Catherine Muller crafts classes in London
Catherine Muller crafts classes in London


Catherine Muller

Catherine Muller started her career in 1993 when she studied the finest floral art techniques in Tecomah, a florist training center, for four years. In 1998, Catherine, along with a handful of other Parisian florists, opened a flower shop, designing and arranging the shop windows and bouquets. Over the past decade (and longer) Catherine has accumulated a wealth of experience and in 2011 she recorded more than 20 broadcasts for television and had published her first book titled "Super Flower Season".

In her classes, Catherine uses fresh and finely-arranged elements to create aesthetic products from the very best that nature has to offer. It is Catherine's belief that each flower has its own unique significance and her classes focus on drawing out the maximum potential from nature.

Due to Catherine's vast knowledge and experience, students will leave the class with a full appreciation of the craft, along with the ability to imagine and make an assortment of arrangements and romantic bouquets.

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