London Sculpture Workshop art classes in London
London Sculpture Workshop art classes in London


London Sculpture Workshop

155 reviews
155 reviews

London Sculpture Workshop is an independent sculpture studio in Woolwich, South East London, located within Thames Side Studios, offering exceptional facilities for artists and those interested in making three-dimensional work.

Our short course programme covers a wide variety of technical and skill-based processes, taught by practicing artists in superbly equipped workshops. We teach a range of skills including welding, casting, mould making, metal and wood work, ceramics and hot metal practices.

London Sculpture Workshop is a not-for-profit, community interested company, established in 2012 by artists Giles Corby and Jessica Mello, trained at RCA and Slade. LSW has partnered with a number of prestigious organisations including; The British museum, The Crafts Council, CRISIS, The Architecture Association and Oxford Brooke's University. In 2013 and 2014 LSW was awarded the Chelsea Arts Club Trust ‘Artist Run Space Award’ and awarded a grant for our work from the Mayor of London in 2016.

We offer Day, Evening and Weekend courses - ranging from a 3 hour Introduction to Welding to a 6 day Bronze Casting Course, available to book throughout the year.

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christina paparestis
21 Sep
I'm always impressed with the level of support Giles is able to offer the participants on the bronze casting course. I'm delighted with the bronze I made which would not have been possible without his guidance. I'm truly addicted and will be back again. I find the London Sculpture Workshop an inspiring place!
Sue Caulfield
20 Sep
I highly recommend this bronze casting course. Excellent tutor and facilties with a great view of the Thames.
Charlotte Padgham
28 Aug
Alex lead the workshop with such enormous generosity, encouragement and openness. This coupled with what was just an excellent room of people made for a really uplifting couple of days. I feel inspired to continue what I started having been fuelled with ideas. LSW is one of my most favourite places to spend time.
Georgie H
25 Jul
I learnt alot, I built an iconic designed chair, with added addition of storage and adjusted leg length for my height! I'm keen to make more stuff and feel so much more confident! Great venue, good amount of equipment, great teacher, good balance of support and independent learning. No waiting for equipment.


christina paparestis
21 Sep
I'm always impressed with the level of support Giles is able to offer the participants on the bronze casting course. I'm delighted with the bronze I made which would not have been possible without his guidance. I'm truly addicted and will be back again. I find the London Sculpture Workshop an inspiring place!
Sue Caulfield
20 Sep
I highly recommend this bronze casting course. Excellent tutor and facilties with a great view of the Thames.
Charlotte Padgham
28 Aug
Alex lead the workshop with such enormous generosity, encouragement and openness. This coupled with what was just an excellent room of people made for a really uplifting couple of days. I feel inspired to continue what I started having been fuelled with ideas. LSW is one of my most favourite places to spend time.
Georgie H
25 Jul
I learnt alot, I built an iconic designed chair, with added addition of storage and adjusted leg length for my height! I'm keen to make more stuff and feel so much more confident! Great venue, good amount of equipment, great teacher, good balance of support and independent learning. No waiting for equipment.
Andrea Wright
19 Jul
Another exceptional workshop!.
Damon Troth
14 Jul
A great one-day foundation workshop/class in metal fabrication; involving cutting, bending, drilling/punching, spot welding/pop riveting; to make a useful steel tool carrier. Mine wasn't the prettiest made that day, but it works and I learnt loads about metalworking and the value of material choice, workflow and prototyping. The instructor: Andy, was friendly, extremely knowledgeable and helped me and the other students get the most out of the day.
21 Jun
Well worth the money, the teacher was really engaging with amble time at the end to practice the welds learnt in class. Highly recommended!
Jo Preston
14 Jun
Brilliant course. Tutor knowledgeable and experienced - provided right level of support and independence. Projects to suit the individual. Loved it.
Andrea Wright
14 Jun
An excellent course that I highly recommend with the workshop being a clean and safe environment. Andrew is a highly skilled tutor who explained everything well. Lots of 1-2-1 help. I learnt so much in 2 days and made my own chair!
James Dunnett
8 Jun
Exciting location next to the Thames and easier to reach than I had expected. The two-day introductory course to making sculpture from wax fulfilled my expectations and allowed me to make a useful piece. I would have welcomed an opportunity to try out the other two kinds of wax to which we were introduced
Sam Harvey
1 Jun
My two days were like being on holiday. I enjoyed the freedom to experiment with guidance. The balance between giving us a basic introduction and then allowing us to work on our own ideas was perfect. The advice and guidance was also spot on. I am hoping to be back soon.
