The Fashion Box crafts classes in London
The Fashion Box crafts classes in London


The Fashion Box

154 reviews
154 reviews

Who we are:

The Fashion Box was founded in 2013.

After graduating from Central Saint Martins, with a post-graduate degree in Advanced Innovative Pattern Cutting, Craig (Mr Fashion Box!) embarked on a kaleidoscope of successful ventures within the fashion industry.

He is a qualified University lecturer, graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University, with a Distinction in Academic Practice, teaching certificate.

During his time working in the fashion industry, he has worked alongside a huge selection of fashion houses, new designers and is a mentor to many university lecturers and fashion graduates. He is also a former Collection Manager for Qasimi Homme, has worked alongside Sadie Clayton, and is currently working on production of a collection of clothing patterns for his own brand.

Craig has over 20 years experience in teaching in universities and colleges, as well as with private clients. As a result, he is accomplished at getting the best out of both groups of students and one-to-one situations.

After 7 years at prestigious private Italian school, Istituto Marangoni, he left to pursue his dreams of opening his own fashion school, which resulted in The Fashion Box. Craig is also former Head of Fashion at LCCA, and is currently writing university programmes for Fashion Schools and univeristies worldwide.

He is a very patient, capable mentor and tutor, both to beginners and more experienced students.

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Jemma Naish-Williams
12 Aug
Great class from Fashion Box. I was able to clone 2 complex garments and take home the pattern home to use. Workshop teacher is very helpful and approachable - would highly recommend!
Sadia Talukder
8 Aug
Amazing session! well worth it - I learnt so much
2 Aug
Completed the overlocker class yesterday, and feel so much clearer about how to use one, and all the things it can do. The 2 hours flew by, and the handout is so useful. Would definitely recommend! Great class!!!
Tracey Anderson
31 Jul
Craig at the fashion box is an incredible teacher!! This was my third class and learning how to cut a pattern for a favourite garment was so valuable for me! I totally recommend attending the classes at fashion box because my knowledge just increases every time I go. I had never sewn previously!! Thank You Craig 👍🏽


Jemma Naish-Williams
12 Aug
Great class from Fashion Box. I was able to clone 2 complex garments and take home the pattern home to use. Workshop teacher is very helpful and approachable - would highly recommend!
Sadia Talukder
8 Aug
Amazing session! well worth it - I learnt so much
2 Aug
Completed the overlocker class yesterday, and feel so much clearer about how to use one, and all the things it can do. The 2 hours flew by, and the handout is so useful. Would definitely recommend! Great class!!!
Tracey Anderson
31 Jul
Craig at the fashion box is an incredible teacher!! This was my third class and learning how to cut a pattern for a favourite garment was so valuable for me! I totally recommend attending the classes at fashion box because my knowledge just increases every time I go. I had never sewn previously!! Thank You Craig 👍🏽
28 Jul
Excellent workshop really pleased with the dress!!! Thanks Craig you're a really great teacher and so patient!!!
Paola Alonso
25 Jul
Had an amazing time, learned a lot for the price I payed. Really loved Craig. Excellent atmosphere. Highly recommend it.
Roxane Laslett
24 Jul
I had an incredible time at the Fashion Box. Craig is an amazing teacher and educator and I was sad we were finished at the end. Time flew by and I can’t wait to book again for another class. Don’t walk here, run!
4 Jul
Informative and educational step-by-step class - easy to follow. Craig is a very patient tutor.
27 Jun
Craig was amazing really enjoyed the session and will definitely be attending more
24 Jun
Great course. Craig was really supportive and helpful . My dress fits and is wearable which is amazing considering my sewing experience prior to the day! The day gave me the confidence to start making basic items at home on my own !
Jackie Wang
21 Jun
Really enjoyed it! Thank you Craig for being so patient and supportive!
21 Jun
Amazing class! I learnt so much and had a lot of fun. Craig is lovely and shared lots of useful tips. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learnt the basics of sewing, get a bit of experience on the sewing machine and have a bit of fun.
