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Discover a new skill and learn a new language with Mandarin Beginner Classes
Isle of Dogs
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Learning a new language is one of the best skills that you can master. China is a world leader when it comes to business and being able to communicate in Chinese can lead on to a variety of opportunities for either you or your child. The courses that you study will equip you with all the skills you need to speak confidently in Chinese. The tutors who lead the courses will help you to communicate in many situations, being able to formulate complex sentences and participate in basic discussions. Students will also learn about the Chinese culture so you can…

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Teaching all ages, Bubbly Chinese offer a range of lessons to provide quality Chinese education in and around London, predominantly for children. Their lessons are designed to help children acquire language skills in sequential steps as they grow up.

From as young as 18 months, Bubbly Chinese give children the opportunity to learn and understand a second language and culture moving through different levels of classes. Classes begin at toddler level, identifying simple terms and learning through poetry and rhymes before moving up through Nursery, Beginner, Beginner 2, Beginner 3 and Chinese GCSE level. They also provide adult classed Tuesday…

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Class Location
Island House Community Centre
Isle of Dogs
Roserton Street
E14 3PG
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Manadrin Beginner Classes