Paint the Planets: London Bridge

    Time to get creative in this fun and hands-on Painting session, in which students will chance their arm at painting the planets, accompanied by some vino!

    Painting class hosted by PopUp Painting

    All levels welcome

    2.5 hour class

    DoubleTree Hilton, N1

    What you'll learn

    Release the artist within you in this sociable and informal PopUp Painting session in London Bridge, in which students will have the chance to paint the planets and enjoy some wine in an uplifting environment.

    In this class

    Unleash your creative side over painting and wine in London Bridge, as you take on painting the planets, under the inspiration of artist Wyland Tondelier's painting, 'Planets and Beyond'.

    Although this is not an art class, PopUp Painting provides all equipment for students. No experience in needed to take part, just a willingness to get stuck into some painting with other like-minded students. Follow along as your teacher guides you through all the steps of creating your masterpiece. If you are feeling adventurous then why not try free-styling with your painting- there are no rules!

    It is important that you arrive at the venue 10 minutes before the start time and check in with the PopUp Painting team, especially if you are part of a large group.

    Now you can

    • Meet like-minded people, with whom you are able to hone in your newly acquired skills
    • Work on your (new) hobby, and progress as an artist
    • Sign up for more PopUp Painting sessions and continue to let your creativity run wild in this fun and entertaining environment

    Did you know?

    One of the definitions of a planet is that it must have 'cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit'. It is for this exact reason that you may have often heard Pluto being described as a 'dwarf planet', since it has not yet cleared its orbit. This definition is still in debate among scientists however, and maybe one day Pluto will be included as the 9th planet in our solar system.

    Class location

    DoubleTree Hilton, Angel

    60 Pentonville Road

    N1 9LA


    About your host, PopUp Painting

    PopUp Painting invites you to unleash your creativity at one of its social painting experiences.

    PopUp Painting was founded in 2013 with the mission of inspiring the inner artist in everyone, away from the gallery and classroom, making it easily accessible. They work with a number of different artists, all of whom create a relaxed environment where you can let loose your creativity with a glass of wine in one hand and a paint brush in the other!

    Each workshop focuses on a different painting by one of the greats. Choose one that inspires you, from Van Gogh’s Starry Night to Banksy’s Girl With A Balloon, and let those creative juices run wild!

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    Any class can be cancelled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase. See cancellation policy.