Katie Lamarra
21 Jun
I am fairly new to sewing, it's a hobby I really got into during lockdown. I have been eager to have a one on one session with an industry expert for a while, and Craig is just that! He was able to help answer all the questions I had about sewing with different machines, different materials and different stitches. I can't wait to go on another class at the Fashion Box!
Sophie McVeigh
16 Jun
I really enjoyed the class and will definitely sign up for another. Craig is a really good teacher - relaxed and clear, which helps when you're a bit of a nervous beginner. I felt like I learnt loads in the two hours and I'm looking forward to the next one!
Tracey Anderson
14 Jun
For a novice like myself this class is perfect as you learn your way around a sewing machine, with lots of hands on practice. Craig is very supportive and attentive so have already booked on a few more beginner classes. I would definitely recommend this class. Thanks Craig !!!!
Caterina C
14 Jun
Spent a very enjoyable afternoon with Craig drawing and cutting out tunic patterns. The studio is light, and airy and well equipped. Craig is patient, super expert, easygoing and lovely to talk with - he teaches not just by telling but by showing, giving tips and answering all my beginner questions - time just flew! Hope to go back for more.
cigdem yilmaz
7 Jun
I loved it. I'm returning for more. İt's amazing how you get to learn so much better when you work on a project step by step which is what Craig does. Top stuff.
Hazel W
6 Jun
Fantastic session. Craig demonstrated and we tried to replicate. We did everything on the list. I had never used an overlocker and now understand its usefulness with a number of fabrics and finishes. Got to take our samples home. Have recommended session to friends.
Alexandra Petit
1 Jun
This class was awesome- never use a sewing machine before and Craig was brilliant, very patient and a great tutor. My kimono is fantastic, such a great experience
15 May
I was amazed that I actually made a dress by the end of the day. The pattern pieces are precut for you - which quickens it up. However Craig does go through the patterns in detail - explaining what all the numbers and tables mean, he also shows you how to cut the fabric. Craig explains well and makes sure that everyone is doing well.
15 May
Craig is a brilliant teacher. Very calm and patient. Craig explains each step clearly and spends a good amount of time with each person in the class making sure they are progressing well. I'd highly recommend this class.
Auriane Hermant
11 May
Craig is lovely and give genuine advices. Thank you!
Leyla Hussein
10 May
My first course here, really loved it. I did learn so many things really, I love the way Craig explained and showed step by step how to do the dress. Even for non beginner still have something new to learn. 100% I will be back to learn more.
Sophie Grantham
9 May
Had a great day at The Fashion Box at this beginners sewing workshop! Craig was a great teacher, gave clear instructions and was super helpful! Will definitely be back soon.
Sylvia Wachtendorff
4 May
An awesome afternoon, learnt everything I needed to know as an ultimate beginner with a sewing machine. I definitely feel inspired to continue my new learnt skill
Claire Hunter
26 Apr
Really loved the class at The Fashion Box and was totally surprised it was possible to make a dress in a day as a beginner! Craig was a great teacher, super clear and very talented! Looking forward to doing another class there soon :)
10 Dec
Really enjoyed this class and pretty impressed with the dress I made! I am a complete beginner to sewing and was still able to finish my dress to a good quality. Craig is absolutely fabulous as a teacher! Would highly recommend it!
27 Oct
Great teacher, clear, patient and well-ordered directions
24 Oct
We had so much fun learning to sew a shift dress. Who knew it was possible in one day! The lesson was informative and fun with an incredibly diligent and patient teacher. We each had our own stations with sewing machines and overlockers and after an engaging day of sewing and learning we left with an impressive dress that we had made ourselves (and more importantly - it fitted perfectly). My daughter wore her dress out last week! We will definitely be back for another class.
18 Oct
It was a brilliant class. Craig was a fantastic teacher and made everything very simple and easy to follow whilst also being really enjoyable. I have learnt so many new sewing techniques such as sewing an invisible zip and interfacing. I would love to do more of his classes if I get the chance, and still find it amazing I was able to make a dress in a day, without ever having made a garment of clothing before!