Charlotte Padgham
18 May
London Sculpture Studio is my happy place. This particular course was one I've been trying to find time for for a very long time and I'm so glad I attended. Ben was a brilliant tutor, friendly and very generous with his time and knowledge. Can't wait for open access to start up again.
Robert Atwater
16 May
Absolutely The Best Thank You Looking forward to more Welding!!
15 May
Great teaching and practical work
Marie Ackers
11 May
Great morning , highly recommended
Philip McGrath
9 May
Andrew lead a fantastic class. Everything explained in a good amount of detail and enough time to practice the skills too. Ace afternoon.
Hamish Kemp
27 Apr
I really enjoyed the course. The tutor was knowledgeable and really helpful. It gave me a really good insight into the processes and materials used in plaster and concrete casting. In addition, the different textures and surfaces that can be achieved. I would really recommend the course and look forward to returning. Great to be around and meet new people with similar interests.
Majella Flower
27 Apr
An enjoyable and interesting course. Instructor, Ben , was patient and informative. I’d definitely recommend this course for an introduction into moulding and casting
Claude Lester
25 Apr
really good course and full of useful tips and tricks
Claude Lester
25 Apr
I love the courses held at London Sculpture workshop - great facilities, and experienced teachers!
Ian Lanksbury
20 Apr
Total fantastic 2 days on this course. Learnt a huge amount in a very short time and enjoyed every second. The tutor, Andrew, was brilliant helping all the way along with everyone and helping us to realise the pieces we were creating and making sure we got the most out of the course. I would highly recommend this course if you're interested in working in metal and trying out all the machinery and techniques.
Sam Harvey
20 Apr
I had a fabulous day. Andy was brilliant, patient and I learnt loads. I can't wait to return for more.
Dan Cobley
19 Apr
Great session. Super teacher. Fun to be let loose with the tools.
Bethany M
19 Apr
Anna was a wonderful tutor and this was a great course to introduce you to the material. We had the opportunity to try many different types of jesmonite and make our own creations with the mould-making materials provided. We were shown different techniques for casting and laminating it, and received extensive handouts to take away too, which are very useful for future reference. I would recommend bringing any silicone moulds you already own as this way I was able to cast quite a lot during the class. I would definitely recommend!
Joely Brammer
18 Apr
Really good course, a good informative starter into the world of Jesmonite. Anna, the teacher was excellent and showed us some interesting techniques. The obby listing is a little unclear- it doesn’t specify that the course is two days but it was on sat and Sunday 10-4.
Bethany M
23 Mar
This was a fantastic day and Andrew was a friendly and knowledgeable teacher. He answered every question we put to him! We were given plenty of information about woodworking tools and then all had chance to use the machinery and tools in the workshop to produce our own toolboxes. I feel much more confident now to work independently. All was done Covid-safely too.
Mike Sharp
22 Mar
Learnt a lot about welding techniques and managed to have a go with 3 different types of welding machines as well. Really enjoyed it. Andrew (the tutor) was excellent - explained everything really clearly and very encouraging and friendly. I would highly recommend.
I bought the welding class for my son; he enjoyed it very much and learnt how to use a mig welder.
22 Mar
My son said the class was professionally run and safe.
Bernie France
22 Mar
An excellent resource, the afternoon flew by, would love to visit again. Highly recommended.
Mateusz Odrobny
20 Mar
Fantastik workshop. Learned loads, had a great time.
19 Mar
Great experience. Andrew was very helpful and taught us everything we could need for a first time at welding. Would recommend to anyone.
Bernadette Enright
17 Mar
Great class - excellent tutor - really useful
peter doyle
16 Mar
An enjoyable evening class taught by Andrew. As a basic introduction to welding it was well worth attending.
Euan Major
16 Mar
Great introduction to welding
20 Dec
Fun and educating. I can highly recommend it!
14 Dec
Really great course, learned everything I wanted to pick up and more.
8 Dec
Very insightful to the welding world, would recommend it to anyone want to try it. Andrew (the teacher) very nice fella who explained things really well and very approachable.
8 Dec
Really enjoyable day. Felt like I learned lots and really enjoyed the practice. I think it would be awesome as a full day course.
1 Dec
The only issue I had with the course was the fire alarm testing going off during a really important demonstration/explanation and it went on and on and on - it was definitely a test rather than an actual fire. It went off twice and was ear piercing. The tutor tried to talk through it but it was impossible to hear or concentrate and was actually painful. He did ask for the test to be cut short - it was obviously working - apparently they wanted to let the alarm test go on for 20 minutes! I suppose I would say don't schedule classes on alarm testing days during alarm testing hours.
21 Oct
A really great course - I enjoyed every minute of it and the teacher (Andrew) was amazingly knowledgable and helpful. Highly recommended.
