Nicole Gill Vocal Coach music classes in London
Nicole Gill Vocal Coach music classes in London


Nicole Gill Vocal Coach

1 reviews
1 reviews

Nicole provides constructive 1:1 vocal coaching in a comfortable and professional environment within her home studio. In her sessions, Nicole focuses on developing singer’s vocal technique and thrives in shaping client’s voices to a professional standard. By strengthening the voice through developing good vocal technique, clients will benefit from having the ability to freely explore their vocal style without any restrictions. Nicole also strives to remove any mental barriers singers set themselves. By creating a supportive atmosphere in her sessions, Nicole ensures singers feel free to sing out of their comfort zone opening the doors for extreme developments in the voice. Nicole believes singers can shape their voice into whatever they want it to be, with hard work, persistence and most importantly delving into what they believe is the impossible.

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Jake Taylor
20 Jun
Nicole is a fantastic teacher! She was very welcoming and immediately put me at ease. We worked through songs I enjoyed with emphasis on how to achieve the sound I want with the correct technique. Her teaching room was very nice and definitely made me feel relaxed - can’t recommend her enough.