21 Sep
This class was brilliant, very practical, Craig is an excellent teacher, I learnt so much and such great value for money!
19 Sep
This class was brilliant and good value for money. All material was provided, all the content was so well explained and the learning well paced- managing to accommodate complete beginners as well as those with a little more experience. It felt so great to walk out with a dress that you had made. This course has honestly given me all the tools, confidence and motivation to start sewing properly!
7 Sep
I really enjoyed this workshop! Craig was so knowledgeable, and set just the right place for the class to work through the project. He took us through everything really clearly and was always on hand to assist where required. I can't quite believe I made an actual dress!! This was my first time in a long time in making anything using a sewing machine, but it has definitely given me the confidence to go on and try new projects. Highly recommended!!!
6 Sep
I really enjoyed the class. The teacher esplained everything in detail and was easy to follow the instructions.
26 Aug
Great teacher, awesome studio, very thorough and useful information and a great intro to sewing machines. I would highly recommend and would definitely go back for more courses.
21 Aug
The session went very smoothly was well explaned and structured. Also I have appreciated that the differents steps were clearly and progressively demonstrated then practiced before movin on to the next one. Will come back !
17 Mar
Really excellent workshop - great pace that kept it constantly interesting without feeling like you were struggling to keep up. Craig had clearly given this workshop many times before so moved things smoothly between quick demonstrations and trying things out individually. I liked that the focus really was on learning to sew rather than on simply having a fun time (unlike the the "BYOB and craft" workshops you see a lot of, which are fun but where the emphasis is not so much on mastering the craft).
25 Sep
It was a really great class! It was a really fun and chilled atmosphere. We really had a great evening. I would highly recommend if you're looking for something different to do or want to have a go at some sewing.
17 Sep
We learnt some good skills, including how to thread up the machine, different stitches, how to make seams, and ended with making a small makeup bag with an invisible zip.
16 Sep
The workshop was great! Very rewarding leaving with a finished garment and Craig was so so helpful!
11 Sep
I loved this workshop! Being a bit rusty, the day was exactly what I needed to kickstart my sewing ambitions. The day was well organised and ran smoothly. Craig is clearly very knowledgeable and happy to answer all questions. He had lots of practical tips and was very patient with all of us! I’m going to book another to try sewing with stretch fabrics for the first time. Highly recommend!
8 Sep
I loved this workshop! Lindsay was very supportive and helpful and showed us how to set up our machines and practice different stitches until we were ready to sew our bags. I can’t wait to book onto my next course and am grabbing my mum’s sewing machine to practice in the meantime. Thanks so much!
1 Sep
My granddaughter and I were inexperienced sewers. Craig was very clear with his instructions, patient and encouraging and I avert short time we both made delightful Kimonos. Will return for more fun and fabric ! Give it a try !
26 Aug
I had tried making things with darts and zips myself but this workshop was amazing. Craig took us through at a steady pace - showed us how to do each step then let us do it. Gave so many useful tips and advice - was well worth the money and I came home with a dress I could wear and loads more confidence. Just deciding which course to take next.
25 Aug
The instructions were really clear and it was great to come away with a finished piece. Definitely gave me more confidence to try other projects on my own. The class did feel a little rushed though and I think might have been better as a 3 hour class to make it more relaxed.
12 Aug
The workshop was great! Craig is super knowledgeable and patient with everyone, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the sewing basics. Will definitely come back , for the dress, kimono or pattern workshop... :)
10 Aug
I have been sewing for a number of years now. This is my 3rd class with Craig and I find him very approachable/patient/helpful. He explains the lessons in steps, detailing each area in a way for all to understand. I feel very relax and at ease in his class. After each session I can confidently say that I have learnt something new/an easier way to sew professionally and very happy with what i have achieved on the day I cannot praise him enough.
