Aria Kiani art classes in London
Aria Kiani art classes in London


Aria Kiani

Aria Kiani is a classically trained artist, with an in-depth drawing background. Having practiced drawing from a very early age, Aria had his Mondrian moment during his first year in art school when he was 18 as he was able to emulate the artists he looks up to. With a feeling of ‘where do I go now?’, he started to develop his contemporary art practice from then. Being a drawer and a maker his practice opened wide after this point and began to involve much more sculpture, print making and then, instillation, light, and interaction, believing that versatility is the optimal way to translate concepts Aria did not want to be restricted to one medium.

Now Aria’s practice concentrates on perception of light and space, utilising cross-media practices to create pieces to challenge our perception. Drawing is still the basis of his practice, although his contemporary work deals with formless drawing and line perspectives, he believes in keeping his formal drawing in practice as it is where he started, and he wants to share the experience with others. With a wealth of knowledge on depicting perspective, proportions, light, etc. as well as the history of art, Aria is very helpful in guiding you through your technical development and providing pictorial and philosophical references to advance your artistic practice.

Being a very interactive and adaptive artist, Aria believes in the ‘co-creator of knowledge’ form of teaching, where the teacher and student work along side each other, with the teacher guiding the student to discover what the teacher already knows, in opposition to the classic banking methodology which includes the teacher depositing information to be memorised by the student and utilised at a later point. The ‘co-creator’ guides the student along their own path of discovery, this methodology works excellent when learning technical, craft, or creative skills.

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