Workshop Supper Club: Sausages

    In this special beginners class you will learn how to cook sausages. What, you don't think that sounds amusing? Well, wait until you learn it from The Avenue!

    Cooking class hosted by The Avenue Cookery School

    Beginners welcome

    3 hour class

    The Avenue Cookery School, SW18

    What you'll learn

    In this special beginners class you will learn how to cook sausages. What, you don't think that sounds amusing? Well, think that you are also going to learn the flavour tricks to make them "homemade" rather than "supermarketmade" as well as a step-by-step on how to do creamy mash and gravy. The dream of any Englishman (and some Canadian).

    In this class

    The actual class lasts 2.5 hours where you will learn not only how to make Homemade Sausages and Creamy Mash with Onion Gravy and Peas but also all about time management in the kitchen, knife skills, vegetable preparation and all the other kitchen 101's from our professional chefs. After that, you whip up the delicious meal yourself before eating it with fellow class-goers.

    By the way - you are more than welcome to bring your own alcohol - in fact, its encouraged! A good glass of wine always goes well with a meal.

    Now you can

    • Fry-ups will never be the same;
    • Toad in the hole for dinner - with your own toad;
    • Be the belle of the bbq when you arrive with these homemade beauties


    After all the learning you get to eat your dishes with fellow Obby-ists and you will also go home feeling confident due to the new time management tips, knife skills and vegetable preparation you will learn. (Yes, the odd vegetable may make an appearance in this class. Yes, this is still a sausage cooking class.)

    Did you know?

    This classic British comfort food got the name 'bangers' during the Second World War as they often exploded due to the high water content. Don't worry, you wont have any trouble with exploding sausages at The Avenue Cookery School.

    Class location

    The Avenue Cookery School, Wandsworth

    3 Enterprise Way

    SW18 1EJ


    About your host, The Avenue Cookery School

    The Avenue Cookery School is a family-run leaning business based in Wandsworth in South West London. The owner and head chef Diana began her career as a chalet chef before discovering her entrepreneurial side and founding a number of specialist food ventures. Infamously, Diana taught at The Grange Cookery School in Somerset for 7 years before starting The Avenue, where she has been ever since.

    Diana is supported by her son Richard and daughter Sophie.

    The food at The Avenue can be considered classic chic but full of fun twists and turns (ranging from macaroon masterclasses to gluten free baking to simple supper classes). All the classes are taught in the school's beautiful kitchen facilities in a relaxed environment.

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