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Why You Should Learn to Sew and Why Now is the Perfect Time


Why you should learn to sew, and why now is a perfect time!

The New Year is here, and while this is a time for reinvention and renewal, it’s also a time to learn new skills for your personal growth. The perfect time to pick up a needle and learn to sew. As it gets easier to outsource everyday tasks, it appears that learning basic skills are no longer a priority for most people, particularly for young adults. According to a study, seven out of 10 adults don’t know how to do basic tasks which include sewing on a button. Even older people would rather buy new clothing than deal with clothing repairs. The research found that one in three people over the age of 65 would buy a replacement or go to the tailor rather than fix the item themselves. It’s important to learn how to sew as it has many benefits for one’s health and development whether you’re 16 or 60 years old. Here are the advantages of learning to sew at any age.

It saves money

Knowing a tailor who can work magic on your clothes can be satisfying. However, the cost of those little clothing adjustments can add up to a significant amount. Learning how to hand or machine sew can save you money as you don’t have to buy new clothes every time your seam rips or a zipper breaks. Plus, you can upgrade your wardrobe and make them look more luxe by sewing on expensive looking buttons or Swarovski crystals.

It can benefit your emotional and mental well-being

Sewing is a hobby that can benefit your well-being. Just like the adult colouring trend, sewing can be soothing and therapeutic and it can be a positive way to manage stress. Learning to manage stress can result in reduced anxiety and negative feelings. Moreover, having a hobby can make you feel calm and happy as you get to spend your free time in a productive and creative way. Sewing also keeps your mind active as you constantly learn while you’re taking on a new project. Having an active mind keeps your brain healthy and may even keep dementia at bay.

It gives you an outlet to express yourself

Sewing lets you express yourself through your creations. From selecting the pattern and fabric to putting the finishing touches, every aspect of this activity allows you to be creative while designing your own clothing. It also gives you something to be proud of as your creations can make you stand out from the rest.

If you have yet to learn how to sew, you can sign up for sewing classes to learn the basics of this craft. This year, make learning to sew a priority. You may be surprised at how it benefits you and how it can enrich your life in 2018.

This article was written by Cassie Steele from the brilliant website, Stitch and Sew