Token Studio undefined classes in London
Token Studio undefined classes in London


Token Studio

59 reviews
59 reviews

A relaxing atmosphere, beautiful art library and talented tutors. Token is the perfect place to explore your curiosity in the fascinating world of Fine Art.

Jing, the owner of Token Studio, started her journey, and this story, as an interior designer with a background in architecture. After spending time in people’s homes, she noticed hand-crafted furnishings had pride of place in every room. Token was founded to give people the opportunity to fill their space with creativity.

Jing is currently a signed interior architect working with Zaha Hadid Architects, which is one the world lead architect firm working under Prince Andrew Duke Of York.

The Token Studio Art team includes a young and active group of artists from different countries and possess many years experience of teaching. Token’s philosophy is based on appreciating the great artists and their achievements, throughout art, architecture, music, literature and science. Token Studios are not limited in what medium they choose or the methods they use, you will explore and independently find your own creativity.

All classes are for any level. All materials are provided in every workshop, as well as all being 100% Wool, Cotton, 100% organic soap and materials for bath bombs etc.

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10 Apr
What a fantastic class, I could not recommend it more! The teacher was patient, super friendly, really flexible in her approach and so helpful with any questions I had. I brought a pattern of the jumper I wanted to make and she made sure we had touched on all the techniques I needed to finish the project. The studio space is also lovely and inviting and you have a great selection of materials to buy. Thank you and thank you again :)
5 Dec
Lovely teacher and great start to knitting!
10 Apr
Very welcoming class with good tips for future watercolour work and guidance on what to buy. Went straight to the art shop after to get myself some brushes and paint, very inspiring.
2 Sep
Really fun class, informative and a great way to try a new craft. Shop is also great for a mix of craft supplies.


