Bellavita Academy food classes in London
Bellavita Academy food classes in London


Bellavita Academy

3 reviews
3 reviews

Bellavita Academy is the new Institute of Italian culinary culture in central London, a new hub where food passionate individuals attend classes, events and workshops to improve their skills, have fun and enjoy good food together.

Bellavita Academy’s commitment is to deliver the most innovative and educational courses provided by experienced and certificated partners within the food and wine industry.

The multiple years of expertise held by the institutions the Academy collaborates with, will guide the attendees of the courses through a clear understanding of the professional techniques required for each area of specialisation. Together with worldwide educational institutions and solid business professionals, Bellavita Academy aim to shape the future of new generation of foodies within the gastronomic industry focusing on the Italian Identity.

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Pizza Making

Drinks And Tastings

Wine Tasting

Pasta Making



26 Oct
Excellent teacher - loved this class. Would highly recommend
11 Jun
Really fun. Teacher was great and patient with us all. It was fun at the end to sit down and eat the food we had all made.
30 Sep
The chef was lovely and the session was great. Only thing is I thought we would learn to use a pasta roller.