20 Oct
Great tuition, learned lots and had fun making the Sedia chair.
16 Oct
15 Oct
very informative and welcoming :)
10 Oct
Perfect introduction to sheet copper sculpture. The teacher was great providing just the right level of tuition to ensure competent and safe practice while allowing ample time to work through ideas. The workshop is very well equipped, flooded with natural light and everyone had plenty of room to work. Highly recommended.
30 Sep
The London Sculpture Workshop is a very special place and the course on bronze casting was brilliant! This is my second bronze course because I am so impressed with what I have managed to achieved on it and it is such good value for money! Giles is a gifted and excellent Tutor managing the diverse needs of the different individuals in our group, all working with different ideas/concepts. I look forward to going again. It’s hard work but wonderful! Thank you!
25 Sep
With some great teaching/support from Giles, came out of the 6 day course having learnt loads and some pieces that I am very happy with.
21 Sep
Fantastic, highly recommended. Giles worked very heard to ensure that all students aspirations were met and everyone ended up with finished work to take home. He's a great teacher and LSW is an invaluable resource.
15 Sep
Andrew is an incredibly engaging, clear and helpful tutor. Small class size meant that everyone got a decent amount of practice time. I’ll be back!
11 Sep
A really enjoyable weekend - we learnt about the range of waxes available, and a variety techniques including refining the wax, modelling, constructing using heat, creating plaster casts moulds, spot welding armatures and finishing. The teacher was very knowledgeable and helped me to develop my work to suit my own interests. It would have been useful if there had been pigments available to create coloured wax sculptures. I left feeling very inspired and ready to continue exploring!
24 Aug
Fantastic course, brilliant tutors, really got to grips with copper, highly recommend it.
17 Aug
A good introduction to the techniques learning the basics. The tutor did a good job and was most helpful in sorting out any difficulties and answering the many questions raised. The course was held on a very hot weekend, so it would have been helpful to have a water dispenser available on site. Also for follow up a list of material suppliers would have saved much time and trouble when sourcing our own raw materials following the introductory course. Generally well worth attending and will return for other courses and use of the workshops Ron Bennett
13 Aug
It was a great workshop. Not too many people so it was a safe space during this time. Andrew was very helpful explaining what the typical tools are and the equipment was and how it can be used. He was on hand to help out with any problems and running us through the steps in general. Very friendly and I love being able to get into making something physical by hand! Very highly recommended!
30 Jul
I bought this as a gift for my partner and he absolutely loved it. Andrew the teacher was incredibly knowledgable and patient and it was a thoroughly rewarding 2 day workshop. He come away feeling really inspired to work on projects at home. Thank you! Would definitely recommend
27 Jul
Teacher was really good. Very nice person. Was taught the basics. But I feel enough info and practical, to set up and practice at Home / a workshop. Would definitely recommend if interested in welding
3 Feb
This was a great course: as enjoyable as it was instructive. The course content was geared to introduce beginners to the potential of Jesmonite for sculptural use. It covered a range of basic techniques. We were all able to experiment and came away with a set of extremely useful notes for future reference. The tutor was excellent (and charming with it) and paid careful attention to the various interests and objectives of the individuals in the group. The group members were also lovely!
27 Jan
Had a great day. Would have preferred to have spent more time doing the welding than learning the ins and outs of each machine though.
18 Dec
Great tutor, great bunch of fellow participants & came away with a very usable piece of furniture. Well recommended.
9 Dec
I found the course really helpful and have come away feeling confident in making a two part cast on my own. Anna was really helpful in answering any questions I had regarding other types of casting techniques and materials.
28 Oct
Excellent course, knowledge and helpful tutors. Would highly recommend.
4 Sep
This was a perfect intro to welding. There was enough opportunity to have a go as well as useful guidance on getting started. I now feel confident enough to practice at home.
26 Aug
Plaster Mould making class with Robert was excellent! Highly recommended !
26 Aug
Gave me the confidence to work in copper on my own. You discover how you can manipulate copper, how to cut (using plasma cutter) and how to join pieces (brazing) copper. The first part of day one we made a bowl and this taught us the basics, it was a very good stater activity. Next we could make anything we wanted. I think that it's a good idea to come prepared with some idea of what you want to make as this part was left entirely up to individual. Well stocked workshop. Very good tutor who was patient, very knowledgeable and very helpful. It didn't matter if you wanted to make a garden ornament or a sculpture he facilitated everyone's needs. Really glad I went would highly recommend. Only one negative you get really grubby!
19 Aug
The course was fantastic. You're guided through a lot in the 2 days by an expert in the field- from learning about basic woods, furniture styles and dimensions, to wood cutting and assembling a piece of furniture. Highly recommend!