10 Aug
I have never made a garment of any kind before. I struggle to sew a button on! I was gifted this class along with the material as a Christmas present. Somehow Craig taught me to make a beautiful Kimono! It was hard work, but lots of fun. I definitely recommend this class.
7 Aug
Great workshop! Craig gave so many helpful tips and hints and was a great teacher! Really recommend it!
5 Aug
I LOVED this class! Brilliant teacher and really relaxed setting. I am a complete novice but was able to successfully make a little makeup bag. The teacher shows you a stage, you go to your machine and give it a go- and if you need help the teacher is on hand, is patient and doesn’t make you feel silly for asking for help! Will be doing this class again to build confidence and get a little more practice in ready for the next class up. I can’t recommend it enough - give it a go!
29 Jul
Really good fun! Recommend 100%
22 Jul
I went to the beginner‘s sewing class and really enjoyed it. We were a group of 5 and Lindsey was a wonderful teacher. I am planning to book more workshops very soon. The atmosphere was great, the location close to the tube station. I loved it!
21 Jul
Awesome workshop with a lovely tutor! Learned lots of tricks of the trade and it demystified the process for me. It was fun friendly and I learned a lot. I will definitely use the new skills I learned.
18 Jul
Very informative and enjoyable experience. I feel I am ready to do more classes to learn more.
Sau Yee
15 Jul
Having read mixed review I was a bit worried but turned out to be quite good and I've made a dress. I wouldn't recommend a complete beginner for this course but anymore who had some sewing lessons and knows have to thread a machince is suitable
9 Jul
Great course got what I wanted out of it. It is quite advanced so good to have some pattern cutting knowledge so it’s not totally foreign
4 Jul
I really enjoyed the sewing tutorial and the fact that we were able to take our own knitted item home was a nice touch. No need to be so judgmental on latecomers especially when only 2-3 minutes late.
3 Jul
Great three hours... on the hottest day of this year!
2 Jul
Wonderful class with a patient, calm and clearly talented teacher. For a person with hardly any seeing machine experience , it still amazes me that I left with a completed kimono which I actually wear and which had attracted compliments! Cannot recommend highly enough!
1 Jul
I really enjoyed! The istructor was really good, funny and calm. My group was small and it seems we all had a great learning experience! Will continue with the other courses they offer!
23 Jun
Really interesting, very difficult process made easy by straightforward instructions and guidance. Clear and fully engaging. I know enough to adapt my block pattern. Thank you.
12 Jun
Really enjoyable class which made the process of making a kimono easy and fun even though I was learning a lot of new things (we even got to use an overlocker!). The tutor was friendly and very knowledgeable and guided us step by step and everyone in the class walked out with a beautiful kimono at the end. I would really recommend this class, it has inspired me to try more sewing projects/classes. Thank you Fashion Box!
10 Jun
Great!! Going to book another :D
8 Jun
Very informative. Craig knows his stuff. Will definitely book future classes
1 Jun
Really great tutor and lots of fun! Perfect for people starting out with sewing projects
29 May
located in a really nice studio, our teacher took his time to explain every step and answer any questions that came up. i would definitely recommend this class and try others from The Fashion Box again-- and my dress looks fabulous on!
26 May
Learnt more than expected. A lot to take in over a few hours so didn't feel like I quite enough time to take it all in, but still managed to finish the job by end of class, and was great! Definitely looking into doing more sewing workshops.
21 May
Such a fun class, really makes you appreciate the effort that goes into making clothes. The pace was fast (or at least it felt like that to me, a complete beginner), but each step was explained properly; it certainly wasn't rushed. Would highly recommend this workshop, it's SO satisfying to come out of it with an item you truly love and that you know you'll wear.
9 May
Very intense class but covered everything I needed. I had used a sewing machine before but Craig taught me not to be scared of invisible zips and sewing patterns which was invaluable. Craig, was incredibly patient and didn't lose his temper once! I would have. I think to get the most out of the class, I think it would useful to have played around with a sewing machine a few times beforehand, but there were complete beginners there too, who still managed to get a dress out, but it is a lot to retain in such a short space of time.
