Friddle's Cakes food classes in London
Friddle's Cakes food classes in London


Friddle's Cakes

Emete has always had a passion for creative and started life as a graphic designer. She has worked at some of the industries leading advertising and marketing agencies.

Baking and decorating cakes started as a hobby for Emete, and has taken her on a journey of growth and discovery. What started as a hobby has developed into an insatiable passion for cakes. It has enabled her to combine her creativity with her hobby, and she is now a full-time baker.

Since becoming a professional baker in 2014, Emete has learned many skills and techniques, and by combining her creative talents with her passion for baking, she has developed a unique style all of her own. She is well respected by peers and customers alike and is well known for her candour, creativity and attention to detail.

She felt the need to share her knowledge and her passion with others, this led to hosting a number of classes which range from basic cake decorating to complicated sugar flower creation. She is in the process of developing a wedding cake masterclass, in which you will learn to bake and decorate the perfect wedding cake.

She is an accomplished baker, who is approachable, helpful, honest and above all professional. She will go the extra mile to give you exactly what you want, but will also offer advice if she feels it is necessary.

No occasion is too small, and no idea is too big, she looks forward hearing from you, but above all she looks forward to being part of your next cake adventure!

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Friddle's Cakes's Upcoming Classes

Make Sugar Flowers. Learn how to ma...
£135pp · 7.5 hour class

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