18 Aug
Really enjoyed the workshop. Love the freedom to try all the different material and Lauren was a fantastic teacher. Would definitely recommend to others.
16 Aug
Very enjoyable course with knowledgeable, friendly and helpful tutor. Loads of jesmonite material to play with and an excellent opportunity to try different variations of the material without having to invest in large quantities initially. I took some small plastic tubs and moulds with me but you can make simple metal moulds at the workshop otherwise. Easy to find - great view of the Thames - free parking and good places for lunch! Came away with much better understanding of the material and lots of ideas. Thanks very much.
14 Aug
Definitely worthwhile three days, the tutor Silvina Soria is an exceptionally well qualified artist/sculptor, don’t make the same mistake as I did just take a look at her achievements C/V before attending the course. Met a number of really interesting people on the course. Having stick welded in the past Silvina certainly improved my capabilities and given me confidence to complete a number of metal sculptures in my own workshop. Although the workshop is well-equipped the lack of welfare facilities was disappointing.
7 Aug
Really enjoyable class was really informative and with plenty of info about owning a MIG welder at home. Was a really lovely space and an excellent place for picking up other skills, I fully intend to come back and learn more skills from the London Sculpture Workshop! I can't recommend this class more, it really was a great experience and really set you up for further learning about welding as well as being just and excellent fun day out. Only issue we had was people struggling to find Unit 0 where the workshop is based, you want to get there easily take the last left on the road into the estate and go behind the art cafe and hug the sea wall, the workshop is right at the end of the row, you're going the right way if there's a giant rusted out ship on your right.
24 Jul
Loved the class! It didn't go into too many difficult technical things, and we had 1h to weld different pieces of metal together to get a real feel of the stuff and excellent guidance from the teacher when we got stuck. Small class of only 7 people so it gave everyone a chance to make something. Lovely location as well, it almost felt like you were next to the seaside.
17 Jun
Really enjoyed it....learned lots....will be doing more sessions to keep my hand in.....instructor was very clear and concise with the info he was giving
14 Jun
The course was a great introduction into creating silicone moulds with an energetic, and knowledgeable tutor who was really helpful and managed to give her time to all the students. There was an interesting mix of students, including several practicing artists which really brought the course to life. The only improvements I would suggest would be a little more structure to the course and to be give a clearer of the stages of casting at the beginning of the course, so you could plan your time more efficiently.
13 Jun
A really good class. Hands on & fun!
11 Jun
Really informative and great, if you’ve never welded anything in your life. Recommend it!
6 Jun
Fantastically good. Well paced, lots of information, great practical session at the end, patient and experienced instructor. Really great, highly recommended.
29 May
Great course. Covered most of the machines available in the workshop. Plenty of input and advice available on projects that people had brought in.
22 May
It was a good beginners course. Could include more of a design element in it.
19 May
Andrew was extremely patient and helpful in guiding me through my project (me being a total beginner). His know-how and experience really impressed me - I wish I can learn more from such courses in future!
8 May
Great class! Just enough time to understand the basics of welding but also get stuck in and try my hand at a bit myself. I loved it. Great instruction.
16 Apr
Perfect introduction. Relaxed atmosphere and small class size made this a really good way to acquaint myself with welding. Great tutor, I loved every minute of this class.
13 Apr
What a great course! Learnt so much in just 3 hours. Andrew explained things really well and was on hand all afternoon to help and guide us. Will be doing more courses with him! Really loved it and wasn’t as scared as I thought I’d be being a complete newbie to welding!
13 Apr
Very friendly and informative
10 Apr
Great course, really interesting background and very well taught skills, very happy with the result.
9 Apr
It was good, got to use some machinery, learn about the various welds, different joints. Informative and fun, good bunch of class mates too.
7 Apr
Friendly and very informative class will be returning.
29 Mar
Great course, learnt a lot Thanks
24 Mar
The tutor Lauren was very clear and covered a lot of information in two days. I learned a lot and am confident enough to continue working with Jesmonite on my own!
22 Mar
Really enjoyed it, really playful and creative course
22 Mar
Tutor was very good; most questions were met efficiently. Would have liked more time casting, less time sculpting (wax)
21 Mar
A really enjoyable workshop covering many topics (colouring, using lookalike stone, metal fillers, and quadrelax glass), I felt that I learnt a lot and left feeling very inspired. The tutor was very knowledgeable, and able to suggest ideas to help me develop my work.
