Gluten Free Flour Making

    Learn all you need to know to cook gluten free pasta in this workshop by The Avenue Cookery School in Wandsworth!

    Baking class hosted by The Avenue Cookery School

    Beginners welcome

    2 hour class

    The Avenue Cookery School, SW18

    What you'll learn

    Learn all you need to know to cook gluten free pasta!

    In this class

    This class is about more than just ticking the boxes and following a recipe. Its about learning how to balance a healthy, gluten free lifestyle with some absolutely delicious snacks and treats. Win-win right?

    You will learn how to make:

    • your own flour blends
    • why wholegrains, sprouting and grinding your own flour is a wise nutritional choice
    • put your blends into action with some fabulous yet simple recipes

    And there is no need to bring anything but fabulous self. Your lovely chef Ceri, a certified natural chef, will bring everything you need


    The Avenue Cookery School in Putney is a family run business, running for the last ten years. Diana Horsley is known for creating twists on classical dishes. She is an innovative teacher and will delight your palette with culinary creations you have never even dreamed of. If you are into gluten free, there are plenty of other classes in the gluten free series! Check out her blog

    Now you can

    • be knowledgeable about what is still quite a tricky subject to grasp (maybe that's just me)
    • if you are one of the many that can't tolerate gluten. stop the bloat !
    • be on hand to share your knowledge with friends that also want to try this healthy lifestyle


    What better way to spend a Thursday evening with some friends, making (and eating!) some deliciously healthy gluten free treats and learning all about nutrition. And if you can't find a friend to join you, don't worry! You will be joined by some fellow Obby lovers who will make you feel right at home.

    Did you know?

    If you are looking up this course, chances are you know what gluten is. For those of you that don't - gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye and in some whole grain foods related to wheat. In worst cases you can suffer from celiac disease, where gluten causes inflammation in the digestive system. Celiac is hard to diagnose - if you feel like you should, get tested at your doctors surgery

    Class location

    The Avenue Cookery School, Wandsworth

    3 Enterprise Way

    SW18 1EJ


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    About your host, The Avenue Cookery School

    The Avenue Cookery School is a family-run leaning business based in Wandsworth in South West London. The owner and head chef Diana began her career as a chalet chef before discovering her entrepreneurial side and founding a number of specialist food ventures. Infamously, Diana taught at The Grange Cookery School in Somerset for 7 years before starting The Avenue, where she has been ever since.

    Diana is supported by her son Richard and daughter Sophie.

    The food at The Avenue can be considered classic chic but full of fun twists and turns (ranging from macaroon masterclasses to gluten free baking to simple supper classes). All the classes are taught in the school's beautiful kitchen facilities in a relaxed environment.

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