Wonderful You Events art classes in London
Wonderful You Events art classes in London


Wonderful You Events

Wonderful You Events runs workshops and events for women to unleash their femininity and to shine. Our talented teachers are here to help you to be feminine, beautiful, sexy, confident, attractive, creative, full of life, and simply wonderful!

One of the tutors is a talented, artistic, and inspirational performer, Chiara Stanton. Chiara's background has been mainly performance and the arts. Chiara has had a keen interest on the arts since the early years when she enjoyed regular collage sessions with her mother from the tender age of five. Though she continued in the entertainment route; her artistic pursuits carried on into her teens with her A-levels and then undertook further art courses focusing on acrylics and prints. Chiara has always been a very spiritual intuitive individual and began training in spiritual healing, meditation, colour therapy, art therapy and the law of attraction; she has been working on conjoining these skills with her love of music to make an inspiring relaxing and spiritual experience.

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