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In-person classCOVID-19 SecureCreative Women's Circle: paint whilst discussing topics of womanhoodPaint a unique piece each month whilst hearing from an expert speaker on topics around womanhood
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Next available date:17th November 2021
What happens in this class?

Join us for this Four-Part Creative Women's Circle. This series is dedicated to helping women form healthy, successful and loving relationships with themselves, their 'sisters' and their romantic partners.

Hosted by a different, inspirational woman every month, each session will explore a different topic relating to womanhood.

These workshops will begin with a 30 minute introductory talk by our guest speaker, followed by a 90 minute painting experience, studying a new acrylic piece each month - where we'll discuss what we've heard!

Part 1: Pippa May | Relationship Coach: Finding love in a post lockdown world

Part 2…

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What's included?
- Presentation from each month's expert - 90 minutes step-by-step artist guidance through your piece - Brand new artist materials including an A4 canvas board, brushes, pencil, acrylic paints and more, all to keep after class! - A complimentary drink and snack - A biodegradeable apron - Frames available to purchase at the end of class
Part 1: Finding Love in a Post Lockdown World
This session will begin with a 30 minute talk from Pippa, a Life & Relationship Coach, who focuses on helping women to own their worth and find meaningful relationships, starting with themselves. As we cautiously adapt to a post-covid world, Pippa will explore how the dating landscape has changed and what it means for us. She'll discuss the challenges her clients typically bring to her: from being stuck in common dating patterns, attracting or being attracted to the 'wrong' person, and dating-app fatigue. She'll go on to guide us around practices we can embody to help us to attract and foster more meaningful, fulfilling relationships: starting with her 6-step manifestation exercise. Whether you are totally new to the Law of Attraction, or an experienced manifester, this session will combine both the powerful art of visualization through painting as well as useful ideas for how to attract the meaningful love you desire. The second part of the session will be 90 minute mindful painting class, as well as a judgement-free Q&A where you can ask Pippa more about all things love: attachment styles, healthy habits for existing relationships, and more.
Part 2: What I wish I knew about my fertility in my 20s and 30s
This session will begin with a 30 minute talk from Dr El Farra, Gynaecologist, where she'll explore key topics regarding female fertility: When is the best time to get pregnant and to what extent does looking to start a family later in life affect fertility? Is there anything proactive we could be doing to give us the best future chances with this in mind? What are the links between common STDs and future infertility, if any? What effect do the morning after pill and contraceptives have on your fertility, if any? What are the other most common issues that affect fertility and what can be done about them? The second part of the session will be 90 minute mindful painting class, as well as a judgement-free Q&A where you can ask Kamilia about all things to do with our sexual health e.g. loss of libido, endometriosis, cervical smears, polycystic ovaries, heavy periods, pelvic pains, menopause - there is no topic off limits in this close-knit circle!
Part 3: Practicing self-acceptance through creativity
The third part of this series will be hosted by one of our own incredible artists, Rochelle Clarke. Rochelle will share her story as a professional artist, touching on her journey in representing women of colour and sisterhood in her work, and what that brought her in terms of her own practice of self-acceptance and self-love. She will go on to offer her insights and learnings about what the practice of expressing our creativity can teach all of us about our own self-acceptance. She will go on to guide us through exercises we can experiment with to help us to fully unlock that potential. For example, how might we start to view the creative marks we make with more compassion and less criticism as a practice of self-love? The second part of the session will be a 90 minute mindful painting class, exploring one of Rochelle's original pieces. During this time, we will open up to Q&A on Rochelle's journey and the topics discussed.
Part 4: My journey to launching a business
Our founder, Zena El Farra will be hosting the final session of this series. She will take you through her journey from corporate to creative. She will describe how she funded and launched the concept through to dramatically pivoting the business online to help keep our community connected through Covid. Finally she'll touch on her experience securing investment from Deborah Meaden on Dragons' Den - and what the future holds. In the second part of the session, we will spend 90 minutes working through our paintings step by step, whilst asking any questions you might have about launching businesses, side-hustles, or simply how to be more entrepreneurial at work.
Are your classes Covid secure?
Yes. All our classes are backed by our Covid-Secure Guarantee, meaning you can cancel or reschedule no quibbles due to a government lockdown or sickness. See our 'Covid Update' blog post in the footer of our website for up to date info on all things Covid, and our extensive measures to keep you safe whilst at the studio.
What will I be painting?
At each session we will work through one of the paintings shown in the image carousel, working step-by-step in unison. This is perfect for beginner painters, as each piece is designed to be simple enough to allow us to focus on conversation too!
Will I finish my painting?
Lots of our guests finish their paintings in the first sitting with us, have them framed on site, and hang them up as soon as they get home. At MasterPeace we practice mindful painting, so we really don't want you to rush, let it take the time it wants to take. And to enable you to relax: we send you home with all the paints & brushes you use in your class to keep, so that you can add any final touches from home, free of charge, should you need. If you'd rather come back to us: you can return for another class, or sign up for a Freestyle session, that's 90 minutes of independent painting for just £10. Some guests choose to leave their paintings with us in between visits, which is our pleasure. We do advise to do so at your own risk... it is an operational art school and paint explosions are definitely a thing! We will keep your piece for a maximum of two weeks unless you get in touch with us. We wouldn't recommend this option if you're very attached to your creation... instead, we'd help you blow-dry your painting so you can take it home with you on the same day.
What is the Cancellation Policy?
You can cancel your class up to 48 hours in advance of your class. You will receive a full refund or can opt to reschedule into another class. We are not able to refund you within 48 hours of your class. Of course any Covid-sickness related cancellations are exempt.
Who can come to this class?
Everyone! This is an inclusive class, open to all adults. We think it's important that we all engage in conversations about womanhood, regardless of gender, sexual-orientation, race or background.
Can I suggest a topic for the next circle?
YES! We have started this series with 4 initial topics of interest, but we'd like to take this far and wide. If you have a topic of interest, or are an expert in a relevant field, please email us and we'd love to discuss!
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