4 May
Loved it!! Craig was great !
2 May
If this review was based only on the quality of teaching alone i would have rated it 5 star. However, the envitonment of the class/ studio ,the toilets & everywhere generally was really dirty. It was really bad that i could"t put my eyedrops on within the premises as i felt i could easily catch some sort of infection. It was that bad. It's quite a shame because the tutor is extremely good and very nice.My advice is to get the place spring cleaned before carrying out any class.
1 May
The tutor was very patient and explained all well. The course really boosted my confidence. Thanks.
1 May
Amazing. Craig the teacher was patient and had so much knowledge. I went with my sister both of us had never even sewn on a button let alone work a sewing machine. We both came out with a little pouch with an invisible zip. Definitely worth doing.
1 May
Fantastic course, I learned so much and now I have a beautiful garment to wear. I can't wait to recreate it at home.
30 Apr
Never picked up a sewing machine or even a needle before. In 2 hours had made a kimono with nice stitching. Credit to Craig and his super-effective teaching style
23 Apr
Really enjoyed this class! I was a bit nervous as I hadn't used a sewing machine in 20 years but the instructions were very clear and helpful and I learned so much! I feel much more confident about the basics after this class and look forward to taking further classes. The teacher was obviously a pro but was able to simplify explanations for complete beginners.
20 Apr
Excellent tutor, good class
30 Mar
relaxed atmosphere and fun class. highly recommended!
29 Mar
This was a good intro to sewing for complete beginners or people wishing to refresh their ability to do the basics. It could have been 30 minutes longer, though to give the slower ones a bit of breathing space.
26 Mar
A really great class everything was set up and ready to go. I’m not a complete beginner but the pace was just right- Craig went through all the machine basics and we made a bag with an invisible zip which was a nice achievement. Excellent value for money too. I’ve signed up for another full day class 😀
5 Feb
This 3hr workshop was the perfect introduction to sewing. Our teacher Craig was great at explaining everything and was also incredibly aware of potential ‘things that could go wrong’ and so explained how to fix or avoid these potential mishaps. I will be recommending this workshop to everyone I know as it was fun, I met other great like minded people and of course I can now sew with confidence as I know what I am doing! Many thanks again Craig!
27 Jan
excellant day , really enjoyed it ,Annabel Stoner, 5 stars
8 Jan
Excellent day, I recommend this class for even tentative beginners. It was very encouraging and very well taught.
16 Dec
Really good course. Very enjoyable and learnt some new skills.
3 Dec
The class was incredible. Craig teachings was so easy to follow, I still can’t belive that I made a dress! I had only done a course before in introduction to sewing machine with fashion box and I was a bit concerned, but the course is great even for total beginners! I will definitely be coming back for more. Thank you Craig!
1 Dec
Great teacher, helped us out massively when we didn't realise we had to bring our own fabric. Fun class, great for beginners.
25 Nov
Really interesting and clear courses thanks to Craig's teaching !
5 Nov
I can't speak highly enough of this place. not only is it an affordable and fun workshop but the teachers are so good and so patient. The skills I have learned are helping me build my confidence and I am now ready to buy a sewing machine and get dress- making. I am booking my next class today.
Jeni Hill
11 Oct
I took both my teenage daughters with me to the Fashion Box workshop- this was the second workshop we have been to there- again it was brilliant. Although I sew myself quite regularly the Fashion Box enables me to expand my skills & refine my techniques. My girls love learning from Craig & his team & find them very easy to talk to & ask questions of, which means I can learn & work alongside them with my own garment/project! The studio is light & bright with small, friendly class sizes. The only improvement would be onsite parking- but the site is easily accessible by train & a short walk!
6 Oct
A really good session, learnt a lot.
6 Oct
What a great introduction to sewing! I didn't realise you could fit some much in 3 hours with multiple students but we learned so much.. from setting up the machine itself, learning all it's functions, to how to correctly stitch.. I didn't even know I wasn't supposed to keep my eye on the needle when sewing, no wonder why my home attempts were so shabby! :) Great new hobby or for those serious about sewing garments at home.. can't wait to go to the make a dress class xx
2 Oct
Pattern cutting class was really good, I learnt a lot and the teacher was great. The group was quite small so he could spend some time with each of us. I recommend!
