DSLR Video for Beginners

    ExposureWorks' classes are created for a unique 1-on-1 teaching experience and so this DLSR video for beginners is available anywhere in London

    Digital class

    6 hour class

    Beginners welcome

    ExposureWorks, SW22

    What you'll learn

    ExposureWorks' classes are created for a unique 1-on-1 teaching experience and so this class is available anywhere in London as György, your tutor, will travel to you for the session so that you can have his full attention. If none of the dates work for you, please suggest a day and a time (using the link underneath the dates). It couldn't be simpler, right?

    In this class

    Take 1 aaaaaaand action! If you want to get started with filming on your DSLR then this is the class for you. No matter what level you're at, we'll get you understanding the fundamentals of filmmaking and producing high-quality, cinematic footage.

    You'll be taught to take control of your camera to:

    • understand the basic parameters of your exposure ASS (yeah, we know!): Aperture, Shutter speed and Sensitivity
    • get that exposure right - understanding the practice of metering and using the live histogram
    • learn how to select a lens for your video (sometimes, the old ways really are the best)

    Your teacher, György, will be there every step of the way, helping you with any filming queries you've got - he's the man!

    Now you can

    • Get to grips with the camera features, no more embrassing "what's this?" or "How do I?"
    • Know the essential equipment you need to get started (tripods, filters and lenses) - all the gear and some idea!
    • Capture the perfect moments in beautiful film, with your everyday DSLR camera


    It's not 100% necessary, but we highly recommend bringing along:

    • a tripod, any tripod if you have access to one
    • any manual, fixed focal-length lens

    Every course includes lots of hands-on practice, some of it outdoors. So make sure you dress to impress the weather gods not the crowds; even in mildly cold temperatures caps, gloves and water-resistant shoes might be needed. Besides, as long as your shots are beautiful who cares what you look like, right?

    Did you know?

    In 1895, the Lumière brothers shot "The Arrival of a Train". It didn't even last a minute and featured, as the name suggests, nothing more than a train pulling into the station. "Oh, well that's dull" I hear you say - but as simple, insignificant and mundane as it may appear today, this was innovation of the highest order at the time, and spectacular to watch!


    Introducing a new way to learn: anytime classes

    Hey there, 👋

    Instead of having regular timetabled classes, I run this class around your schedule.

    • I don't have a minimum number of guests
    • I need 3 days notice
    • I can do any day that works for you
    • I have a venue space in ExposureWorks, SW22

    If that works for you, click below to choose a date 😃

    Class location

    ExposureWorks, Anywhere in London

    1 Lordship Lane

    SW22 8EW


    About your host, ExposureWorks

    All of ExposureWorks' classes are available anywhere in London as György, your tutor, will travel to you for the session. The sessions are specifically designed for 1-to-1 tuition allowing students to learn in a safe environment and tailor the class to whatever is most needed.

    ExposureWorks photography courses cover a wide range of topics:

    • simplifying and understanding your DSLR, leaving those automatic settings behind, for good.
    • turning you into a photographer who can act fast
    • basic and creative exposure control perfecting control of aperture, shutter speed and ISO
    • understanding how that lenses works whilst mastering auto-focus
    • getting you prepared for those everyday situations you really want to master: portraits of children, travel photography, blurred backgrounds, shooting sports and wildlife, difficult landscapes (bright sun, sunsets, sunrises) and successful nighttime photography

    Hosted by György László, who trained in 35mm and 16mm filmmaking at Famu in Prague. György has learnt from the some of the best teachers all over the world (native Hungary, Czech Republic and the US). He loves explaining his craft almost as much as he loves igniting the passion in others for photography. Over the past three years he has taught over 500 courses and close to 2500 people between running ExposureWorks and working at one of London's biggest Digital Photography Schools DSLRphotographycourses.com, gaining a vast wealth of experience.

    If you’re just starting out or simply want to improve your family or holiday snapshots to savour those special moments, ExposureWorks courses are for you. Perhaps you want to delve deeper. You yearn for that creative exposure control or an understanding of the true extent of your lenses capabilities? György is your man. All classes are for 1-to-1 tuition, however, if you want to bring a friend or family member then you are able to bring 1 or maximum 2 more people - oh and in this case, you will all receive 25% off your booking.

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    Flexible cancellation policy

    Any class can be cancelled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase. See cancellation policy.