20 Mar
Good teaching. Generous with the materials. Helpful staff. Only negative comments are: There must be a reason that 5/10 students turned up believing that we would be making our moulds from which to cast something in jesmonite. It was certainly not clear that the only mould making was constructing basic metal forms. There were no handouts. We all took notes but the tutor said that hand outs would be sent to us by email ; none have arrived yet. They would have been useful during the course. I know that the jesmonite info sheets give all the technical stuff but even just a list of suppliers and details of accessories such as the silicon spray and the spray on wax release agent would have been useful. But all in all a very worthwhile course.
19 Mar
I enjoyed the course and there were plenty of positives, including: - An abundance of Jesmonite to 'play' with - The tutor had a good range of knowledge/experience with the product and it's ancilliaries - The cafe as the nearby rock climbing facility was excellent - An enviable workshop with loads of equipment and resources - I had a go at alginate modelling which wasn't on the 'curriculum' - The jump right in and do as you please mentality was great for me but maybe not for others? However, the negatives were: - No joining instructions so I didn't have a clue what to do or where to go when I got to the sculpture building. Not even a telephone number. So I stood around trying to figure out what to do until I could get to where I needed to be - by accident - No H&S briefing. At all. Frightening really! - I could and should have brought more moulds. There needs to be more emphasis on this in the course particulars. Although you are able to use the equipment to cut and shape steel, this didn't really appeal to me - Maybe some handouts wouldn't go a miss - A blackboard/whiteboard to write pertinent information on. Especially the tutor's name which I couldn't remember in the class and can't remember now - The surrounding area is quite rough and I felt quite vulnerable on my own so be aware of this in the winter when the nights are darker quicker - Some recommendations of local hotels and restaurants would be good for those who are not local
19 Mar
A great course, a great tutor. Thoroughly recommended.
19 Feb
Good, and I now know understand several techniques for welding or otherwise joining metal together, including several I didn't know existed. The balance of time spent explaining various tools (including power settings on various types of welders) vs the hands-on experience was perhaps just a little too far towards the explaining for my personal learning style. If it wasn't just a 3-hour class this would be ok, and even potentially interesting, but I would say it went just too far beyond what we would need to know for that session, at the expense of hands-on time. I did come away with two practical household items made from scraps - a trivet and an over-the-door coat hook. Neither are lookers (hey, first attempt at MIG welding!) but the engineering is sound and both are now in use at home. Also, perhaps this is sightly nitpicky, but I had real trouble finding a set of coveralls that fit - they were either absolutely tiny (several sizes too small) or literally falling off my body to the point that it was dangerous - even with rolled sleeves & legs I was tripping over the material. I'm a size 12 & 5'4", not exactly unusual! Several other students were broadly similarly sized, so maybe they just got there first, but another few pairs of 'medium' coveralls would help. On balance, a solid 4 stars, and I'm really glad to have found a facility like this in London - odds are very good that I'll be back at some point to create, craft or repair something in metal. The site is fairly remote though only about a 5 min walk from a bus stop with a bunch of buses from Woolrich / North Greenwich, and never felt unsafe, even at night in the dark winter evening. Do note that Citymapper and other mapping providers may show the wrong entry location to the Thames Side Studios, which caused me and others a bit of lost time finding the place! Once you get the right entrance, the directions provided via Obby are fine.
28 Jan
This course was more about having access to the workshop, and materials rather than structured learning. You are much more likely to get something from this if you have a clear vision or objective as to what you want to achieve. Teachers were pleasant, helpful and knowledgable and provided loose instruction however I left thinking that I could probably have gained the same level of understanding from a few YouTube videos and from buying some concrete mix and reading the packet. Whilst metal-working was interesting to produce the molds I will find this difficult to replicate at home and would likely resort to more simple materials (e.g. cardboard) to achieve similar ends. Unfortunately, the finished items that I produced are not beautiful nor useful and I didn't really love anything that anyone else on the course produced either. For me it would have been better if the course had more structure for example: if printed course materials were provided; if a latex molds were produced early in day 1 and then re-used with the different concrete materials and that mold were of something that one could make use of (e.g. a plant-pot or pencil holder etc.) if you didn't have an artistic end-game in mind. At least then we would have something useful to show for our efforts and something to remember the different techniques and materials. In summary, the course was a welcome break from the norm but could have been a bit better. It's best suited to artists wanting workshop time and access to materials than a structured learning experience for bored professionals wanting to try something a bit different.
15 Jan
I had a brilliant day and learned loads from Andy who was a fantastic tutor. He was extremely patient with us, as we got to grips with different types of metal, new tools and metalworking machines. It was also really good to get the opportunity to complete a project in just one day. I was really proud of my new toolbox! Highly recommend this to anyone looking for an introduction to metal work.
13 Jan
It’s was amazing, teaching was individual and well paced font of information. Group size was just right. I learnt so much and loads of material to use. I highly recommend sculpture work shop courses.
