Meditation: Unlocked mindfulness-and-wellbeing classes in London
Meditation: Unlocked mindfulness-and-wellbeing classes in London


Meditation: Unlocked

3 reviews
3 reviews

Curious about meditation, but sceptical? Our flavour has no crystals, no mumbo jumbo. Just space to breathe, practical tools for mind optimisation and the science behind them.

At our sessions - set in centrally located, beautiful venues - you'll get a super accessible live guided meditation followed by an exploration of the science & practical applications around meditation and the subject of that week (such as anxiety, sleep, focus etc).

M:U is suitable for first time meditators and experienced levitators alike.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the ‘contact host’ button on the website page.

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Mindfulness And Wellbeing



27 Feb
Loved this class. Clearly very knowledgeable and experienced tutors, who felt less like tutors and more like friends. A really nice experience from start to finish. The location was gorgeous, it had everything we would need. I was surprised at how nice and peaceful such a central location could be! I normally dabble in moving meditation and restorative yoga, so I was really pleased to find myself in a much deeper state of calm with this guided meditation session. We did a total of 33 minutes of meditation, and it flew by. The teachers were accommodating, the crowd was diverse and the whole experience was lovely. What really drew this class above the masses, was its attention to the science of meditation. Both of the host's knowledge and previous experience with meditation as a science, and the way it can have the potential to alter your brain make-up made the whole experience much better. I came away from the class feeling as if I had really learned something. I felt part of something, which was lovely. I took my friend, who was sceptical about meditation, and she is totally converted, already booking the next session!
27 Feb
GO! I was a skeptic of meditation and went with a friend. It was EXCELLENT. Scientifically charged information is given to you, and honestly it helped cleanse my mind so so much! We were given chilled water and a little granola / brownie treat afterwards, and were encouraged to ask any questions of the 'instructers' (who were incredibly relatable, normal people! No crystals or gurus or anything - just good facts and meditation)
30 Apr
Really loved the way this class melded science with meditation! For a 'skeptic' like me, it was the perfect way to be introduced to this necessary form of relaxation!

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