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The Obby Guide to building a successful teaching business

The Obby Guide to building a successful teaching business

Here at Obby, London’s leading education marketplace, we are building a business helping independent educators build a sustainable teaching business. Whether you are an artist and want to teach painting or pottery on the side, a dance teacher wanting to grow your business, or you teach anything else, from languages to coding to creative writing - Obby’s mission is to help you do what you love.

We work with hundreds of independent teachers who have set up teaching businesses and have helped tens of thousands of Londoners learn new things - therefore, we feel like we have some unique insight that we are keen to share with you on how to successfully build a teaching business.

We have split this guide into four parts to take you through various stages of getting up and running:

  1. Part 1 - Getting started: How to get into teaching
  2. Part 2 - Marketing 101: How to find and attract students to your classes
  3. Part 3 - Your first class: Creating the perfect in-class experience
  4. Part 4 - Growing your teaching business Coming Soon

If you want to get started teaching, apply to join Obby here!