Sylva Ceramics

    About this school

    Yanire Sylva Delgado is an Ecuadorian Artist settled in London. She studied Printmaking in Madrid, worked as a University Lecturer in Ecuador, and have an MA Arts, Book and Design from Essex University. Her latest passion is Ceramics that she is been practicing for more than 3 years during that time she has been awarded by the NCFE/City and Guild with the Level 2 Award in Creative Craft and Creative Techniques in 3D. She is an active member of the Pottery Association and currently practicing at her Studio in Blackhorse Workshop in Walthamstow. She is part of the E17 Designers and has been trading for 3 years in craft markets around London. At the moment her pieces are exhibited at the William Morris Gallery.

    In 2014 Sylva Ceramics started as a brand that commercialize her homeware pieces sold by Etsy, The William Morris Gallery and other local markets. Yanire has several years of teaching experience in her natal country and this year she developed a series of simple and practical workshops aiming to satisfy the need of been creative with clay, without having to learn the whole trade. Her workshops are very successful, proof of that is her participation in The Garden Party by Barbican and Sideshow by Blackhorse Workshop & Big Local.

    "The ability of making utensils out of Earth is rewarding and poetic"