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Learn How to Draw a Christmas Card in Procreate

Explore the app Procreate and uncover the world of digital art to create a beautiful Christmas greeting card that you can print and gift to your loved ones!
6 Students
£30 pp
1hr 30min
Silvia Volpe
Next available date:4th December 2021
What happens in this class?

Digital design opened the door to endless creative possibilities and the app Procreate made drawing even more intuitive and accessible to people - including drawing enthusiasts or hobbyists! :)

Join me in this class to discover the world of digital design and unleash your creativity while creating a Christmas greeting card. You'll learn all the tools, tips and tricks you need to design a digital illustration that you can personalise with your own message.

You'll explore the app and familiarise yourself with using brushes and textures to create a finished piece that you can send to someone digitally or print…

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What you will learn
  • How to set up a canvas in the app Procreate
  • How to use all the main tools and layers
  • How to use digital brushes to add colour & texture
What you will need
  • iPad with the app Procreate installed
  • A compatible Stylus (preferably the Apple Pencil)
Which tablets support Procreate?
Procreate is only supported on iPads. Please visit Procreate's website to check which iPad models are currently supported.
Do I need to have a stylus?
While you may still be able to use the app only with your finger, drawing and being precise without a stylus can be a bit tricky. So, I recommend having a stylus, preferably the Apple Pencil. Please visit Procreate's website to check compatibility.
Can I follow the class but use a different software other than Procreate?
Of course you can! You could even use analogue media like pencils and paper. But please keep in mind this class is on the app Procreate, so I will be focusing primarily on teaching you how to use this drawing tool.
What's included?
You'll receive a link to download the files we are going to use throughout the course, which include: a colour palette Procreate file, the HEX codes of the colours (in case you are going to use a different software), and the base sketch of the Christmas card we are going to create.
What is the structure of the class?
We will jump into the class' project right at the start, because I think that learning by doing it's the best way to go. So, even if you haven't used Procreate before, you are going to learn tons of tips and tricks along the way, that you'll be able to use in your future illustrations. Of course, we will also learn the basic gestures and tools within Procreate, as well as how to set up a canvas and use brushes.

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Your Teacher

Silvia is a Surface designer and Illustrator. She loves drawing beautiful patterns and designs for print on different products, think: the fabric on your cushion, or the illustration on a greeting card. You got it!

She is passionate about digital design and she shares it teaching classes on the iPad.

Come along and join her in one of her classes to uncover the world of digital drawing and unleash your creativity!

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Learn How to Draw a Christmas Card in Procreate

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