Obby x Tileyard art classes in London
Obby x Tileyard art classes in London


Obby x Tileyard

Obby has teamed up with Tileyard London to offer a range of amazing learning experiences to the Tileyard (and wider) community. By combining the teaching expertise and experience of Obby with perfectly crafted and beautiful designed spaces at Tileyard - we believe that we can deliver a large range of amazing and unique learning experiences.


With passionate teachers and inspiring environments, Obby is on a mission to get everyone to rethink learning. From pottery to salsa, piano to Spanish, discover the best classes, courses and workshops London has to offer.

Tileyard London

To champion and support independent artists and businesses by providing them with space to work and room to grow. Every person at Tileyard is playing their part in something far bigger than themselves. Our purpose is to set the stage, and be part of the act, not the star of the show.

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