30 Sep
Well organised lesson. Was able to create own skirt design pattern.
30 Sep
I really enjoyed this course and found it very informative. Learned how to do an invisible zip, plus a French seam, with lots of time to practice getting to grips with threading and setting up the machine and changing feet etc. I am no longer afraid to start using my recently purchased machine.
25 Sep
The trainer was lovely and the training at a good pace
24 Sep
I really enjoyed this class. I found the instructor Frank so patient ( which was really helpful as I forgot all of the instructions as soon as I sat down at my machine)and helpful and Incredibly good at teaching. Beginners. I am now able to use a sewing machine confidently, work out how to troubleshoot, sew in an invisible zip and French hem all for £25! I will definitely be booking my next lesson very soon.
24 Sep
Fashion box introduction to sewing was really good. Very well structured. Host was attentive and patient with all the learners. Will recommend fashion box to any one interested in learning to sew. I will be booking other classes with them.
24 Sep
Fashion box introduction to sewing was really good. Very well structured. Host was attentive and patient with all the learners. Will recommend fashion box to any one interested in learning to sew. I will be booking other classes with them.
19 Sep
I learnt more in three hours than I have on all the sewing courses I’ve attended in my life combined (including all episodes of the sewing bee I’ve religiously watched and utube tutorials) Craig is incredibly patient and generous with sharing his masses of sewing skills. Brill course Thank you!
8 Sep
Great fun! I came away with patterns for 3 of my favourite items of clothing. Craig was helpful, enthusiastic and encouraging.
21 Aug
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Looking forward to sew my pattern!
19 Aug
Brilliant! Great class, really well taught with the right level of guidance and letting you get on with it. Highly recommend!!
16 Aug
The class was fab! The fabric was precut and so it meant we could get on and focus on sewing the whole dress together. No time to do fitting, but now I understand the mechanics of how a dress goes together, I feel confident to have a go at home. Craig was a great tutor, highly recommended.
11 Aug
Was amazing
1 Aug
We really enjoyed this workshop, I hadn't made an item of clothing since school days under strict guidance from the teacher. Craig is a great teacher, the fact that I've come away with a finished, well made item of clothing is nothing short of a miracle to me. The main thing I got from this was losing my fear of sewing machines and I really want to do more. Thank you!
31 Jul
Great class and great tutors, 5 stars all around
29 Jul
The 3 hours passed very quickly with clear explanations throughout and I learnt to sew a zip and a French seam as well as develop confidence with the machine overall. Would definitely recommend for the novice as a first step into sewing !
18 Jul
Really good workshop to complete a stylish kimono. Craig was knowledgeable and patient even with the more demanding people in the class. The finished kimono is great! Having a pattern to take away with us so we could make more at home would have made it even better!
14 Jul
Such an informative class. Didn’t expect to learn so much within 3 hours! Will be booking another class soon :)
11 Jul
Amazing !
11 Jul
Really enjoyed making my own kimono yesterday and am proudly wearing it today! Craig was knowledgeable and friendly.
8 Jul
I was more than 15minutes so I couldn't attend the class. I know it's my responsibility to be on time, but sometimes life just brings some events that make you late: my train was not coming, my phone was stolen a few days ago so I couldn't use the GPS to find the entrance (and GOD it's hidden). When the teacher opened the door, he talked to me with no consideration at all: "you will make the class late, I can't afford to have you in there" or "you are making me loose my time here, I should be with my class". It happens to be late sometimes, but as a teacher from a workshop it doesn't cost you nothing to be nice. Also, I thought I could take the class another week because I was not allowed this time. The guy just said no with his head and closed the door to my nose. It's not that I don't recommend the class for its content, I just don't recommend for the attitude of the teacher. There are ways of talking...
