The Top 10 Best Photography Classes in Brighton are:

  • Understanding Neutral Density Filters and Long Exposure Photography at Nigel Wilson Photography Workshops
  • Photography Workshops at Matt Goddard Photography
  • Beginners Photography Course at Bright On Photography
  • Training On Location - Huxley's Birds Of Prey - Capturing Action at Cameracal
  • Street Photography Workshops at Heather Buckley
  • Landscape Photography Workshops at Philip Bedford Photography
  • Photography Workshops at Xavier Buendia
  • Landscape Photography Workshops at Photoss
  • Landscape Photography Workshops at Lorraine Heaysman
  • Learn to Light Photography Workshop at The Brighton Studio

Understanding Neutral Density Filters and Long Exposure Photography at Nigel Wilson Photography Workshops

Location: Brighton

In their own words, Nigel Wilson Photography has “run photography courses by which all others are measured”. If you think this is a bold claim we assure you their award-winning workshops will allay any doubts you might have!

Their course, Understanding Neutral Density Filters and Long Exposure Photography, aims to help you become more familiar with the use of neutral density filters.  With these you are able  to take very long exposures even in bright conditions, which can make for some great, dream-like shots! On the day you will be taught the exact techniques required to create eye-catching, otherworldly images!

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Photography Workshops at Matt Goddard Photography

Location: Aymer Road, (Hove)

After receiving a Crohn's diagnosis, Matt Godard had to quit his job in the financial sector, but there was a silver lining to the difficulties he had to endure – he was able to work on his long-standing passion for photography. As a landscape photographer, Matt is known for his beautiful images that showcase Brighton and the surrounding countryside.

If you’re still stuck on your auto mode, Matt will teach you the fundamentals you need to unlock your camera’s potential. Which of his photography workshops you opt for depends on your needs – you can either choose from a one-to-one, private photography lesson, or complete the Brighton Photography Course over 4 lessons. The group workshops are limited to 5 people, giving you the chance to learn in a more social way, and at a steady, relaxed pace.  Lessons are available on weekdays or weekends, and Matt also offers bespoke group or private sessions, so don’t hesitate to contact him to explain your specific goals.

Beginners Photography Course at Bright On Photography

Location: Tichborne Street (Brighton)

Work taken by Bright On Photography Student Anna Uhrova during one of their workshops

Bright On Photography is run by Dr Eva Kalpadaki, a highly-qualified tutor with over 11 years teaching experience. Their values are “creativity, freedom of expression, integrity and inclusivity”, and they seek to inspire others to ‘see’ and ‘think’ creatively, whether that’s through the lens of a camera, or without it!

Bright On Photography offers a truly staggering array of different courses, and workshops – we’ve opted to showcase their amazing beginner friendly course. This 8-week course will guide you towards becoming proficient with your camera in full manual mode. By the end of the course you will have gained a thorough understanding of photography fundamentals, be able to confidently take your own photographs in manual shooting mode, and understand the different elements of what constitutes a good photograph.

Training On Location - Huxley's Birds Of Prey - Capturing Action at Cameracal

Location: Brighton Road (Horsham)

Make the most of this one-of-a-kind photography workship at Huxley's Bird of Prey Centre in Horsham

Cameracal is offering an exciting one-of-a-kind photography Workshop.  Set in Huxley’s Bird of Prey Centre in Horsham, those who attend the workshop will have the opportunity to capture amazing shots of the beautiful birds up-close. And if this wasn’t enough, you will have sole access to the centre! Red Kites, Falcons, Golden Eagles and more – the workshop will also include flying displays affording some great action shots!

The workshop will start with a short tutorial to ensure your camera is set up correctly, and while you are capturing images instructors will always be on hand to offer guidance. There will also be a subsequent discussion about approaches to editing your photos.

The unique and exciting nature of this course made it an easy pick for our top photography classes in Brighton – so why not spread your wings and book today!

Street Photography Workshops at Heather Buckley

Location: Brighton

Heather Buckley is an extremely experienced, award-winning photographer with a special interest in Street Photography. The stunning pictures in her gallery are testament to her consummate camera skills, and acute understanding of what comprises a great shot.

