London Smoke and Cure

    About this school

    ‘London Smoke and Cure’ is an exciting local smokehouse, tucked away in a lively little corner of London. In their Crystal Palace smokehouse, ‘London Smoke and Cure’ put their heart and soul into hand producing small batches of smoked and cured foods of exceptional quality. Using truly authentic smoking techniques, they pride themselves in producing straight to the point great tasting food, honouring the great smokehouse traditions whilst keeping flavours fresh and contemporary. Having built up their business locally, there is a strong attachment to using local, British and high-welfare ingredients. Every product they produce is full of culinary integrity and guaranteed to be the very best around.
    As well as providing the best smoked and cured food available to customers, ‘London Smoke and Cure’ also host wonderful courses, enabling food-lovers to recreate their delicious products in their own homes. Whether you are a complete novice, or a seasoned pro when it comes to smoking food, ‘London Smoke and Cure’ welcomes you to come and join one of their fantastic courses, and start creating your own smoked and cured delicacies. So sign up now and take your culinary exploits to the next level!