About this school

    Calling all budding artists and those of you out there that are interested in making Art, but believe you can't, whatever age! We have great news for you... you can CreARTS! CreARTS is the brainchild of Susan who runs a variety of workshops to locals in comfortable, relaxed and informal atmosphere, whilst supporting local wine bars and coffee shops.

    With our first workshop working with Oil paint and pastels a year ago. A group of terrific, avid artist, some not so experienced. But all had one thing in common they loved Art and wanted to improve their style and techniques. .

    My back ground is in 3 Dimensional Design, wood, metal and plastics followed by Theatre and Television production. I worked for BBC for 15 years and the last twelve years I have been a specialist Art teacher. Valerie is a practicing artist and designer. She started as a textile designer before moving into Set design at the BBC. For ten years she has taught Art in secondary school and now brings her vast experiences to CreARTS.

    If only we had a penny every time we heard an adult cry out ‘I cannot draw', or' I’m rubbish' or 'I haven't done any art since school...Well...Our immediate reaction is ‘Oh, yes you can!’ We truly believe that any person can learn the skills of drawing and painting. Whether you have talent or not, it can only be discovered and developed once you have learned the basics. We have seen the results of this first hand, experienced it in our teaching careers.

    It requires a slight change of mindset... It’s all about observation, the more you look, the more you see. The more you are aware of your surroundings by observing colour, shape, form, texture, pattern, the more you will gain the confidence to CreARTS! All workshops are inclusive of materials and back ground worksheets. Individual attention is given to every artist to build their skills. We will show you how and ensure you will leave every workshop with pieces of artwork you will be proud to adorn your walls.