Here are the best meditation courses in London for those of you who have pre-zen nerves and anxieties. Meditation is mind-boggling stuff. As simple it sounds, sitting in a comfortable position and breathing, it’s not - unless you are a direct descendant of Siddhartha himself. Meditation is hard-core and it's undoubtedly a skill that needs to be learned and then mastered.

Luckily, London, being the great metropolitan centre it is, has loads of places where you can learn how to meditate. Not only have we found the best places, for any budget, but we've answered some of those burning questions for each course. What should you wear? Do you need to be experienced? Do you have to chant? What if you burst into laughter?

Whether you need a drop in session after a terrible day, or you want to start a course to learn how to integrate this skill into your everyday life, there's a spot for you! In fact, experts have said that the group energy of a meditation class can be extremely calming to beginners and actually help them. Put down the apps, if you are serious about meditation, the best thing you can do is get out there and learn from an expert in the field.

Introduction to Mindfulness - The Mindfulness Project

4 hours // £95

This largely theory-based class takes place in a long-standing mindfulness centre in central London. You will be meditating, but also learning to alter your perception of mindfulness and hopefully with an open mind to try it in the future!

  • No chanting
  • Suitable for complete beginners
  • No special clothing required
  • Great for if you are anxious about the meditation

Modern Meditation for Beginners - Obby x Loup

4 weeks // £45

This course is 4 weeks long. Split down into manageable 1-hour sessions this course is perfect if you have decided this is something you definitely want to do. Specially designed for those anxious about meditation, this class takes a modern spin on the skill of meditation. You also get a meditation bible to keep - which is always an added bonus.

  • Yoga kit is best, you stretch out at the beginning and end.
  • Perfect for beginners
  • No chanting
  • Designed for those who want to learn how to meditate and make it part of their daily routine

Lunchtime Meditation - InnerSpace

30 mins // £10 suggested donation

These classes are free. They are 30-minute sessions designed to fit into your lunch break. Perfect for those who have had a stressful morning in the office or are about to have a stressful afternoon. Smack bang in the centre of London these courses are more suited to those who already know the art slightly and want to join a group session at a convenient time.

  • Come as you are - no special clothing required
  • Great to meet other like-minded meditators
  • Probably best not to giggle in this one, you might get some funny looks

Buddhist Meditation Foundation Course - London Buddhist Centre

4 weeks // £100

This class is the real deal. Perfect for those who are looking for an intense transformation and to learn the traditional and spiritual techniques and effects meditation can have. Four weeks long, this course is perfect to start you off on a spiritual journey.

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • No giggling
  • There might be some chanting
  • Made for beginners, but there are religious elements so try to brush up on Buddhism before you go