Heather’s Street Photography Workshops are kept to a maximum of 8 people allowing for plenty of individual guidance. The course will focus more on creative ideas rather than technical advice and, despite its apparent specificity, you will learn many principles that can be applied to any genre of photography. You will also be given advice on editing your photos. If you're interested in learning more about this great opportunity to practice street photography, be sure to book!

Landscape Photography Workshops at Philip Bedford Photography

Location: Sussex

Learn how to capture the impressive landscapes Sussex has to offer with Philip Bedford's Photography classes

Coming in at number 5 in our best photography classes in Brighton is Philip Bedford Photography. Philip is a member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers and the Royal Photographic Society and has recently achieved my LRPS (Licentiate award) with the RPS. With such an array of accolades, you would be hard-pressed to find a better qualified instructor!

Philip is an expert in Landscape Photography, which has long been a personal passion of his. He often runs a number of workshops through the Royal Photography Society. Employing his considerable experience and know-how, he will teach you the technical fundamentals, as well as the intricacies of landscape photography. Obby believes, if landscape photography is something you’ve always wanted to try, you will be in very safe hands!

Photography Workshops at Xavier Buendia

Location: Brighton

For a long time, Xavier Buendia has been amazing his clients with high-quality digital content, much of which is influenced by his experience in the food industry and penchant for fine art and design.

Whether it's the Basics of Photography, Food Photography with a Phone, or Creative & Advanced Photography, you can be certain that Xavier ‘s tailored, one-to-one workshops will help you grow as a photographer. So, if you want to take your food snaps to Xavier's level, don’t hesitate to check out his photography workshops today!

Landscape Photography Workshops at Photoss

Location: Brighton

Learn how to capture the beautiful South Downs with Photoss' workshops

After moving from Poland to Brighton, the founder of Photoss, Slawek, became utterly entranced by the beauty of the South Downs. It wasn’t long before Landscape Photography became his main focus, and he soon built up a wealth of experience and an impressive portfolio.

Slawek offers private, custom one-to-one workshops that are tailored to your needs, as well as group workshops that take place at a different location every session. If you want to explore the methods and techniques behind great landscape photography, join Slawek, and he is guaranteed not to disappoint!

Landscape Photography Workshops at Lorraine Heaysman

Location: Sussex

In 2009, Lorraine Heaysman first started using her digital camera, and instantly became hooked. She has since worked with a number of high-profile clients, and enhanced her passion for all genres of photography.

For those who want to get more out of their DSLR, and improve their understanding of Landscape Photography, Lorraine offers 1-2-1 or Group Workshops. The 1-2-1 workshop lasts between 6-8 hours and is certain to lift your photography skills to the next level. The group workshops can have a maximum of 3 people, and will also be tailored to your needs. The locations will be places Lorraine is familiar with, so she will be better equipped to help you get some great shots.

Learn to Light Photography Workshop

Location: West Hill, Brighton

Despite the invention of flash photography, many photography enthusiasts struggle to use lighting techniques that enhance their photographs. If you have always been interested, or even enamoured, by the enigmatic art of using lighting to create different moods and atmospheres in photography, The Brighton Studio’s workshop is sure to satisfy your curiosity.

Today, many people end up converting colour photographs to black and white to achieve a desired effect or if they feel their photographs haven’t got the right lighting. In this course you will explore how to create photography with the lighting you have intended. You will be shooting in a professional studio in the heart of Brighton with your expert photography teacher, who will encourage you to be creative and experiment.

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Our Top 10 Best Photography Classes in Brighton cover a range of photography genres, so you’re sure to find something that takes your eye. Whichever one you go for, it’s sure to give you the confidence and skills to harness the diverse beauty of Brighton and beyond!

And If you feel a bit daunted by the technical aspects of photography, remember the wise words of eminent french photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson: “It’s an illusion that photos are made with the camera…they are made with the eye, the heart, and the head”. It’s time to capture your potential!

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