Carve a Stone Relief or Sculpture by Katherine Worthington - art in London
sculpture classes in London
Carve a Stone Relief or Sculpture by Katherine Worthington - art in London
sculpture classes in London

Carve a Stone Relief or Sculpture

by Katherine Worthington

Learn stone carving and how to carve a relief sculpture in a relaxed and inspiring class.

Sculpture Class

6 hour class

All levels welcome

Islington N1


6 hour class


In this Katherine Worthington class, students of all ability and experience will learn stone carving. Either a relief (raised or incised) or a sculpture in a relaxed and creative environment. This is achievable by all regardless of physical capability. "In fact often the more delicate hands can achieve finer control of the chisel."

In this class

In this class you will gain hands-on experience in stone carving. Students will make something in 1 day or longer, making an ideal gift, or ornament with which to decorate your home or garden.

Katherine will teach you carving methods unchanged since medieval times for a true sense of authenticity. Group talks will be held on the characteristics of stone and working in relief or 3D. You may also get a chance to view some letter carving.

As for what you will be sculpting, your options are limitless! Why not try carving:

  • a green man
  • face/head
  • animal
  • abstract/shape
  • part of a figure
  • hand
  • flower
  • boat
  • house (to name just a few ideas)

For stone carving it is easier to work from templates in the form of drawings or pictures (which can be scaled to size) these are an outline profile of the front (mostly for a relief carving), including back, sides and top (for a sculpture). If drawn onto card these can be traced onto the stone and I will teach you this. However you can work straight from your mind or make a clay model as a visual aid.

Stone (is included in course cost) and supplied to suit your design, timescale and whether you want to concentrate on learning technical skills, being creative, or both. Students will be asked for their preferences at the beginning of the course.

You will be taught specific technical skills such as how to use a hammer and chisel correctly showing you how to carve a flat surface with effective removal of stone bulk. This is key to the successful progression of stone carving, often overlooked in other classes.

Now you can

  • Take home a wonderful and personal carved creation.
  • Continue to practice after the class as you hone in your skills
  • Consider continuing more stone carving courses with Katherine as there is so much more she can teach you. Stone carving is limitless with the choice of designs, styles and stone.


All materials are included in course cost.

Bring your own sketches, pictures, ideas or templates to be looked at or choose from the course selection. Scale a drawing to fit the stone using the photocopying machine at the shop next door to the course.

Wear sturdy shoes or steel toe cap boots.

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Did you know?

The most ancient known relief carvings may be seen at the ruins of Arsameia in Turkey. The famous 3.5 meter relief shows the father of Antiochus I of Commagene- King Mithridates- in royal attire, shaking hands with Hercules. This stunning ancient work of art is believed to have been created between 70 BC and 38 BC
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Class location

Upper Street
St Mary's Church Office

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Carve a Stone Relief or Sculpture by Katherine Worthington - art in London

About your host, Katherine Worthington

Katherine Worthington is a multi award-winning stone carver, specialising in this field since 1997. Katherine is passionate about stone carving and has been doing this from 17 - 40 years of age. Stone Carving is fun, creative, therapeutic, and achievable by all regardless of physical capability.

Katherine’s numerous achievements include carving inscriptions commemorating events and important historic people such as Ignatius Sancho, the first black Briton to receive the vote; unveiled at Greenwich Park, and the Great West Door at York Minster; unveiled by HRH the Duke of York. For her accomplishments, Katherine was elected a member of the Art Workers Guild in 2007.

Katherine has been teaching since 2013. In 2015 Katherine decided to set up her own courses, providing the best tuition available in stone carving. In these classes you can learn traditional skills, unchanged for centuries in stone carving, stone sculpture, figurative carving, portraiture, stone letter carving, architectural stone carving and stone masonry. Her courses are in small groups of around 8 people for intensive individual teaching with demonstrations and practice and access to good quality tools and stone.

These fun, relaxed and highly creative courses are available to students of all experience and ability, providing a wonderful opportunity to hone in your craft with one of the most talented and decorated stone carver’s around. So sign up for one of her amazing classes, and unearth a hidden talent or further your skills in an exciting and inspiring environment.

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Carve a Stone Relief or Sculpture
by Katherine Worthington