and my wife decided to try out some pottery and it was fantastic, really got stuck in, got to try wheel throwing and even managed to do some moulds. Really impressed and happy to go again any time.
Viktoriya - November 20th
Very creative , inspiring and relaxed atmosphere, friendly people.The only reason I am giving 4 stars is because of the location-industrial zone, it was a bit scary in the darkness to get there.And one tip-have an idea what do you want to create, at least kind of idea. After all WORTH IT!
Nicola - October 29th
Awesome pottery session. Extremely helpful team, fabulous materials and equipment. Wholly recommend.
Lorraine - October 29th
I really enjoyed it. Everyone was friendly and helpful.
Gaurav - October 8th
I had a great time - 5 stars!
David - October 8th
My wife and I both really enjoyed it. It was a friendly and relaxed environment. The teachers gave you guidance and some space to experiment. Their enthusiasm and love of clay was apparent and it made us enjoy it even more. Thank you.
Alison - July 30th
Lovely! I had a really relaxing and creative time. All the staff are really friendly and helpful. Facilities and equipment were just right and tea and biscuits, a very welcome extra!
Lily - July 9th
The taster session was brilliant. The studio is really relaxed and welcoming. You can have a try at anything and the tutors give you all the guidance you need. Would really recommend