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Black-and-White Photography – Exclusively Canon

A super day out covering a diverse range of topics, from how to set up your Canon EOS camera for capturing monochrome imagery through to metering and exposure.
£126 pp
5hrs 30min
What happens in this class?

Black-and-white imagery can be powerful, thought-provoking and, when done correctly, convey more drama than when shot with colour.

Visualising a scene in black-and-white is a difficult skill to master, so you’ll find out why contrast is so important and how to control it in-camera. The eye can also see a much wider tonal range than your camera, so we’ll explain how to interpret tones to spot suitable monochrome subjects.

Composition and the elements of line, shape, texture and form are key for successful photography in all genres, but even more so for…

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Things to remember

Bring your Canon EOS camera with a standard kit lens fitted (e.g. 18-55mm, 18-135mm). A telephoto lens can be useful if you have one, though the standard kit lens would suffice if you prefer to keep the outfit small and light. If you have a polarising filter…

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Learn how to use your camera, not how to shoot. That's the ethos at EOS Training Academy. They believe that knowing how your Canon EOS camera works and how to set it up to capture the image as you see it will improve your photography.

Whatever your level and experience, you'll find a course to suit you. If you have just got your first EOS camera, they’ll get you started by explaining the basics and moving you off Full Auto mode. If you’re already comfortable with your camera and want to fine-tune your skills, then…

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Class Location
Southwark Cathedral
London Bridge
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Black-and-White Photography – Exclusively Canon