Bach Meets Barolo drinks-and-tastings classes in London
Bach Meets Barolo drinks-and-tastings classes in London


Bach Meets Barolo

Back Meets Barolo carefully hand pick the finest wines from the most sought-after producers which contains the story to match classical music master pieces. We aim to make fine wine accessible to everyone. Some wines that we offer are often no longer available from the market. We make sure you taste great wines at the fairest price.

We are professionals but love comes before profession! Only the most harmonious pairings of wine and music win the opportunity to be on the show.

Wine as an old-fashioned industry needs new energy! We are young but full of creativity. Our audience are young souls who drink wine for culture and taste rather than label terms. We reveal the true character of wine through music and make classical music concrete and tangible on the palate. The most important thing: you will definitely have fun!

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