13 Jan
Really informative and fun course with plenty of time to experiment with different techniques.
12 Jan
I left the course feeling confident that I can continue to use Jesmonite independently as well as apply it in a wide range of different ways in my practice. Instructor was knowledgable, helpful and informative. We had a series of demonstrations that we could then go away and try out on our own ideas. I came away with a range of exciting and dynamic objects.
15 Dec
genuinely the most fun I've had in ages! Silvina was everything you would want from a teacher she spent a great deal of time with us both collectively as a group and helping us individually. Silvina had a fun and relaxed approach to the course which set the tone for how the group interacted with each other making the course all the more enjoyable. its only a short course so its impossible to learn everything about welding but i felt that we all walked away with a new skill set and the confidence to develop it further independently. the facilities are great, the location is amazing, parking is free, the food is good. i was thoroughly impressed and I couldn't speak more highly of it.
11 Dec
Really loved the course and learnt a lot in a fairly short space of time. It was a small enough group that we all got good individual attention. I wish we'd had more time at the end to experiment with casting into the moulds, but the teaching was great. Only thing was that we could have used more rolling pins as the first part of the process was quite slow as we were all sharing materials - perhaps this would have left more time at the end to cast into the moulds.
28 Nov
I really enjoyed the 2 day Casting Plaster and Concrete course, and feel that I learnt a lot in a short time. We made moulds from a variety of materials including sheet metal, clay and wood, and cast-off textured materials (i.e. bubble wrap). There was the opportunity to try a range of materials including plaster, fibrous cement, concrete, and fast-setting concrete. The tutor was knowledgeable, encouraging and inspirational. She took the time to understand my interests, and also made suggestions for experiments to try. The workshop facilities were excellent – but most importantly I feel able to continue working and exploring the material at home.
13 Nov
Potentially a good course slightly let down by the Tutors lack of knowledge. He was a stand in as the programmed tutor was unavailable;able at the last minute. He tried hard but was unable to answer a number of queries of mine about casting vessels in Jesmonite. He also recommended an approach that failed - on the other hand we were being experimental so that was not all bad. I'm glad i went.
Stuart Mackay
12 Nov
Friendly, helpful and fun - for me (male). Less so my girlfriend, who found it quite daunting - but the tutor eventually helped her out with an alternative approach, so she came away satisfied. Its a very basic intro so don't arrive with too much ambition!
8 Nov
I booked the class as a present for my partner who was realyl delighted with the hands on nature of the class and how much he learnt. ,
Louise Rahman
6 Nov
The course covered a very complex process in a thorough way over a very short time span, allowing everyone to achieve a finished product. The tutors were knowledgeable and encouraging and the venue well equipped and attractively situated by the Thames although quite a long trek from central London
Richard Garlick
6 Nov
I've done four courses at the LSW - all brilliant - friendly tutors who make the best use of the time to get the techniques learnt and at least one piece of sculpture to take home . The silicone mould making course was in the usual mould of the others I have done - wax, casting in concrete and plaster, pewter casting and bronze casting - tools and materials provided - some materials you have to pay for, enough working space with an absorbing view on the River Thames and all tools provided, pleasant banter and useful background information about the techniques used and where you could learn more.
6 Nov
Really enjoyed the day, super keen to get some cheap welding stuff and play at home now too :-D
Jessica Horwill
6 Nov
It was a very informative and interesting starter class. The venue was clean and accessible (though the entrance was slightly out of the way) and the teacher was really focused on and gave you good individual advice. I really enjoyed it.
6 Nov
I did the 2 days welding course to understand metal and it’s properties. I had an ambitious goal to design a spiral staircase at my flat. The course exceeded all my expectations. Andrew was patient, knowledgeable and very methodical with his teaching. He helped me master the basics in measurements and welding skills. I was so proud that I was able to make a side table (albeit slightly wobbly;) in two days. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of working with metals to learn from Andrew.
6 Nov
I really enjoyed the welding workshop in the end, at first it was a little scary but our teacher Silvina was very welcoming & reassuring with her style of teaching to make you feel more confident.
Judith Glynn
6 Nov
Excellent introductionI would have liked more time for construction (rather than casting)It would have been helpful to encourage people to bring moulds with them. And to provide paper towels.
2 Nov
I thoroughly enjoyed the bronze casting course. Giles worked extremely hard on all of our behalfs to ensure that we ended up with pieces to be proud of. I have a renewed appreciation for the medium and the time and effort involved in producing bronze artefacts. I will look to attend a further course in the future.
Arthur Lo
13 Oct
Giles, my instructor for the bronze casting course, was brilliant. The atmosphere in the studio was great, and I found the class very enjoyable. Giles is also beyond knowledgeable, being a professional artist himself he has a very good eye and is instinctive about the execution of a design. I would highly recommend this course.
