Wine School

    Wine tasting class for beginners in London. A good class for anyone looking to improve their wine knowledge and learn to differentiate a Malbec from a Merlot.

    Wine tasting workshop

    2 hour workshop

    Beginners welcome

    Wine Confidence, KT19

    What you'll learn

    Want to know your Malbec from your Merlot, impress someone on your next date or even be able to tell those fake wine connoisseurs apart from the people who've actually got a clue? Get down to the Wednesday night wine school class for a culturally enriching education in wine that your taste buds will certainly thank you for!

    In this workshop

    The level of choice in wines can often be bewildering, from choosing the best wine to accompany your food on a dinner date, to confidently ordering your favourite wine from a wine merchant. This class will clue you up on the vocabulary, the grapes used, the flavor distinction, anything you're unsure about, Deborah will guide you to mastering wine in no time!

    These classes run on the last Wednesday of every month and never feature the same selection of wines twice:

    • 25th January - New Zealand Masterclass
    • 22nd February - tbd
    • 29th March - tbd

    Now you can

    • have more to say to a waiter who's entrusted you to try the wine, without just thinking 'yes, this is wine!
    • be able to chuck some terms around at a dinner party; tannins, legs, body, breathing - sound like a true wine snob!
    • get boozy and educated at the same time!

    Did you know?

    It's the nose that knows! Studies have shown that 80% of flavour of wine actually comes from our ability to smell. Moreover, we have significantly more receptors in our nose than we do in our mouth, making the smelling of the wine before we drink it essential for the flavour recognition. Don't believe us? Hold your nose next time you drink a glass and notice the flavours fade away.

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    Class location

    Wine Confidence, Stoneleigh

    Ewell Court house, Lakehurst Road Ewell, Surrey

    KT19 0EB


    About your host, Wine Confidence

    Wine confidence is a fun, accessible, down-to-earth approach to wine tastings that’ll get you looking like a pro with a glass of wine in your hand in to time.

    At wine confidence with Deborah Zbinden, you’ll get a rounded, in-depth education about several wines throughout a sociable evenings tasting. Deborah has 15 years experience in the wine trade, most recently as Marketing Manager of Accolade Wines, the UK’s largest wine supplier. Deborah has worked across many different wine brands. These include some of the world's biggest and best loved wine brands (Hardys, Wolf Blass, Lindemans) to more specialist boutique wines from countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Chile and New Zealand. Wine Confidence will address all manner of wine questions head-on, helping wine drinkers of all levels of knowledge and interest enjoy their wine as best they can.

    Find us:

    • based in Stoneleigh, with classes in and around Epsom and South West London

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    Any class can be cancelled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase. See cancellation policy.