Unico Gelato & Caffè food classes in London
Unico Gelato & Caffè food classes in London


Unico Gelato & Caffè

Elena Manfroni has a long 60-year family history in the gelato business. She is the daughter of one of the owners of Carpigiani, the world’s largest producer of gelato machines. A lover of ice cream since early childhood, Elena watched her father sketch machine designs and soon inherited his passion for gelato tradition.Eng. Ezio Augusto Manfroni (Elena’s father), also known as the Patent Genius, committed his entire life to creating a better world for children and for adults too.

In 2012 Cremeria Funivia founder, Leonardo Ragazzi met Gianluca Vitali and Elena Manfroni, two renowned Bolognese entrepreneurs. Leonardo, Elena and Gianluca soon become inseparable as they all share a passion for Gelato and for quality food.

In 2015 Unico launched their first UK site in the South East borough of Bromley – where gelato and coffee were on offer. Ultimately homemade cakes were introduced. The year also saw Gianluca’s son and three friends join the team to assist with brand identity and marketing communications.

2017 saw the launch of Unico’s second site in the bustling area of Notting Hill in West London. Both sites also launched their new vegan and pastry range. Unico totally re-branded their corporate style with new graphic and interior design.

Early 2018 will see the launch of three further Unico stores in Holland Park, Fulham and St John’s Wood. All sites will offer gelato, coffee, cakes and pastries.

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Unico Gelato & Caffè's Upcoming Classes

Gelato Making Experience
Notting Hill
£35pp · 2 hour workshop
Christmas Dessert Workshop
Notting Hill
£40pp · 2 hour workshop

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