11 Oct
This. Was. INCREDIBLE! I was a complete beginner but there were a range of experience levels & they catered for us all. I learnt so many techniques, processes & how to use a range of tools. Everything was hands-on & the teachers put so much energy & expertise into supporting us. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
6 Sep
This was my first proper experience in woodworking and I really enjoyed it. The course is well organised and is very focused on practical work, which is exactly what I was looking for. Andrew is a very good and experienced teacher, who is helpful with any advice or guidance you need.
30 Aug
Excellent - fun and informative. Can't wait to try another class at London Sculpture Workshop!
30 Aug
It was a great class! Lots of fun - some confusion, as the instructor at one point said that the class was in fact 'basics of welding' and not intro for artists... Still, worth the visit.
28 Aug
Super fantastic!!
21 Aug
It was an interesting course with lots of ideas on how to use wax of different types. It was almost to full on for only 2 days. Would recommend it for anyone interested in sculptural techniques no matter how experienced you are.
7 Aug
The course was really well planned and suited me and the other participants on the course. We had all had limited wood working experience and a project in mind. Andrew, the tutor, was engaging, funny and quietly encouraging. The workshop itself had the space and equipment that we needed and was in a really quiet location. I left the course with the confidence I was looking for to go off and get started on my own! Thank you Andrew and thank you London Sculpture Workshop!
11 Jun
The London Sculpture Workshop is a gem of a place I totally recommend! I loved its atmosphere so much I attended all of the short courses they offer. Inspiring tutors – all practising artists, a great variety of classes - from metal work to bronze casting or wood furniture design, in super well equipped workshops. There I met students with very different profiles and objectives, from practising artists willing to upgrade their skill-set or experiment with new processes & materials, to absolute beginners wanting to just “do things with their hands”. They also offer a open access scheme to a versatile metal and wood workshop where you can develop your own creative projects in your own rhythm, once you feel confident to go autonomous. Truly brilliant place!
11 Jun
Really good course, learnt a lot and enjoyed exploring with the different mediums. Tutor Lauren was great, really knowledgeable and could ask her anything. Be prepared to make your own moulds and have an idea of what you want to make before you go. Only slight comment is that there was a lacking of basic things like paper towels, other than that, really good workshop.
6 Jun
The London Sculpture Workshop is a gem of a place I totally recommend! I loved its atmosphere so much I attended all of the short courses they offer. Inspiring tutors – all practising artists, a great variety of classes - from metal work to bronze casting or wood furniture design, in super well equipped workshops. There I met students with very different profiles and objectives, from practising artists willing to upgrade their skill-set or experiment with new processes & materials, to absolute beginners wanting to just “do things with their hands”. They also offer a open access scheme to a versatile metal and wood workshop where you can develop your own creative projects in your own rhythm, once you feel confident to go autonomous. Truly brilliant place! Emilie
21 May
Andrew was the best! So knowledgeable and helpful! I didn’t think it would’ve been possible to learn all that I did in such a short space of time and couldn’t believe how well my chair turned out! This course has wet my appetite for woodworking and can’t wait to look at doing some projects at home!
17 May
Lauren was clear, instructive, serious when she had to be (health and safety issues) and good fun in her teaching method. I really didn't want to leave. I don't know why I left it so long to do one of your courses. Already trawling through the courses to find the next one. Many thanks, Will
9 May
Although I do not consider myself to be an artist, I did want to have an expert-led introduction to welding for the purposes of general repairs and new-fixture building, including for a canal boat. The course delivered that very well with excellent theoretical and hands-on aspects. Welding is a practical activity and the course balanced that well with basic theory. I enjoyed the course and felt that it was very good value for money. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone wishing to get a positive and practical start to welding, how to do it, how to fix basic issues, how to choose a welder for your needs and (not least) how to be safe.
1 May
This was very interesting & enjoyable. All the attendees came away with intriguing artifacts & had a good trial with the techniques & skills involved. No one had done any welding & all got to grips with it. Also a friendly diverse bunch of people & Silvina was an excellent guide. Many thanks.
29 Apr
Good - lots of information and learnt a lot, but there was quite a bit to do and there were probably a few too many people on the course - there was quite a bit of waiting around .
24 Apr
Excellent. Perfect balance of theory and hands-on with the emphasis on hands-on. Great tutor who was there when required but not looking over your shoulder all the time. Everyone left with a small creation. Thank you.
