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Modes and Scales with Donnacha Mullaghy

This modes and scales masterclass will make you a guitar HERO, allowing you to understand the building blocks of how great guitar music is composed.
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What happens in this class?

In this modes and scales masterclass you'll learn the fundamentals of how music is constructed. The vast majority of Western songs are based on the 'do-re-me' scale, in ascending pitch. You'll get to grips with half steps and whole steps, the major scale, building a sale and minor scale. These are essential for any proficient and knowledgeable musician. You'll be taught by master guitarists and receive invaluable feedback.

With an easy to follow system to advanced chords you'll be playing complex pieces and growing your confidence. Master guitar once and for all with this…

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Donnacha has been learning and playing guitar since the age of twelve. Throughout his teenage years he played in many local bands in the Toulouse area, across a wide variety of musical genres: R'n'B, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Pop and Blues. In 2015, he graduated from the University of Toulouse/Jean Jaurés with a Bachelor's degree in Musicology, and then went on to earn a Masters degree in Music Education in the same college.

Around seven years ago he began teaching guitar to individuals and small groups, and from this experience he has learn that it is…

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Modes and Scales with Donnacha Mullaghy