26 Jun
The workshop is very thorough for beginners, the tasks are simple and easy to follow. It definitely helps to build confidence on the sewing machine especially it is your first time using it.
25 Jun
Very clear teaching, and I had two patterns to use by the end of the session. Craig is very helpful and encouraging! Really enjoyed the morning.
25 Jun
Loved every minutes of it!
23 Jun
Great experience, learnt so much and enjoyed the relaxed but informative atmosphere.
10 Jun
My second class with them and I was once more very satisfied. We have been through a lot in 3 hours from taking your measurements to drawing and cutting your own skirt pattern. We learnt how to design patterns for several different style of skirts. Although I won't probably feel confident to design an advanced skirt on my own I was really interrested to learn about how skirts are being designed. We were a small group of 4, which was a good number too.
4 Jun
The workshop was great. The group was small meaning that none of us got left behind and we all left with a finished product. Craig, our teacher was great, really knowledgeable, very patient and took the time to ensure that each of our garments was as good as it could be (or rescued us when it went wrong!) I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
3 Jun
It's a very complete class. After a few hours I gained the knowledge and confidence to use my own sewing machine.
28 May
I loved this class. It was my first time on a sewing machine and Craig was really patient. Even though it's a simple design, I found it quite challenging so I'm not sure I'm up to dress making standards just yet but I'll persevere! Slightly disappointed that I'm not able to make more kimonos it would have been nice to have a pattern to take home but still a great evening and met some lovely people.
26 May
The workshop was excellent. The small class was very helpful because I am hard of hearing and there was not too much background noise. With the instructions it was really easy to make my kimono. It was so good that I have already booked another workshop with them. Their location is also really easy to get to, even from South East London.
8 May
Very good introduction class! I was completely new to sewing and this fulfilled my expectations. Although I found the pace quite quick sometime I was really pleased with everything the class covered. Couldn't expect better introduction!
7 May
I really enjoyed the class, Craig was very helpful and took time to explain and show things we didn't understand. Answered all the questions about sewing and let us understand all the ways and techniques to use a sewing machine. Class was fun, interesting and not boring at all! Can't wait to continue learning more steps to improve my sewing skills!
25 Apr
Had such a great evening making my kimono. The teacher was very patient and ensured that everyone walked away with a beautiful finished item.
22 Apr
This workshop was excellent! Highly recommended. It was well equipped- each individual had a machine. Our instructor, Francis, was so patient with questions and people like me who lagged behind the faster learners in the group. The lesson was well structured, there was enough time to complete the learning exercises. We learned a lot fir a three hour session. It was worth the money and I really enjoyed it and had fun! Thank you Fashion Box :)
22 Apr
Let us know your opinion about the workshop. (optional) It was great and beyond my expectation.
22 Apr
Really good session, Craig was incredibly patient and explained everything really clearly. I will be taking more classes from the fashion box.
15 Apr
I really enjoyed the class and was very impressed with the quality of the teaching. I had never made a garment before but I have a finished kimono that I love. Looking forward to booking another class.
10 Apr
I thought the workshop was fab. Craig was a patient enthusiastic tutor too!. I’ll be booking more classes with The Fashion Box. Thanks Craig! 😁👌🏻
4 Apr
It was great!
4 Apr
At the end of this session you will know how to set-up your sewing machine, understand its settings and attachments, how to sew seams and insert an invisible zip. Similar courses seem to cover the same content over a longer period of time and charge considerably more. This is a nice, concise course at a great price with a friendly, patient tutor and a Dolly Parton soundtrack. Excellent value.
26 Mar
Wonderful class! I have learned a new skill and left the class feeling inspired. Craig is a great teacher and he really knows his craft. I will definitely look at other classes at The Fashion Box.
18 Mar
I found this course really helpful. I learned how I can clone any garment. By following simple steps I managed to create 3 patterns for 3 different tops I love. Now I'm ready to sew. Thank you
2 Mar
I loved this workshop, Craig was super helpful and I left with a complete pattern for my favourite dress - ready to start the pattern-cutting and sewing process. I would definitely recommend for anyone who is a beginner sewer wanting to learn more about pattern-making.
