Ballet 4 Life undefined classes in London
Ballet 4 Life undefined classes in London


Ballet 4 Life

Ballet4Life® prides itself of creating a supportive and friendly environment in which to have a dance class whether you are a retired professional dancer, someone returning to dance classes after many years, or as a complete novice.

At this school they serve all levels from age 16 upwards! The teachers exhibit great care for our clients, understand their individual needs or conditions, endeavour to learn our clients' names and to build trust and a professional relationship.

Ballet4life's speciality is teaching dance to adults and have done this since 2004 whilst building up a solid client base and recognition in the field for great achievement in pioneering adult dance education in the UK!

The teachers also give group and individual feedback in each and every session. Clients are encouraged to work at a pace that is suitable for their needs and perhaps also with pre-existing physical limitations. Ballet4Life offer authentic, thorough and proper classes but deliver them in a fun, engaging, stimulating, fresh way with lovely music, positive comments, and yearly outings to see professional dance performances should people wish to partake.

Ballet4Life also have developed our own methodology and deliver specially bespoke ballet, dance, and exercise for the more mature body! #silverswans #50+ dance! They started this 6 years ago well before the current wave of ballet for the older dancers.

Dance has now been scientifically proven to increase wellness, mental acuity, and general health. Ballet4Life are glad that science has caught up and they cannot agree more with their findings! They also witness on a daily level how important the social aspect of dance is. Many a long lasting friendship has been formed at Ballet4Life!

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