De La Luz mindfulness-and-wellbeing classes in London
De La Luz mindfulness-and-wellbeing classes in London


De La Luz

De La Luz was born from a place of love, peace and surrender where Emilia combine natural intuitive wisdom with Theta Healing® and Quantum medicine to assist others in finding their own route back to Wellness.

University of Spirituality has helped Emilia not only to overcome suffering but also to find her life’s purpose. Her journey is now one of furthering my knowledge and mastering the same techniques that have helped her, in order to help others to experience the changes that can occur on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

De La Luz offers a number of Theta Healing® courses that will provide you with techniques and tools for life. These courses are aimed to help you identify limiting beliefs that perhaps are holding you from living a successful and joyful life. You will e taught how to replace these negative beliefs for empowering ones with grace and ease.

These courses help you grow within yourself, spirituality and professionally.

Worldly renowned healing modality, Theta Healing® can be described as a training method for your mind, body and spirit through which intuitive abilities can be used to bring about spontaneous changes and physical and emotional wellbeing.

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De La Luz's Upcoming Classes

Theta Healing® Basic Course - creat...
Tooting Broadway
£425pp · 19.75 hour course
Manifesting 2020
tooting broadway
£35pp · 2.5 hour workshop

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