20 Apr
14 Apr
Amazing teachers and support in understanding the process of the plaster cast and mound making. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Great facilities! Thank you
6 Apr
I loved this course. Perfect for a complete beginner (me) or professional artist (everyone else on the course). Was a relaxed and playful space with great teacher and views of the river. Have come away with new skill and 6 castings.
20 Mar
Definitely worth doing! A great opportunity to learn the technique of welding and practising it whilst creating something. The quality of tuition and support is fantastic.
12 Mar
Excellent combination of instruction and time to work on individual projects. Fantastic equipment. Learned a lot
11 Mar
Excellent introduction to working with metal - good supply of metal to experiment with and good equipment. Have since joined the London Sculpture Workshop so that I can use the Open-Access facilities.
10 Mar
Great experience. I really enjoed it. I would reccomend it
10 Mar
Professional friendly inclusive educational workshop even for a complete novice. I even got a slow motion vid clip of me taken while using a mic welding . Andrew was attentive and left us to practise when we got the hang of it and he let me take some photos of his machinery . Would recommend for non-artists like myself.
10 Mar
Really good. Andrew went over all types of welding. He gave us a brief safety instruction and how best to use the certain types of welders/techniques. He then let us get on with it. We had lots of scrap metal to practice on and there were lots of welders, so no one was waiting in line. I feel that I can make something now. Thanks!
9 Mar
It was very challenging and exciting The tutors did their best to help us achieve as much as possible in the time available
9 Mar
Great course led by a brilliant tutor, highly recommended
5 Mar
I had a fantastic time, the course was briliant, Andrew was a great teacher, there were just 4 of us doing the course so felt really looked after. I learnt so much , and came away feeling confident to use all the tools i already have, which i realised i had been using wrong all these years lol. The course was perfect, in that it did not try to teach hundreds of things in the 2 days, but instead focused on basics, the use of tools, the importance and skills needed in measuring etc - and to top it off i came aware with a chair i built - and it looks great if i do say it myself.... i give the class 100%
26 Feb
Great course! Andrew is a very knowledgeable teacher and made the day fun and enjoyable. The pace was just right, and I personally got a lot out of the day. Andrew gave us some very useful expert tips and explained the right way to use each tool as well as the pros and cons of each and different assembly techniques. I received a lot of encouragement as I practiced using each tool and technique. We finished the day with a lovely tool tote which will be a great reminder of the fantastic day I had. I cannot wait to put what I learned into practice. Thank you once again and see you on another course soon. Cris
26 Feb
Really great workshop, packed full of tips and tricks. As a total beginner I gained a lot of confidence and went home with a finished wooden tool tote that I never would have even attempted on my own! I’m really excited to get the tools out now. My advice would be wear lots of warm layers as it’s quite cold in the workshop! Thanks for a really great workshop.
17 Feb
I had a really great afternoon - and learnt so much in a short time. The session covered Mig, Tigg, Arc and Spot welding, grinding and finishing. A great springboard for planning future ideas and projects.
16 Feb
Really enjoyed the course. Lauren was a very good trainer and explained everything clearly and carefully, was happy to answer questions, and go off piste when necessary. Thanks again.
12 Feb
Very warm and welcoming for a complete beginner. Only downside was five people sharing a welder meant not as much hands on practice as I would have liked.
31 Jan
This was an excellent introduction to welding. Lots of hands on, practical time to get to grips with it all. Would highly recommend anyone interested in trying out welding to give it a go!
22 Jan
Good course before t not received information email from instructor as promised.
13 Jan
An excellent introduction with a good tutor and gave a useful overview of welding methods. Looking forward to doing the full metal fabrication days.
13 Jan
Excellent course. A surprising amount covered in three hours. Entirely hands on combined with very good technical information. Great facilities. No improvements to suggest, highly recommended!
8 Jan
Robert is a patient and helpful tutor. Course covered waste mould s and plaster piece moulds. Small group made it very enjoyable
7 Dec
Incredible course - perfect way to spend the weekend learning about sculpture, welding and metal fabrication. Thanks so much I will be recommending this course to everyone I know :)
13 Nov
Great class for a total beginner to welding, good balance between tutorial and letting us do out own thing: plenty of safety and background but also just enough time to play with the materials and make a couple of things to take home. Thank you!
21 Sep
I gave the class to my partner as a birthday gift and he absolutely loved it. As a keen craftsman, he was so excited to try out welding and was not disappointed. The tutor leading the class was so knowledgeable and passionate about his craft, and he came home with three things he had welded! 10/10
18 Jun
This was an excellent course, the teacher is calm, easy to understand and very encouraging. The workshop is clean, well organised and safe with all the equipment you could need.The course starts out with instruction and quickly moves on to your own experiementation under his watchful eye.
11 Jun
Brilliant experience! Fab tutor, great venue. Full review here:

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