Healthy, Raw And Nutritious Cuisine

    The Deliciously Unrefined course takes attendees through the basics of using raw ingredients to create tasty meals, also including a free GeFu Spiraliser.

    Cooking class hosted by London Vegetarian School

    Beginners welcome

    5 hour class

    London Vegetarian School, SE1

    What you'll learn

    The Deliciously Unrefined course takes attendees through the basic and advantages of using raw ingredients to create tasty meals - the course also includes a free GeFu Spiraliser.

    In this class

    The class will walk you through the advantages of incorporating more raw, organic and unprocessed foods into your daily diet and will discuss and demonstrate techniques for raw food preparation and recipes to make every meal more exciting.

    Now you can

    • Incorporate more raw, organic ingredients into your home dishes
    • Introduce organic foods to friends and family in a delicious way
    • Experiment with new ingredients to find your own favorite recipe

    Did you know?

    Organic, raw and unprocessed foods are much better for your body than cooked foods - something which has been brought to public attention recently, causing a boom in raw food popularity.

    Class location

    London Vegetarian School, Southwark

    217 Long Lane

    SE1 4PA


    About your host, London Vegetarian School

    We love a bit of vegetarian cooking!

    Whether you are a vegetarian, or vegan, or just want to spice things up in the kitchen - London Vegetarian and Vegan School has you covered.

    Conveniently located by London Bridge, this boutique school offers some classes and courses that traditional cooking schools don't.

    All classes are taught in small sizes so that you get loads of help (even if you are a pro and don't need it, the offer is there!) and advice throughout. This place is all about service and experience, and it shows. The equipment is top-notch and after your daily cooking-workout you are invited to come and hang-out in "the Peacock room", where you can enjoy your tasty food over some Baroque music and a drink (and feel free to invite your friends along too).

    Also, you will learn more than just to cook here, as the teachers run you through additional tips and tricks on how to nail a dinner party at home (we are talking about food presentation, lighting, colours, music , the whole shebang 😃 )

    The schools patrons are members of the former German monarchy.

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    Flexible cancellation policy

    Any class can be cancelled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase. See cancellation policy.