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Visual Art and Music Healing Course

This visual art and music healing workshop offers you the best opportunity to take your mind off the stress of day to day life.
Visual Art and Music Healing Course
by Antonietta Torsiello
Visual Art and Music Healing Course by Antonietta Torsiello - art in London

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What you will do

Single session

Does the pace of life sometimes seem too much? Does stress mean that you find yourself unable to do the things that you really want to do? Well, this course will be just the ticket for you! This 4-month long course will allow you to give your mind the breather that it craves. Immerse yourself in a creative and artistic environment as you release tension and rejuvenate the body and mind.

In this course

As Pablo Picasso once said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life". With this in mind, this class offers you the perfect chance to wash away this "dust", with the help a brush stroke here and there, accompanied by some peaceful music to create a relaxing ambience.

This course is split into 4 topics, using the language of creativity as a form of expression. Students will use mediums such as paint, inks, charcoal, oils, collage, and fabrics.

The course is laid out as follows:

  • Session 1: Abstract / colours
  • Session 2: Connecting with nature
  • Session 3: Textiles
  • Session 4: Relief printing

You may also book each session separately if you are unable to complete the whole course - just click here

All materials are included and no previous experience is necessary- just a will to unwind and let your creative side take over!

Each 4 week course student will receive a therapeutic colouring book, which they can use at home, work or on the go)

Now you can

  • Break up your busy timetable with relaxing sessions to help you unwind
  • Have a clearer mind at work, allowing for a healthier and happier mentality
  • Practice what you have learnt in the class at home
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Did you know?

Coping with stress does not have to take up any time or money. Although practices such as yoga and meditation are seen as popular forms of dealing with stress, it is also true that the arts help to prevent anxiety. Music acts as a distraction at the same time as it helps to explore emotions. This means that it can be used as a great device for freeing the mind of all its day-to-day woes and anxieties.
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Visual Art and Music Healing Course by Antonietta Torsiello - art in London

About your host, Antonietta Torsiello

Antonietta Torsiello is an award winning visual and textile artist of Jamaican and Italian heritage, living in East London. Her inspirational and diverse range of work discusses the complex relationship between texture, nature, cultural traditions, emotion and her own personal experiences. Antonietta utilises a range of materials such as silk screen, lino print, etching, acrylic, watercolour, drawing ink, oil pastel, lentils, seeds and soil, illustrating her versatility and talent as an artist. Growing up in a rich cultural area of London with vibrant African and Asian communities was a huge influence on Antonietta’s artistic style, as she developed an appreciation of textiles and a melting pot of cultures which is evident in her work.

Among Antonietta’s numerous achievements is winning the Oxford House Gallery People’s Choice award with her lithograph artwork titled ‘Miscommunication’ in 2011. Since then, Antonietta has showcased her artwork with galleries at many prominent institutions including the OXO Tower, The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The Prince’s Trust, University College London, Credit Suisse Bank, KPMG Bank and Transport for London.

Antonietta is currently hosting a range of innovative and inspiring courses and workshops for budding artists in London. Her hands-on and highly informative classes cover a variety of mediums and are suitable for artists of all ability. Whatever stage you are at, Antonietta will have the perfect class for you!

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Visual Art and Music Healing Course
by Antonietta Torsiello
Visual Art and Music Healing Course by Antonietta Torsiello - art in London
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Visual Art and Music Healing Course

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