Yumchaa drinks-and-tastings classes in London
Yumchaa drinks-and-tastings classes in London



Yumchaa began out of necessity. Although tea is the drink that fuels England, Yumchaa struggled to find a decent brew anywhere in London! Fed up with tasteless, low grade tea bags served badly, they set out on a mission to bring England the tea it deserves. Yumchaa travelled the world looking for inspiration, blending and brewing until they dropped and of course drinking many, many cups of tea.

Yumchaa market stall was set up in 2004, which quickly became a haven for tea lovers to talk tea, try tea and buy tea. Determined to rid the world of mediocre cups of tea, Yumchaa now have several busy London cafés and and online shop which ships our blends to our tasty tea lovers worldwide.

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