17 Feb
This class was not enjoyable and I don’t recommend it. The studio is cold, the teacher was short and impatient at times but he was alone with 10 beginner students. Unfortunately the dress fabric was pre cut and provided without choice. It was an awful print so I won’t be wearing it!
11 Feb
The class was cancelled
4 Feb
The teacher was thorough, and managed the class time appropriately. He was clear in his instructions and there was sufficient time to get through the lessons as well as to practice. He was great with my daughter, even answering questions that she had about other sewing interests. Thank you!
3 Feb
Fantastic class! Francis was very knowledgeable and went at a good pace for everyone. He explained the processes in a very clear way, easy to follow. We learned how to thread a machine, how to do a French seam and a hidden zip. I'll be back for sure!
2 Feb
Really good workshop, well lead and the kimono I made was fab! Would definitely recommend to anyone!
2 Feb
Had so much fun! The teacher is lovely; his directions were clear and always helped when I did something wrong. I have a beautiful kimono now which I won't stop wearing. Thanks!
26 Jan
What a great night, I’m still buzzing about the fact I ACTUALLY made something, in two hours and I really am going to wear it. If you’re looking to build your confidence or learn a new skill this is the place, a helpful teacher who will give you all the help you need but more importantly knows when to step back and let you try for yourself. I absolutely recommend this, even though I had to iron (I NEVER iron) and will be going back for more. Just make sure you take the right amount of material (that’s one and half meters SQUARE).
22 Jan
This was a brilliant session. I chose to clone a pair of trousers and learnt so much about the process involved in ensuring every aspect of the pattern required is covered. Thank you and highly recommend this to start cutting your own patterns!
15 Jan
I haven’t been able to stay until the end but I really enjoy the workshop. It was really well explained and in a good atmosphere. I’ve been able to reproduce at home without any problem all that I’ve been explained. I recommend the class for beginners and will not hesitate to go back to another class with the fashion box.
13 Jan
Very fun and I got to make a great kimono
8 Jan
Craig was a brilliant teacher and ran a great class. In the beginning, I was a bit nervous about how complex my garment was but Craig soon made me feel at ease. I really enjoyed learning the different techniques of creating a pattern from a ready-made garment. Craig also gave me lots of advice on how to sew up my garment. I would definitely recommend this class!
21 Dec
It was quite informative and I enjoyed the workshop.
12 Dec
Class was alright. Teacher was good.
10 Dec
Cozy ambient, nice and friendly tutor. I enjoyed the workshop, I would recommend!
26 Nov
Really enjoyed the session cloning 2items of clothing. It gave me a good insight into what’s required to recreate something from my wardrobe. Small group and the tutor was really attentive and professional.
20 Nov
The teacher (Jason? Sorry, I cannot remember his name) was excellent and despite the confusion with some people turning up at the wrong session and being quite a big class, he kept calm and managed to get through all the material. He was happy to give additional tips to those more advanced and was extremely patient with those of us who are new to machine sewing. He managed to help everyone and answer all questions despite the time constraints! He used great analogies and metaphors and made sure to remind us not to be intimidated. I highly recommend this class to anyone who has never touched a sewing machine, but other in the class who have sewed using a machine also said they learnt a lot, especially as he goes through alternative methods and little tips and tricks. We learnt how to do a hidden zip, which I seriously thought was advanced, but he made it so easy :)
24 Oct
I had a great time - 5 stars!
11 Oct
The worship went at a good pace and the teacher was very helpful and went over things that we needed extra support on. All materials were provided and are of a good quality however I don't like the fabric that was used and so don't think I will ever wear the dress! It's a very bold print.
27 Sep
Tutor was unclear and impatient. Fabric is cut before class, so no learning and our dresses did not fit. Environment wasn't friendly. I did learn, but I would not attend a class at Fashion Box again.
12 Sep
Very informative. Found it useful and our tutor s Francis was quite knowledgable

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