The Bread Companion

    About this school

    The Bread Companion is a nomadic micro bakery, traveling the length and breadth of the land with the purpose of providing truly delicious loaves to the public. Powered by a wood fired oven, The Bread Companion have a strong focus on traditional and authentic baking techniques. As well as this, there is a strong emphasis on the health aspect of bread making, meaning that they mainly work with sourdough and natural ferments. The result is a product that guarantees delicious flavour and is suitable for health-conscious customers.

    With a nomadic heart, The Bread Company travels the length and breadth of the country, providing the public with the best the bread has to offer. On their travels, they also provide excellent bread making courses, allowing people to learn all the best secrets, tips and tricks of the trade. Join any of The Bread Company's classes and soon master the art of bread making and become your very own baker!