10 Apr
What a fantastic class, I could not recommend it more! The teacher was patient, super friendly, really flexible in her approach and so helpful with any questions I had. I brought a pattern of the jumper I wanted to make and she made sure we had touched on all the techniques I needed to finish the project. The studio space is also lovely and inviting and you have a great selection of materials to buy. Thank you and thank you again :)
5 Dec
Lovely teacher and great start to knitting!
10 Apr
Very welcoming class with good tips for future watercolour work and guidance on what to buy. Went straight to the art shop after to get myself some brushes and paint, very inspiring.
2 Sep
Really fun class, informative and a great way to try a new craft. Shop is also great for a mix of craft supplies.
5 Dec
11 Jan
Very good class and surprisingly easy to do! Would definitely recommend
7 Nov
17 Oct
17 Oct
10 Dec
Jean was fantastic. We were so lucky to have a two on one class. She’s a very very very patient and calm teacher. I want to come back!!
10 Dec
Fabulous day. Thank you for being patient with me. - Britt
10 Dec
Lovely people, great class. :)
21 Jan
Jean was a fab at teaching us the basics of crochet. She explained things really well, and was very patient and professional. She also helped us with follow up question on how we can practice and develop the skill. I would love to book another crochet class here. The studio itself was very cute and quaint with ribbons, wools and bits and bobs all around. We had a great class and will be back.
15 Jun
Very interesting and informative
8 Jun
Great class! Small group so it was good to get some one on one time! Picked up lots of tips!
2 Aug
Had 1-2-1 teaching with Jing, who is an inspirational multi-talented crafter. Was able to make exactly what I wanted with lots of guidance. I was amazed at what I managed to achieve in the session, I's a shame I can't upload a photo! I will be going back for other workshops there.
15 Aug
An excellent and informative workshop. My daughter and I attended this recently and were amazed at the very professional looking - but absolutely customised - lipsticks that we made. You can choose colour, consistency and flavour. Token really know their stuff.
26 Mar
What a nice way to spend a couple of hours. Really enjoyed learning how to make the candles and doing something creative and different for a while. The Token Studio has a lovely atmosphere and great instructors. Thank you!
13 Jun
The seminar was definitely not as I expected - in a good way! The teacher (Jing) was very helpful and encouraging, even when I was simply doing scribbles on paper. There is no talent or special ability required, you just start from a simple step and take it anywhere you want. Definitely recommend!
21 Feb
Jing is an excellent tutor. She's very knowledgable, patient and a great artist. My lesson time flew by and I produced a couple of pages of watercolours which I will continue to work on. I will continue practicing as I'm now hooked. Jing is great and I thoroughly recommend her classes.
8 Aug
Tutor, Jing Xue, is patient, encouraging, understated and experienced. Looking forward to next class with her!
4 Sep
We loved it. The teacher is really wonderful, very pleasant and encouraging, with clear explanations. The atmosphere very calming and enjoyable.
8 Mar
Very good class with an excellent teacher. Will definitely attend more
10 Apr
Lovely location in Parsons Green. Good teacher
19 Aug
I enjoyed the class and got me excited to continue knitting and exploring different projects. The class was very short, but sufficient time given to learn how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off, essential for beginners. We got to take home a ball of yarn, a pair of knitting needles and what we have made during lesson. Jing was patient and clear in her instructions too :)
2 Jan
Purchased this for a Christmas present for my partner, and couldn't have been happier! We attended on Saturday the 16th of December. Jing was really helpful and encouraging, and was on hand to give us advice and tips throughout the entire session. The shop was a lovely space, and we came away with some models that we were really pleased with. Thank you Jing!
22 Jan
ZERO STARS - The workshop was cancelled with insufficient notice. Very poor customer service and a big disappointment for my daughter. The 2 staff/hosts ( think they were the owners) were very rude and no one greeted us as we entered the shop or even acknowledged us. We arrived half hour before the planned start time at 12 noon unaware that Token had cancelled our booking and the workshop couldn't be delivered. As the hosts didn't talk to us -we thought they were busy with their other workshops and so told them that we would go for a coffee and return at 12 noon for our Polyner Clay workshop. They didn't say anything to us. We arrived back at 12 and were again ignored by the two staff - but told to wait. .... at 12.15 pm I asked when the workshop would be starting only to be told that it wasn't going ahead - why they couldn't have been upfront and told us that there was a problem when we first arrived at 11.30 am (45 minutes earlier) is beyond belief. The information provided to Obby Website by Token is very unclear -I booked with Obby under their do a workshop anytime and before securing the booking and I was told to wait and see if the dates and times I had chosen were available. Obby emailed me later that day to confirm that the host (Token Studio ) had confirmed the date and timings. Despite having 3 emails from Obby confirming dates and times I was told by these hosts from Token that it was all my fault and that I hadn't read the website. And that the times I booked were not available. Yet I had a confirmed and agreed booking. Despite Token agreeing with Obby to run the workshop 2 weeks ago it was cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. This didn't give Obby enough time to advise us as the clients and we ended up travelling into London unnecessarily. Given that none of this was our fault Token staff never once apologised -we were told that the only workshop available was in the late lafternoon - they couldn't accommodate us earlier - and what they offered didn't work with our plans at this short notice - no apology or refund was offered - they just blamed me and Obby for the mistake. At one point because I was so frustrated that it had taken them 45 minutes or more to tell us there was no Worksop I started getting agitated - The proprietor wouldn't let me talk and started shouting at me - he wouldn't listen to me and then told us to get out of the shop.. Hardly great customer care. We ended up having wasted nearly an hour - my daughter was very disappointed -we came away with no workshop - no refund - And we left waiting for an apology ! I note from other reviews on social media that other people have commented about how unwelcoming these hosts are ........ and it would appear that other reviewers have also experienced cancellations at very short notice. The Obby website is very misleading offering anytime sessions but then going on to say that lessons are timetabled's not at all clear and all this certainly wasn't my mistake ...... as I had emails confirming the dates and times had been agreed. I should say that by contrast Obby s customer care was a lot better - they were very apologetic about not letting us know and did provide a full refund within an hour of contacting them. But it didn't make up for the very tardy treatment we experienced at Token Studio.
4 Dec
The workshop was in fantastic settings and Jing was super kind and patient with me, when I was messing the knots sometimes. Apart from working on our piece for the class, she was kind enough to show me some extra knots, so I could experiment at home. It's super interesting and you basically get lost in doing the activity for a few hours, great fun!
26 May
I enjoyed it very much,I learned new things,I liked the flavours and the new fragrances I wasn't used to it and I had the chance to take home the soaps I made:)thank you
31 May
The class was a lot of fun and very creative. The soap is pre made. So, you learn more about how to add sent, colour, and holistic properties to add to your soap. You have the opportunity to make lovely gifts and understand the basics of soap making and all the fun of creating your very own design.
28 Jul
Disappointed!Class lasted for about an hour only, and it is just to mix into some moulds some pre-made ingredients. I was promised a PDF explaining how some of the stuff was made and although i chased twice, i have received nothing.
7 Jan
Really enjoyed the brief interlude in to soap making. It was very interesting and the teacher knew their stuff. Would have given a 5star if they had had fragrances more to my liking - little limited - but a very interesting a good afternoon. Small classes, which I really like - very much a one to one class almost.
25 Mar
Introductions were made and when I said I came from Manchester I ceased to exist, when materials were handed out there was never one for me when I asked for something the instructor didn't answer me . The only time I did get something was when I took it out of turn and then there was one short. If the instructor has a problem with people from certain parts of the country he should try not to show it. Enjoyable for all the wrong reasons. 1 star
30 Mar
This class is ok. Made some nice soaps and was fun to do. Would have been nice to have a cup of tea while we waited for the soap to set in the moulds - there is a lot of waiting around which was quite dull. Also, don’t think it was a good idea to run a candle making class at the same time
12 Jun
Good class. The teacher is knowledgeable and welcoming. Minus 0.5 mark as someone previously stated not much scents to choose from. Minus 0.5 mark almost all of the soaps I made went black due to the flower petals I chose to put in the soap. If the teacher told us this may happen I wouldn't have put any flower petals in, it looks bad, but when I emailed asking about it I was told it was safe to use. Minus 1 mark as there was no hand out sheets with the class. I took out my notebook and the teacher said I didn't need to bother with that because they have hand sheets, so after class I asked for it and was told it was on the website but it wasn't. I then emailed and did recieve a response but no handsheet. If they don't want to give these out that's fine but be upfront about it I didn't write any notes because I believed what he said. I chose this course as one of reviews said they had taken a hand sheet. I really wanted to recreate it at home so I found out the recipe through Youtube and Google, I would not have attended this class if I knew I would be using someone else's teaching to recreate it at home TBH.
24 Aug
The amigurumi class was great! Really enjoyable and easy to follow, even though I don't know much about crochet. And you have to visit their workshop, it's beautiful!
9 Nov
I enjoyed myself and learnt exactly what I wanted to know, I got all the answers to my questions too and now I’m using what I learnt to make a baby blanket! I will definitely be back to learn the next stitch!
21 Nov
I had a great time , learnt loads with the friendliest teacher.
17 Dec
The Token Studio is beautiful, The people are very nice and friendly
19 Dec
Fantastic class! Mandy was really helpful and knew instantly how to fix where I was making mistakes. Venue was cosy and easy to find. Definitely visit again.
20 Jan
I was lucky enough to have a 1-1 session in the class Crochet Beginners Class so was able to learn quite a lot in the time allocated. The tutor, Jing was excellent giving clear and precise instructions how to learn the skill of crochet, she was friendly and extremely helpful in every aspect. Definitely will go back for more sessions of craft.
14 Feb
Jing was extremely patient and good at explaining all the moves. I came away confident that I can progress. I look forward to popping in to Token studio again
29 Mar
Jing was so patient and encouraging. Lovely to get the gift of the crochet hook and wool too.
16 Jul
Although the teacher was really nice, sadly I don’t think this was value for money. We only learnt 3 stitches which hasn’t left me feeling as though I know how to make anything, and we were messed around with the slot booking with the time moved 2 hours before it started which meant I arrived late
13 Aug
excellent. the site was great and the tuition pitched at just the right level. I would recommend this to a friend without hesitation
2 May
The bath bomb workshop was fantastic. I've always liked lush and this was my chance to make my own. Our instructor was great and made the session fun. We enjoyed guessing the fragrances. We managed to make a lot of bath bombs in the time we had and I've already used one in my bath.
5 Dec
The course was amazing. The staff were very friendly and supportive, I intend to recommend them and jin another class of theirs.
5 Feb
I had an amazing time at the bath bomb making class... Everything was explained so well and I was given more information than I expected, like the benefits each of the ingredients have on the skin.... I cannot wait to start making my own at home and testing them out, I am sure they are not as easy to make as they were shown though!! Thanks xx
12 Jun
The teacher is knowledgeable and welcoming. The bomb bath making was fun. Minus 1 star due to the fact there was no hand out to recreate it at home. I was told they would be a hand out at the end of the class, then at the end of the class I was told it was on the website. As it wasn't on the website I emailed asking for it, recieved an email but no recipe. If they don't want to give the method out then they should just be upfront at the beginning.
3 Jul
Really enjoyed my workshop with Token Studio.
11 Nov
The teacher was nice and patient to teach me how to do needle felting. The whole process was longer than 1 hour. It was just great for me as for a first time maker it needs longer than time to finish the artefact depending on how complicated you want to achieve. The overall experience was down to earth and helpful. It's a great experience and now I am starting to make my No. 2.
21 Feb
This workshop was fantastic. I am new to needle felting but Jing is a fantastic teacher and explained everything very clearly. Her knowledge and passion for craft really showed. I was lucky enough to have a one-to-one class and felt I was given excellent tuition and a lot of time and patience. I feel confident to continue felting on my own now. I can't recommend the venue highly enough for this workshop and other classes. Token Studios is a hidden gem. I'll be going back!
6 Aug
Great 1-2-1 session learning how to needle felt. Great little place!
17 Dec
I loved the Soy Candle making workshop at Token Studio. The teacher was kind enough to run a one-on-one and I enjoyed the lesson as well as some great conversation! I learned multiple techniques and though my very first candle is a bit of an ugly (but beautifully fragrant) duckling, I now have the skills I need to improve and experiment in my own time. All in all I was very relaxed and felt inspired by the Studio to get crafty straight away.
30 Jun
Interesting course and lovely relaxing way to spend a few hours. Such a fan I've booked another 2 courses at the same place.
2 Jul
The candle workshop was awesome. Joss took us through the steps of candle making and was really encouraging throughout. The atmosphere was super-relaxed and he also told us about other arts and craft classes they offer and the ins and outs of them. We'll be booking our next class soon!
15 Jun
My friends and I had a great time together at Token. Our teacher was so lovely and a very good teacher! Would definitely recommend and go again. M
15 Jun
Fantastic workshop with a really passionate host! We learnt different techniques of making pots, both on and off the wheel. We look forward to picking up on glazed pots in a couple of weeks! Great evening out with some friends after work, especially if you take a bottle with you.
10 Aug
Had a lovely evening hand building pottery and having a quick go on the wheel. I would have liked a bit longer to practice on the wheel, but they only have 2 wheels and the class is quite big - so bear this in mind if you are wanting to do a lot of work on the wheel. The time also flies by so i would definitely advice to come with a vision or some idea of what you want to create!